UFO's & GOD!


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UFO's & GOD:

February 28, 1999

The last couple of day's,  living life to it's fullest I noticed a lot of criticism on the subject of God.  Today we live in a world of high tech faggots & UFO's.  Neither one of the fags or UFO's impresses me very much.

  • Let's assume UFO's & fags do exist.

  • What do fags and UFO's have in common?

First the fags want you to believe in UFO's that way you can turn you head to your belief in God, that way you can gradually accept the fag idea that there is a higher existence than God.    So what they are doing is slowly body snatching your children's belief system.

I have lived long enough to experience God's magic.  It's called pure love magic the best way to experience that is through a great relationship with a woman.  There is something very special about the woman species they contain a lot of love.  Till this day I don't understand women.  Probably never will but they contain a lot of God's love, take that physical love to the next level where there is no physical contact only pure love.  That is God.  Pure Love!

If you’re a fag, you'll never experience that love.  In my opinion you won't make it to the altar of god if you’re a faggot!!!!!!!!!!------

The type of love I'm talking about is not the type you can touch.  It's not tangible.

Now this subject of UFO’s.  Lets assume we someday find out that there are Martians on Mars.     Until they can prevent their head from being sawed off they’re still subjected to the law of God and deserve a decent Christian burial.  In other words if they are capable of dying they have to obey Gods law to live a happy productive life.  There are several cultures on earth still ignorant to the love of God.

My question is?

How do we educate the idiot's we now have, about God?

Then try to educate a bunch of high tech faggot aliens about God's love!

I feel God has not let us in on the UFO stuff yet. Because we have not perfected our love system yet.    So, God is not protecting us from UFO's he's protecting the UFO's from humans. 



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