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Introduction:   Within the next few pages I will explain to you which brand name I have become loyal to in terms of the electronic equipment that I prefer buying.  I will give you some insight into some life experiences Iíve had with the electronic company named Sony along with some research data that was retrieved over the World Wide Web.


                        During the research and development stage of perfecting my patent pending live mobile video patent, I needed to buy various electronic hardware components which were not cheap.  I started off with one laptop and one camera that would stream video over the internet using my special combinations of software packages to generate the result that would give 29 frames per second including audio.

                        In the process of leasing new trucks from rip- off trucking companies in order to conduct my experiments over the road in regards to my patent pending protocol I hit some severe bumps in the road every now and then which would jiggle my laptop connections and everything inside the laptop. 


                        Vigorously attempting to make my device legal for the police officer that gave me a ticket for having a laptop computer in my taxi I used raw will power to make a unit that a person can use while simultaneously driving without it being a distraction to other driverís who occupy the highway nor jeopardize the safety of the internet driver streaming live video and using the navigation software  I also made it useable at night where light from the laptop could be controlled and used very effectively. Unlike the conventional set up you now see in copy cat car manufactures attempting to use my well known efforts to establish my idea and business  in the name of research and development on the US highways of America in order to push forward their  product which is similar to my patent pending intangible product which is now in the introduction phase of my new patent pending product protocol which will eventually move up into the growth and maturity phases of my business.


 To be brief and to the point the laptops kept falling apart from the moving vibration of the commercial semi truck.  The most aggravating part about the laptops that I purchased is the power cord that connects to the laptop from the power source which is the inverter connected to the cigarette lighter of the vehicle.  The connection from the cord to the laptop would jiggle lose inside the laptopís mother board which would require a new mother board or else some sophisticated soldering to regain functionality once again to make it operate on the open highway or any where else..


                        One laptop after another I purchased on the road because when you are moving in 48 states you really do not have time to wait around for the service department to repair or replace your laptop. 


The day I purchased a Sony Laptop:  This was a very eye opening and special day.  I parked my big rig in the parking lot of Comp USA in some beat-up Midwestern town walked through the door and ask to see a salesman.  I explained to the salesman I needed a Sony computer and asked him to show me the Sony product line that he had in stock.  The country type salesperson kind of looked at me funny like I could not afford it because I was looking Mexican that day so, I pulled out the old trusty credit card and he started the physical motions again.  After I opened the box and examined the Sony laptop that I would be buying.  The country salesman walked away to run my credit card and at that moment the new sleek Sony laptop slipped out of my hand onto the hard concrete floor.  


I picked up the new laptop and plugged it into the electrical outlet and it started up and worked just fine for many months and years and Iím still writing this message to you with that same Sony laptop that out lived every laptop I have ever purchased and it is still ticking.  And as for the power cord problem aggravated from all the vibration it recovered by itself in a matter of a few dayís I simply wiggled it a little cussed at it a little and it started working steadily up to this writing compared to the other laptops that are still waiting for the computer doctor. I must also admit the day I dropped the Sony laptop on the concrete floor I did not notice the A drive was completely knocked out until several months later when I needed to use the A drive.  Instead I used the DVD burner to accomplish that particular task.


The reason Sony hardware is so tough and reliable is because:

ďSony's procurement activities are based on two main principles.
One is meeting the expectations of Sony customers worldwide. Customers expect Sony products and services to offer a high level of value. They also expect Sony to be a good corporate citizen through its operations. Sony's procurement activities are no exception in meeting these expectations.

The other is relationships with suppliers. Sony procures parts and materials for its products from numerous suppliers worldwide. Sony's worldwide procurement activities require smooth relationships with suppliers based on mutual trust and cooperation. Sony therefore places importance on creating such relationships with suppliers.

Sony believes that both Sony and its suppliers need to be good partners: in order to provide highly appealing products that satisfy customers, and to be good corporate citizens through such activities as green procurement.Ē
(Sony Corporation  2005


                     One last bit of convincing that made me a total believer in Sony is I ended up buying a $3,000.00 Sony video camera in order to get the best picture quality possible in my experiment and later met up with a live- in girlfriend that lasted one year and three months in the city of Scottsdale, AZ who accidentally had a little to much to drink and she threw my $3,000.00 camera across the room on some adobe tile flooring and cracked the casing.  But guess what?  The Sony camera survived the wild womanís attempt to kill and destroy my camera and is still operating today with special handling.


In my conclusion:   According to Sonyís methodology in purchasing raw material for its electronic equipment and its corporate code of ethics Sony has made me not only a loyal customer but a believer in corporations really trying to please the customers its serves with quality products.  In other words Sony makes one tough product and should be proud of the positive productivity it exports to America.

                                    Congratulations Sony!



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