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Did you ever wonder or deeply try to perceive where we are or where we are going as a civilization.

Have you ever tried to wonder what is really going on!

Well, let me give you my personal view of where we are.

What I'm about to tell you could be considered fiction like a storybookÖ

But since I have the thought fresh in my mind Iíve decided to write it down and share my perception of where we are in this molecule of a world we now live in.

Considering how far we've come in science.   For example man once thought the world was flat!    We now know the world is round!

This is my view of the world we live in.   Women give birth to children.  Children live inside a stomach.    Children start out as a molecule or some sort of spot or piece of matter inside the motherís stomach.

When people fart!    Gasses build up in their stomach usually from eating too many beans.  An explosion takes place gases are released though a port which we call an asshole.    Assholes can be people or else a hole between your ass!

The mother earth provides us gas from her stomach so we have propane gas, natural gas and all kinds of petroleum products.  So speaking intelligently we are living inside something that is now living. 

Now we know the earth is round.   Our body has many round molecules inside our blood, arteries and veins, don't forget our skin!

My belief is the mother earth we now live in is, a small molecule inside a larger living body.    For example a small fish living inside a huge whale in the ocean. 

I believe instead of God living inside us we live inside God. He's this huge body walking around in what we call heaven.  The earth is nothing more than a molecule inside his body.

The Bible speaks of us humans as specks of dust.  When we die I predict we will be born again but in the world in which God now lives in just as a child entering the world from a motherís womb.   So, don't rush your death it could be the longer you live the more mature you are and that maturity may be needed to enter this new birth.  Just as a child forms itself in a mother's womb for nine months our maturity on earth may be needed to enter this new world which we call heaven. 

Follow the words of Jesus and believe that he is the son of God.  Also believe that we now live inside the body of Jesus, which was once the body of the almighty God himself.  Jesus is in complete control of your destiny past future and present.

He's our communication port to the almighty God.   I believe we live in the body of Jesus Christ and our only way to the almighty and his kingdom that is preserved for believers. The one and only passage way to eternal life is controlled by Jesus Christ the one and only son of the living God.  Jesus is the gate keeper if you want to live beyond this life simply accept the truth and believe.

Believe what you may,   but never forget Jesus once walked this Earth and raised human decaying people from their grave site in front of several witnesses.  He heeled a blind man by putting mud into his eyeballs a simple gesture to allow the blind man from birth the ability to view the face of God.

The only reason I wrote this is to share my thoughts with you that have carried me through 130 tickets from the United States police.   Jesus once said store treasures in heaven not earth and that is what Iím doing today by presenting this page to you. Any person who claims Jesus to be the son of God and not to deny this truth in front of other men is storing treasures in heaven.  Simply believe the truth and Jesus will keep his promise which is no man shall be denied access to my table which is the table of Jesus Christ.  ďAll are welcome in the house of thy fatherĒ.  Simply believe the truth for what it is the truth.

When it comes to storing treasures in heaven I consider the analogy the more people I refer to Jesus the larger my commission check will be once I enter the environment of heaven.

But my question is?

What's after heaven is there a next level?

If you think you know the answer feel free to E-mail me by clicking on my name below:

Gabriel De La Vega Jr.


Sources: The common knowledge of the bible. (January 6, 2000)













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