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Original First To Provide Semis With Worldwide Mobile Video Technology

Wireless 27-29 Frames Per Second Video Feed With Audio

LAS VEGAS/EWORLDWIRE/July 24, 2003 --- When truckers are trucking, one of the biggest challenges isn't the road. It's staying connected with family and friends. opens up new roads for communicating while earning extra money when on the open road using patent-pending technology.

"I discovered a need for drivers to stay connected when virtually disconnected by nature of the job," stated Gabriel De La Vega, CEO. "With live web feed accompanied by audio, truckers can stay in touch whenever and wherever a cell phone connection is available, many times 24 hours-a-day."

A 13-minute video describing the service is available online at

"Today's technology permits good quality video - up to 27 to 29 frames per second on a hand held Sprint pocket P.C. phone," added De La Vega. "Television is available at 29 frames per second."

Future internet connections will offer several other methods of connecting to the internet.

One intended application for development for video broadcast includes locating missing children utilizing facial recognition software insert Childs picture into the TAXI BABBLERMOUTH system push a button to search it may take 2 seconds , 2 minutes, years but the search will go on until the child is found. also. When a child is announced as missing, TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC. will broadcast a photo of the missing child, permitting viewers to see the photo in real-time, virtually instantaneously.

The first location identified to construct a facility for the installation of the system is scheduled for El Paso, Texas.

"The most compelling reason for the selection of El Paso was the number of drivers available at this location," stated De La Vegas. "A large population of Mexican and American truck drivers, rv'ers and taxi drivers are in the area, a natural potential client base as customers for the system."

For drivers looking to get started, a profit-sharing program is designed that requires participating drivers to leave their cameras on 24 hours per day 3 weeks out of the month to qualify for profit sharing from all e-commerce incurred from merchandise sold via the online store.

Drivers will receive an upfront fee of $15.00 on registered users of their video service bandwidth and credit card processing is presently unlimited.


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