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Over the years Iíve had many pairs of shoes. Iíve wore wrestling shoes in high school, bowling shoes in-between sessions of regular tinny shoes. Cowboy boots were my favorite during the two years before I joined the service.  All a sudden while in the service I only had two types of shoes I was allowed to wear during my a-wake hours of operation which were dress and work boots.

Being confined, to only two types of shoes for the duration of my enlistment it made me feel like I was living in china under a communist dictatorship.  So, after my enlistment I left the service in search of a more livable pair of shoes that fit my lifestyle and personality along with my life experiences.  I simply needed a shoe to reflect me.

I spent at least 14 years after I left the Coast Guard to find the perfect pair of shoes that let me be me.  Since I travel in a semi truck I never know what weather environment conditions will leave me standing in once I step out of my mobile office, which is my (truck) for a brief break.

The ultimate pair of shoes is the Pecos boot: Made by Harley Davidson.  Even though I do not own a Harley Davidson motorcycle I find that the Pecos boot fits all my dress and work needs in one shot and it also is weather resistant and looks good and lasts for years if you take care of them.

The Pecos boot is not easy to find only one store in the whole phoenix area carries them out of six Harley Davidson shops. The effect that this boot has on me is that I really do not want to wear anything else and they have made a non Harley Davidson rider a loyal customer.  I sometimes let the boots wear down to nothing even though I have money to buy another pair of boots which retails for $158.00.  I simply can not find an immediate retail store location to buy a new pair of boots without utilizing the internet to find store locations and when I do find a dealer they do not carry the Pecos boot.

So, the only option left is to order over the internet from some distant state.   But when you are on the road traveling 48 states shipping time becomes extremely long since you may not hit your home port for several months.  The flexibility of the internet on a mobile laptop has made it extremely easy to find the boots when I need to buy them regardless of which city Iím in.  Right now Iím stationary and have little problem finding the Pecos boot but I still use the internet to locate the boots within the city I live in to make phone calls to check if they have it in stock or even carry the boot.  Without todayís internet technology my life would be desolate and empty. This internet stuff must be contagious because now everyone is using the organizational power of the internet to purchase their must have retail products.


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