My Theory on Hurricanes




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Dear World:


My theory on hurricanes is:  Where ever you have a large population of fags “an openly homosexual man” you will have natural disasters.  Man kind has to remember we do not live alone on this earth but live with a living God. 


It’s totally disgusting to turn on the CNN News and watch 12 fags that didn’t die in hurricane Katrina dance through streets among dead floating bodies celebrating their annual fag parade on Labor Day.


Think about the phrase “the wages of sin are death”.


Global warming may have something to do with it or is the global warming of Gods patients running thin.   If we the humans of planet earth do not set the male female population straight again God will straighten what is crooked his way.  Yes, the scientist are right about man polluting the atmosphere but its not with hair spray its with immoral unethical living practices which will set planet earth and mankind back a 1000 years if we do not do something about our views on fag marriage. 


Each time a state approves faggot marriages and promotes fag living which is unnatural in Gods eyes and the eyes of evolution mother earth as we refer to as our God who will absolutely get rid of the poison the same way your body’s immune system fights an up coming cold or disease in your body.


I plead with you a member of the world to open yours eyes and pull your boot straps up and try to live a more ethical life in accordance to the way mother nature expects you to live to help make this planet survive many more generations if the immorality does not improve you and I will continually be overcome by Gods wrath until the poison is completely destroyed.


This concludes my theory on hurricanes.



Gabriel  De La Vega Jr.

President & C.E.O.



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