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Todayís date October 16, 2005


Growth of the American economy will continue to decline as long as there is a heavy hand over the fatherís of this country and the small businesses of this country.  Believe it or not once the police respond to a domestic call or the courts get involved in a personal issue related to a man, a woman and child then, child support is granted in either direction and is done over and over again to individuals, small business owners, undercover terrorist, stockholders, bank loan officers you are bursting the bubble on your own economy because that stops growth of the economy.


Most people in this country who work for  a business  which has ď( 29.10 % of the United States work force are employed with employers who have 20-99 employees, 25.60% work with companyís under 20 employees, 25.50% of the U.S. work force  works with companyís with 100-499 employees, 7.10% work with employers supplying 500-999 positions and last but not least 12.70 % work with firms with over 1000 employees according to Business Essentials (Ebert, R &  Griffin, R 2005 edition)Ē


What these numbers tell us is that the individual small business person who has enough get up and go to conquer the world with his 1st or maybe 2nd business operation is the 1 person responsible for keeping the United States and other country's afloat.  I really do not know how long the child support laws have been in effect maybe 20 years but I can tell it is incrementally destroying the infrastructure of America; it is beyond  communism and socialism itís in a class all of itís own.


I believe no matter what income status a person or family is the government should restrain itself and let the family members work out their own problems in turn stimulate growth  of the economy so we can pay more taxes to support starving children through programs like welfare and food stamps,  But going after the providers of this country is going to destroy this countryís infrastructure and the reason that Iím writing  this is because I want someone to know before itís to late or it may already be to late...


Think about it America and ask your self is the Child Support system dividing families and the country or is it actually bringing the family and country together?


You decide then try to find the correct solution before we all die from the division of:


"The Current Child Support Fag Created Law's Cause, Which Could be Modified and Controlled by Straight God Fearing People Who are not Adam and Steve but, Children of Adam and Eve!"


 This is a must do!  To continue life as we know it on earth and is a quote from my mouth Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.





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