Seventy Fourth and 75th,76th, and 77th. Ticket!



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Date of Ticket: October 9, 1999

Today's date: October 25, 1999

It was a Saturday shift.  

I go to work in the evening on Saturday and work all night long for 12 hours without stopping.

This particular Saturday was unusual because the day started off with a flat tire.

When I sat down in my assigned taxi...

I noticed the tire was nearly flat so I drove it 100 feet to the tire shop and had it replaced.

Normally I run the taxi through the car wash, which is on the property, but I headed for the tire shop replaced the tire and exited the west gate of the Frias Property.

Now, I forgot to wash the taxi and decided to go to the car wash at West Trop & Jones.

On the way to the car wash my stomach started growling because it wanted breakfast so I figured I would knock out 2 birds with 1 stone and go to the car wash at east Pecos and Flamingo, that way I could eat lunch at Wild Oats Health Food Store and watch the Mexicans clean the taxi all at the same time.

So, I made a sharp left on Lindell headed south towards Hacienda I planned on going that way till I found a freeway going in my direction.

All a sudden as I entered the intersection of Lindell & Hacienda I noticed a piece of poo official excuse for a  police  officer sitting on a motorcycle pointing a radar gun directly at me, I stopped at the stop sign looked both  ways continued my left turn. 

This stench-ie piece of poo started his motorcycle and gave me a ticket for speeding.

Now get this, I was not even in the taxi 10 minutes and got a ticket from a piece of sewer water smelling law manipulator with a police badge and authorized to harass with me from the Jew mayor of Las Vegas, Nevada. 

Same story and lifestyle day after day, cops and fags!

They call Vegas "Sin City" because it really has all the elements of "Hell"!

This is called a legal robbery from a piece of garbage from slime-ville  U.S.A.

In the Bible it mentions a pit in the back of the city this pit is called hell that's where all the garbage in the city is burned.

Our streets are full of excess garbage on police motorcycles. 

Lets start burning our garbage!

This ticket got misplaced in the washing machine and is currently eating up to much of my time because I have to go to the Court house every week to see if the piece of dog poo garbage smelling terd-face, looser cop turned it in yet!




October 19, 1999

It's my day off, I secluded my self in the privacy of my residence.  This is the great effort I take to escape  the smelly crap that lingers in the city of Las Vegas. 

It's now time to go to the gym, just like real Prison!  

I used to go to a gym closer to my residence called the Athletic Club, two short workouts during the week and one long work out at another Athletic Club location with heavy weights on my day off, a problem arises at the short workout location a Tall Skinny Black guy who worked there decided he was going to give me a hard time. 

This tall bonny lanky black guy decided I was lifting too much weight by using a thousand pounds to work out my legs. He told me I was Monopolizing the Weights, In Mexican laymen terms that means this black bonny unrealistic  black boy is severely warped in the left brain. He severally needs to get a real substantial thought in his head before he speaks.

I ignored him for several  weeks, then I decided to work out with dumbbells I saw every one else doing it so I decided to give it a shot.

I did it a few times... 

Then all a sudden this skinny black bonny,  brain warped individual who works there told me he was not going to allow me to thump the dumbbell on the padded floor.

Now I Snapped! 

I instantly verbally chewed out this warped monopolizing individual from head to toe  hoping he would take a swing at me so I could beat the living monopolizing words out of his thumper excuse for a mouth along with other body parts!

Well, to make a long story short the management sent me a letter that said I was not allowed on any of the Athletic Clubs locations.

I would be trespassing, and I thought the whites were the only ones to look out for but, it turns out regardless or race society always has an individual who dislikes a American Mexican living on the north side of the border.

This means I have to drive way across town to get my hands on some heavy weight, I now go to 24-hour fitness. 


I left my driveway got on the freeway, headed towards the gym...

Then the sirens lit up in my rear view mirror, 2 tickets 1 for speeding and 1 for no proof of insurance.

I do have INSURANCE!

 The insurance ticket was dismissed.  I must have been in my vehicle 8 minutes up to the time I got the ticket. 

 This is 100% pure harassment!

What a way to start a health workout in the United States of Fag saturated America!

(This is my website and I do own this domain and I use the word Fag to describe the Misery and Satanic situation this country is currently in!)

I must say after getting that ticket a few minutes later I gave the weights no mercy...

They got pounded!


OCTOBER 19, 1999.

Yes, your reading the dates correctly I got two tickets in one day!

I went to the gym in the morning it is now the evening I'm in my taxi doing my job...

This is a very simple ticket but very unusual at the same time.

I picked up two women from Indiana at 1 of the hotels they were headed to the Airport, we are all happy content chit chatting, then I  scoped them out to see if they qualify to be asked to take a picture for my 7-10 TAXI RIDE section of this Web Site unfortunately they did not qualify.

Any way we were headed into the airport the speed limit is 25 mph I'm doing 40 mph and every one else is doing 50 mph. 

Guess who's riding the crap covered motorcycle this time?

It's the pepper from the salt and pepper black and white team who stopped me on the 73rd ticket!

He pulled me over stepped up to the window of the taxi mentioned the fact that I was speeding.  

I replied with I've been doing this 5 years and never have I been stopped at this location.

(Note:   Pig smelling cops do not usually or ever stop a taxi when people are leaving town headed towards the airport in order to catch a plane it's simply  taboo and very bad for the business environment.)

Then I mentioned the fact that I just got a ticket this morning. 

He kind of liked that!

So, I continued to ask...

Didn't you give me a ticket somewhere around  a week ago? 

He went back to his motorcycle scanned his ticket book and came back and verbally confirmed that in- fact he did give me a ticket not so long ago, he must of been attracted to my minority Mexican face in a new taxi in the glitter city called Las Vegas, Nevada because there where a whole bunch of white drivers he could of stopped before me, going a whole lot faster than this prestiges looking Mexican taxi driver who looks exactly like little old me.  

Then he said...

I'm giving you no breaks this time.

And he said, If I stop you again I'm going to TOW the taxi!  I tried to interpret that statement which means if he tows the taxi I go to jail for doing my job by taking people to the Airport. 

My question to the Public is does this mean I get overtime pay while I'm sitting in jail?

If the general public allows this police piece of poo to tow my taxi and put my beautiful ass in jail for doing my job by taking you to the Airport...

Well, as all I got to say is, if that did happened the whole world turned faggot on me, instead of the presumed official 10 percent of the American population?


It’s time for us real soldiers to come out of the closet and kick some ass!

The next generation needs us to kick some ass before they become brainwashed and not able to defend themselves from the fag and Jew oppression.

The fags and Jews will certainly end the man women relationships across the world and separate the father from the children if this door that is now opened continues to stay open.

They will pull each other by the knob through this intangible door and continue the decay of America at an alarming rate and continue to crumble our economic and ethical way of life and force us into war among other nations who dislike the American culture exported into their living rooms thru perverted American fag television. 

The American  motion picture industry is the largest in the world and Hollywood is currently owned by the group I'm describing above.

With the Fags and Jews in charge we will all be herded  like cattle..

Getting Tickets from the homo perverted police is another form of being herded like cattle.

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