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After being on the United States of America national road  for 3 years, 24 hours a day 7 day's a week, 365 dayís a year I was bumped to the curb by Central Refrigerated Service for no apparent reason other than they wanted my free labor.  This happened in Salt Lake City, Utah through strategic unethical leasing practices of Central Refrigerated Services.

After being bumped to the curb  by Central Refrigerated Services I  bunked up in a Salt Lake City, Utah motel  to keep the weather from destroying my physical body and decided it was time to rent a car from Salt Lake City, Utah (the home port of the unethical  Central Refrigirated  Services immoral truck thieves) to Phoenix, AZ with most of my personal possessions in the rental car and the rest of my possession that I collected over the road were left in storage in Salt Lake City, Utah for later retrieval.

It was time for a new beginning in Phoenix, AZ with my spanky brand new self employed taxi company.

Considering the cost of renting a car per day, I was in a hurry to buy my own car and start a taxi business.  I needed a large car with four doors and a rear wheel drive because I knew from experience that in Las Vegas, NV these cars are the only ones that would go the distance and not breakdown or overheat as often as the small front wheel drive cars. A Lincoln dealer sales person buttoned up my deal on a newer used Lincoln that only cost $18,000 dollars compared to an absolute new Lincoln which runs about $42,000.

( Within 7 day's of being in Phoenix, AZ I setup a taxi business.)

Since the deal was buttoned upped and as all I had to do was sign the paper work I quickly returned the rental car to Hertz. On the way to the airport car rental establishment I noticed a used car lot with  two Lincolns sitting in the lot facing the street with the square shaped style which I considered more roomier and is what I expected  and accustomed to within the 8 years I drove a taxi in Las Vegas, Nevada, I stopped to take a look and bought a Lincoln for $13,000 less than what I was going to pay for the newer Lincoln plus happier with my purchase.  From there I proceeded to get my taxi insurance and spent $500.00 to logo my taxi hooked up the same live mobile video system that I had running in my semi truck   and started making money with the taxi 4 dayís later


The point Iím making here is product advertising (ad campaign); visibility from the road is a great way of advertising a product or service.  The marketing campaign the used car dealership implemented worked successfully. They made an instant sale and took business from a major car dealership and I saved $13,000 in my business start up.


The taxi has now been stripped of its logoís and video system since I Ďm currently driving a semi truck locally and waiting for my patent to be approved by Washington D.C. plus attending AIU online college.


The lesser forms of advertising when it comes to everyday products such as groceries, is the common knowledge strategy. Wal-Mart has spent millions of dollars implementing into our minds which consistently reminds us the buyer consumer that Wal-Mart always has lower prices and when it comes time to check out at the register the reality hitís us the consumer that you do save money at Wal-Mart.  So buying toilet paper or paper towels and to save a few bucks on your meat purchases you simply go to Wal-Mart. The negative side of the coin is if you want to buy quality clothing you do not buy clothes at Wal-Mart.



Gabriel De La Vega Jr.  December 10, 2005




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