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Today’s date is 10/26/2005


Today is a very historic day for the world; reason being Scottsdale, Arizona has approved a vote which will put cameras on the Scottsdale local freeway system which will take a picture of a vehicle going 11 mph over the posted speed limit. The picture will take down your license plate number and then send you a ticket in the mail courtesy of the Scottsdale City Police Department.


Approximately 5% of small businesses employing fewer than 20 employees are in the field of transportation which includes taxi drivers, bus drivers, tractor trailer drivers and every other commercial driver according to Business Essentials ;( Ebert, R & Griffin, R 2005 edition p.72).   


This 5% is already being bombarded with harassment from every governmental agency and non governmental agency such as the neighborhood kids are throwing beer bottles at truck driver stopping in front of the truck or you name it’s happening to commercial drivers.


Just about every truck driver I talked to is looking for a way to get out from behind the steering wheel; fuel cost dishonest employers and a simple lack of respect for the profession from the community and lack of support programs for the everyday truck driver.


The truck drivers of this country do not really have an advocate and I’m not being paid to be one so I must volunteer my voice to this precious profession and it’s survival to prevent extinction of the very unique field of work which can only be interpreted to another person through driving in a Semi truck 48 States year round non stop to work for a truck that you will be gypped out of at the end of a 3 year lease and to find out fuel prices went through the roof and your profit margin is very limited.


With all this said what in the world is the Scottsdale voters thinking by approving this decision to  take pictures of truck drivers on duty and off duty and make them fight a ticket in court related to their profession and lively hood when is this pin the tail on the donkey going to stop?  The American truck driver is currently the donkey and the American rich spoiled voter is pinning several sledgehammer donkey tails on the commercial drivers of America in order to make a camera company working in Scottsdale Arizona $800,000 richer to install camera’s on the freeway’s which is going to stall your freight going to the grocery in more way’s than one.


  • Less career minded individuals will want to become drivers because of all the extra leverage on the driver’s license.


  • D.U.I. testing


  • Child Support suspension of the drivers license


  • Racial profiling of commercial drivers by local and state police.


  • Unfair weigh stations which consist of a cop with portable scales in his trunk waiting for the truck driver outside the factory which is the location the driver just loaded which eliminates the drivers chance of going 1 mile to the truck stop to adjust his weight on the truck and the new law is somewhere around $3.00 for every pound overweight.


  • Increase of traffic which slows down the ability to make a profit.


  • The speed limit on highway’s is now being reduced to 55 mph nation wide which is reducing profits for trucking companies and clients of trucking companies just ask Fed Ex about their need for faster trucks and an increase in the speed limit.


  • Lack of human type facilities on the American highways for truck drivers.


  • The isolation from reading a newspaper on the road because your eyes are always on the road or too tired to keep them open off the road.


  • The pay for drivers seems to be all eaten up in taxes and does not create an equilibrium which will enable a professional driver to support a family on 1 income like let’s say a lawyer or some other professional.


These are a few points of interest that the voter’s of Scottsdale Arizona should have considered before approving the new law which will use technology against the driver instead of helping the driver.


This page has been written and produced by Gabriel De La Vega Jr.,

President and C.E.O.


The author of this page presently  has a patent pending in” Live Mobile Video” which adds  2 additional incomes to professional and non professional drivers utilizing a full blown computer system installed in the drivers vehicle which complies with all existing laws.

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In addition Gabriel De La Vega Jr. is an experienced truck driver with over 5 years of experience. Gabriel has worked 48 states along with local routes hauling everything from refrigerated freight to a flat bed and everything else in between.


Before driving a semi truck Gabriel drove a taxi 8 years in Las Vegas simultaneously going to college utilizing a computer science correspondence course via snail mail and creating the company TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC. and is presently pursuing more education utilizing a college called AIU online.


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As of today in the year 2012 the interstate camera's have been taken off the freeway's in Arizona but they still remain on the intersections and small town highway's like Show Low, Arizona which is embedded in the higher elevations of the Arizona Mountains.


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