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February 25, 1999


Well it's not really any of my business  but I was watching the television over the last couple of days it was the local news, from what I could make out the news station broadcasted a story about cops responding to a domestic call somewhere in the valley of Las Vegas.

My interpretation of the story is cops entered a house and shot the boyfriend,  the boyfriend is now dead.

This was a simple news story which contained a tragic ending which is becoming a daily news story on the television except there are always different people getting shot by the non politically correct trigger happy unprofessionally trained police officers.  


I was driving my assigned taxi south on Las Vegas Boulevard simultaneously slowing down for a stop light at Fremont Street, there were 4 cops sitting on awesome dirt bikes the kind I only wish I could afford with all the ticket money I donated to the citizen ravaging tax ticket collecting police.

They were giggling and laughing sort of slapping each other on the back I simply assumed they felt superior because 1 of their boys just confirmed a kill.

The next day another broadcast comes over the airwaves, wife calls cops instead of moving company to help her steal her husband’s valuable possessions which probably included a computer!  

From what I digested in the news broadcast on the television, the husband shoots at 2 cops, husband does not kill cops. 

Cops call swat team. 

Swat team ends standoff, no one is hurt... 

The next day tourist gets in my assigned taxi and they proceeded to mention that their friends car was stolen containing all his computer equipment including his personal lap top computer... 

The cops simply would not respond to the call of the theft because they were busy giving tickets to hard working local taxi drivers and as all the hard working thieving cops could do is congratulate their fellow thieves who stole the computer equipment because they are in the same business of thieving off the public via tickets and idiotic fines.

The convention tourist had to pay a taxi to transport their flesh to the police station to make the report instead of the cops transporting their goverment paid vehicle to the victim to help the investigation.

And I myself paying attention to the crap going on around me with other peoples police misery is my business because 2 cops came to my house in 1993 and simply told a flat out lie about me and destroyed my abilty to drive a semi truck in Canada because of their lie and autamactically reduced my ability to do my job and make a decent living.

Cops in Las Vegas, Nevada will respond to a domestic calls but won't shoot the guy who just stole a car with thousands of dollars of computer equipment inside. 

Separating a man from his wife has become more priority than someone stealing computer equipment.

 Something is up!

 And it has to change...

 My generation has already suffered enough. 

My sue cop fund will start this human right fight for my children and your children which will work towards binding loving families together versus separating the families of disorientated young working adult individuals who are trying to grasp the reality of the vicious system which is unfolding in front of their eyes in total un-repairable disbelief and the lack of moral values including a lack of a moral government assisting their upward journey to the pursuit of ethical happiness in a society totally corrupted with idolatry and perversion which is contaminating everything in reach  plus simultaneously  mimics the equivalency of an out of control disease.

Start today looking for an investor for my company so everyone can ride along with myself or any of the other truckers and taxi drivers within the branches of www.taxibabblermouth.com.

Ride along for $20.00 an hour through live mobile streaming video with audio, this also includes a live chat room that can contain the ability to accommodate other customers riding simultaneously with you via live mobile video.

You can say to the other passenger's in you Live Mobile Video Mobile Application, did you see that cop beat Rodney King while he was handcuffed?

Five percent of all profits from the internet stores not the video profits but the internet store profits will go towards the non profit section of my business called the "Sue Cop Fund"!

Profits will be split (50/50) 1/2 going to the person or  persons suing cops for any unfair lying cop violations cops make towards innocent victims of police brutality ,lies dishonesty caught on video or just plain ugliness towards humans on earth that they are supposed to protect and serve in their assigned area of work and simple folks who simply need a lawyer to fight for police humanity.

The other 1/2  of the case settlement will go right back into the sue cop fund for the next case.

God Bless!

Let God, walk with you in your footsteps. 










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