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 I filed a complaint, on the scum of the earth called:  "Central Refrigerated Service".

I have 6 years to start the law suit.

Today is the year 2006, the law suit has officially begun.

This leaves 3 years to spare.

This law suit is for your benefit, and my wallet my fellow truck drivers...



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The following complaint was submitted on 12/12/2003 12:46:14 AM:


Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.
P.O. Box 6368
Phoenix,AZ  United States 85005
Daytime Phone (540) 524-0737
Fax (866)-571-0527 


Central Refrigerated Service, Inc
Po Box 26297
Salt Lake City, UT United States 84126


Complaint #: 1317006
Complaint Type: General Complaint (not a car maker)
Date Received: 12/12/2003
Primary Complaint Classification: Contract Disputes
Secondary Complaint Classification: Advertising Issues
Central Refrigerated Service
Salt Lake City, UT
is Running a Scam. They lure drivers who cannot purchase a truck the conventional way into a lease.
With limited options (CDL) truck drivers fall victim to the scam of leasing a Semi Truck.
From day one, Central Refrigerated Service has no desire to let the truck driver own the truck he's leasing.; Central simply use's the satellite tracking system to develop  ways to discourage the truck drivers life during the duration of the lease.
End result: Central deliberately motivates the truck driver to drive over his allowed hours, resulting in allowing  reason's to break the lease and take the truck.
Several other methods are included within their scam.
Some are so secret, even the truck driver may never reveal the truth, until some serious investigation pulls up data that at least the truck driver can agree is true.
This company is becoming rich using technology and free labor from the truck driver who innocently, unaware of the deception accepts the lease.
Desired Settlement: Refund:
Settlement Explanation:
I want my 1 year and 8 months of slave labor refunded with a new semi truck or cash settlement.
I also want all the new parts, I purchased for the truck they stole from under me with their deceptive lease practices refunded.
Totaling close to $15,000 to $20,000 dollars on items which should of been covered under warranty.
I would also like,  to see fair contracts for future truck drivers who intend on leasing a Semi Truck with option to buy at the end of lease.
Customer Service Rep: Central Refrigerate Service
Product or Service: Columbia Freightliner Semi Truck
Model Number:
Account Number:
Order Number:
Salesperson:  Central Refrigerated Service
Payment Made: Yes
Purchase Price: 85000
Disputed Amount: 50000
Payment Method: Check
Purchase Date: 3/25/2002
Problem Date: 10/23/2003
Complaint Dates:

The bureau that will handle your complaint is:

Better Business Bureau of Utah
5673 S. Redwood Rd., #22
Salt Lake City, UT 84123 -5322
Phone: (801)892-6009
Fax: (801)892-6002
Email: [email protected]


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Better Business Bureau of Utah
5673 S. Redwood Rd., #22
Salt Lake City, UT 84123 -5322
Phone: (801)892-6009
Fax: (801)892-6002
Email: [email protected]

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