Mausoleum for Sale - Las Vegas - Nevada

Palm Eastern Mortuary in Las Vegas

Located in Zip Code 89123 (USA)

Need a gravesite or Mausoleum in Las Vegas, Nevada? Well it's your lucky day, a "Mausoleum" is now for sale for only $7,000 U.S. dollars call Gabe right now to cut the deal:

702-595-7496 or else 702-428-4854 or simply email to: [email protected]


$7,000.00 USD


If you or a loved one needs a place to spend eternity “Sin City” may be the spot for you!

This peaceful resting place is in-between all the action in the middle of Las Vegas, Nevada, so if for some reason you or your love one doesn’t make it to heaven they will feel right at home next to the roulette tables and various slot machine activity and save humongous dollars on the travel expenses to heaven because they would be gambling their life savings away in - "Vegas Baby!”

If you or your loved one is a gambler and could gamble eternity away while awaiting judgment day this is place for either of you!

Today and maybe tomorrow I will let you have this luscious piece of real-estate located in “Fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada” where all the action is 24 hours per day seven days per week forever, for a one time going fast price of only $7,000.00 American U.S. dollars with no sales tax and I’ll throw in the $300.00 transfer fee for the paper work, free of charge!

The paper work can be completed through email, fax or in person.

Think about it, you will never get an eviction notice, simply because the $7,000.00 covers you forever and your protected from revolutions, atomic bombs, famine, and Presidents Obama’s weak starvation food stamp economy because you will be paid in full forever!

You can pay the $7,000.00 on my web site using Master Card, Visa or else you can pay me in cash at Palm Eastern Mortuary in Las Vegas, Nevada located at: 7600 South Eastern Avenue, Las Vegas, Nevada or in a coffee shop or where ever you desire, all American currency is accepted.

Thanks a million for your time and it’s my pleasure to help you out in your time of need…


Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

Phone number is: (702) 595-7496 or else 702-428-4854 call anytime!

or email: [email protected]




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