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April 4, 1999

Updated 7-10-2012 with partial inserts...


The title of this web page, say's it all!

December 22, 1993. 

The mother of my children calls the police on a routine domestic call both of the children's grandparents on the mother’s side had just recently died in the same year!

 The mother of the children was very emotional and she was just riding the waves in a daze and looking to change her life by having sex with the Henderson, Nevada police department!

Her first goal towards healing the sorrow of her parents was, to call the police  from a neighbors house down the street who was simultaneously rubbing her ass while she called the cops on me to remove my body and soul from the house which me, my kids, and my now lost dogs have had to restructure our lives due to the mother having sex with the Henderson, Nevada police department until years later I found out this information from a co worker of hers who was sitting in the back of my taxi...

I was working in my homemade office that I had built within in the house we were living in doing my profitable business startup alongside working with the cable company. called cox cable and I would knock on door's three to five hours a day and made a nice easy $100.00 per day, the simple life!

You know kids family dog wife etc...

The mother of my children had a sister that was living with us at the time because her mother had 17 children.

The sister in law came crashing through the door...

She warned me the police were on the way!

Martha, the mother of my children was using the phone at somebody’s house down the street getting her ass rubbed simultaneously probably by the guy she now has three kids with.

She had been setting me up for two weeks while her hole was getting banged on the night shift of the hospital next to the emergency room telling a lie to the police and falsifying a bruise through the hospital she worked at which she actually got from hard sex with the Henderson Police Department.

The police arrived on my property.

One of the police officers communicated the fact that I was under arrest. 

So, I with out resistance turned around and put my hands behind my back.

I'm now handcuffed.  

The arresting officer (BOSTICK) turns to his partner and say's. Quote. “DID YOU SEE THAT"? 

His partner responds with “YEAH”!

That short demonic communication between two police officers are words I'll never forget as long as I live!

The lying, non truthful, False tongued lowlife cop "Bostick"said I kicked him in the balls!  

Lie not true!

As I was being hog-tied and hauled to the car I tried telling the other police officers that arrived on the scene that this cop was telling a lie which results in the non truth.

The only thing they didn’t do was gag my mouth with a rag.

They almost shot the dog!

They all laughed and threatened me!

Coming from the Military background that I grew up in as a teenager I wanted to leave this life style behind me. 

But this has brought new blood to my veins...

Now I’m forced to play the mental physical game once again!

I had and still have a hard time dealing with this situation. 

My emotions are in a tornado status!

Until I can release the pressure built up in me I do not foresee me ever living a normal life again.

THE PRESSURE RELEASE VALVE:    Consist of capping the out of control oil pipeline the  Henderson police department is responsible for uncapping and then sealing it with a safety measure to prevent the cap from ever unintentionally coming apart again and harming other families in the United States of America.

And the Holy Spirit is my companion and the Holy Spirit who is powerful and probably read and wrote this web page through my temple which is one of the many homes the Holy Spirit lives in.

The Holy Spirit validated my faith in a true honest living Godly justice!

The Holy Spirit must of figured and concluded it was no big deal to help cause a oil spill as described on this web page in the Gulf of Mexico that could not be capped because that's exactly how I currently feel about this situation until I get justice from the crime that was so brutally committed against my children, my dogs, my freedom and the ability to get decent work!

And most of all the freedom to drive down the street without being harassed on every corner by a idiotic brotherhood cop, who thinks Bostick the lying cop is their blood brother who they day by day assist in a horrific on going crime against a United States honorably discharged Veteran like myself and other innocent Veterans of the United States Coast Guard and no justice for Mexican looking people like myself.

Once America realizes I'm walking with Jesus and you need to give me Justice or face more coincidental prophecy's

that I wrote on this site and web page and the less justice I get more wrath from God you get!

As described in detail about the oil pipeline coming apart, and I even completely forgot I wrote about that in the year 1999!

You American Fags and lying cops are now starting to feel God's real Justice!

Until today I did not realize how Jesus is using me to convince you idiots to believe in God's true Justice and that God is real!

I updated this page 7-10-2012 with this new unveiled information!


Jesus is in control and he wants Justice for the crime that was committed against me by these ongoing day by day lying cops.

I need Justice!

You see my God is the real GodFather!

The process of completing my mission is to continue my business which is www.taxibabblermouth.com effectively for future generations which will impact the world financially and hopefully provide a tool to carry positive information world wide without the government creating ways in which to put out my flames of positive streams of revenue for the needy working people of the USA and beyond who have had their life hijacked by a corrupt police department who's officer's work for a corrupt Fagatized Justice Court who simply represents Satan and the depths of hell!

My goal is for the sue cop fund to last this year and many years into the future to provide a ventilation area for the common everyday working person to find relief from the fangs of the fags in our congress and local governments and to help restore stability to the injured judicial system we are all now a part of due to the shrinking of the world in the sense of excelled extreme communication and every country needs to operate ethically in order to provide a functional economy to provide decent law enforcement especially within the cities of the United States which is a role model to firmly insure the police corruption does not spread thru the entire earth.

After being released from 3 Christmas day's in jail and returning to the blueness of the sky.

I had to pay a phony fine related to a False made up phony lying charge for kicking a cocky immature wife snatching idiotic cop in the balls who later I found out from 1 of my ex wives co-workers who rode in the back of my taxi that she was doing a whole lot more than being a innocent victim in the arms of the Henderson, Nevada Police Department located 100 miles north of Kingman, Arizona off the I-40 Interstate, Latitude N36 1.8494 - Longitude W114 59.0185 near Las Vegas, Nevada...

Henderson, Nevada Police

Police Station Locations:

Police Administration
East Patrol Command

223 Lead Street
Henderson, NV 89015

West Patrol Command

300 S. Green Valley Parkway
Henderson, NV 89012

North Patrol Command

225 E. Sunset Road
Henderson, NV 89011

Desk Officer hours at the stations are
7:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. each day

Community Relations Unit

The community Relations Office
is located inside the Galleria at Sunset
on the lower level

The office is open Monday to Friday
from 10 a.m. until 6 p.m.

Detention Center Location:

243 Water Street
Henderson, NV 89015

Detention Center Mailing Address:

Henderson Detention Center
P.O. Box 95050
Henderson, NV 89009-5050

The truth hurt worse than the lie that I perceived from the whole picture of 1 lying police department.

So I ignored it for over a decade because the truth hurt so bad that being on the road across the USA non stop day after day for years was the best thing for me to do to face reality that the demonized woman that I once trusted and loved would go to the extreme of getting her hole poked without my knowledge and then utilizing the police department with her tiny addicting little hole to imprison me in a world without physical bars but only a world for a movie producer to reproduce on the largest movie screen the world has to offer to show the sick disgraceful power of a law badge in action against  a innocent husband trying to deal with a wife who used to get her hole banged by me every night but then she started to work the night shift and she started to get her hole banged at night by someone else at the hospital she worked at as a medical employee near the emergency room.

Over the years I've reviewed all the evidence of the lying cop and simply asked myself  why?

The co worker who worked with her as a witness to her behavior was ticking in my head...

And that sexual communication a couple has when they sense something is not right up to the moment the cops arrived and you simply know the other spouse is getting banged somewhere else.

The pieces all fit together!

This is called RAILROADING!

Released with a restraining order in hand I was escorted to my now former place of residence. 

I was told to get a bag and put my clothes and belongings in the bag and get out and do not return to the house in which I once shared each living moment with my natural born children dating back to their first breath on the face of the earth.

This is the same treatment the refugees in Kosovo are getting except the police legally shoot the men in the back of the head.

We are better than that and can provide a stable reasonable ethical police force run by real men not fags and greedy drug smuggling pimps of America’s youth.

I was only allowed to pick up my beloved children at the police station and bring them back to the police station, on time or else go back to jail for not doing what the police who were constantly banging my wife without my knowledge instructed me to do.

  Not only that I was required to become a slave and pay the city institution $800.00 per month on time while the Henderson Police department was still banging my wife on the night shift. 

The city will then take their share of the $800.00 and give the rest to the mother and If I  don't pay I will go to jail for being a huge victim of the Henderson Police Department.

My lawyer and many other participating lawyers within the walls of the court house swear!  

They sat in court rooms and saw 1 man after another man go directly to jail for months for being late on child support payments.

After working seven day's a week.  

Just like a slave I missed a visiting day with my children.

So they took away my visiting privileges. 

Then real fags were working on the city’s payroll in the court house.

Then the evil  courts claimed It was damaging for the children not to be picked up on time as they simultaneously made fag movements plus gestures and spoke like they had a dil do up their butt.

This is a serious man and woman relationship stuff no Fags allowed!

I do not need to go to the Las Vegas, downtown building to discuss my children with a fag.

I would settle for a straight Christian man or woman to discuss this type of family matter!

 As of today July 10, 2012 I have recently met my children and I have a relationship with them as adults, but the unbearable demonic crime by the Henderson, Nevada police department has been committed and I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. and every innocent father in America, service man in the military who was indirectly disrespected by the Henderson, Nevada Police Department!

And the Henderson, Nevada police department who has been trying to kill me non stop for the last 19 years with a Henderson, Nevada police officer named: "Bostick" with his little white lie, from a white racist police department!

 We the truthful tongued, honest people of the world need Justice!

We the innocent citizens and the innocent Military Veteran's looking for peace in their living room and arriving into the civilian world via a parachute need's rights!

The honorable discharge written on my discharge papers should be respected enough to prevent police departments around the United States to give a guy a little peace and not bang his wife and tell thousands and thousands of miles of pure hatred lies regardless of what they personally think of me simply let me live in peace!

That's why we join the Military to kill enemies of our Peace!

There should not be 1 service member in the world with an honorable discharge allowed to be put into a fish bowl with this kind of  police conduct from any police force on planet earth more less the Henderson, Nevada police force of the United States of America located 100 miles north of Kingman, Arizona off the I-40 Interstate...

Being on the outside of jail is not much different than being in the inside of jail when living under a presence of a phony and unconstitutional government along with unnatural, horrific criminalized perverted humans utilizing  police uniforms to extort sex out of my ex wife's tiny addicting little hole who is the mother of my kids.

And who knows what kind of threats these animalistic Henderson, Nevada police officers gave her if she did not comply in giving up that tiny addicting little hole!

My jail cell guards still sit out side my place of residence and keep a careful eye on me in the hopes they may initiate a gun battle in effort for me to never find out that they are banging my wife's hole.

The only difference is on the outside of jail I have the opportunity to publish my web site and create a business.

And the current 2012 perverted United States of America police and political fag homosexual establishment, even tried taking that liberty and freedom away from me by making me constantly truck the United States with an ex police dispatcher as my trucking dispatcher giving me Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. the great Mexican American truck driver instructions on where to go with very little or no money so I could not stop and have time to work on my website to demand justice for the crimes the Henderson, Police department has committed against me and my lively hood which has taken away my ability to go into Canada to drive a truck over the border to meet the needs of my profession.

This has been a total ongoing setup to cover up a lie since 1993...

When Cain killed his brother Able in the bible God claims the dead brother's blood in the ground was crying for Justice the same way my blood is currently crying for


Nineteen years later today I'm still unsatisfied  with the behavior of the local police for committing a huge lie and not telling the truth and claiming and promoting a phony untruthful complete downright lowlife lie that accuses me of kicking a piece of garbage 2 cent cop  in the balls! 

But now as time has passed I realize why...

They simply wanted to hide more disgrace to the public police uniform.

Which I naively never would consider a cop would lie about me then bang my wife simultaneously while lying or even think of conceiving such an idea.

They used this fabricated verbal false charge against me in child support court and said I was not a good father and so many fabricated lies that my hopes for recovery became even more hopeless and beyond belief on the lies her lawyer came up with.

It was the bottom of the pit!

 Simply because I was falsely accused of kicking a lying piece of garbage cop in the balls and the unmoral rat smelling cops falsely accused me of being violent against my own tiny hole on my ex wife's body that used to be my hole but now belongs to the very corrupt Henderson police department who actually got to this webpage without my knowledge and actually changed the wording on this page for over a decade which bluntly says I kicked the cop in the balls which show's what kind of power these punk's actually have to get someone and then hack my site and change the 1 word to make me look guilty.

This is a huge attempt to justify a lie that the Cop Bostick has told to convince other cops that are not affiliated to the Henderson police department that I'm the liar when in reality I have no reason to lie.

Bostick lied and the whole Henderson Police department is lying along with Bostick!

Internal affairs within the Henderson police department was probably banging someone else's wife or maybe even my wife who knows?

Buy they are not currently doing their job to give me Justice and who ever is charge should do their job and eliminate this type of police corruption!

I should not have to take 20 years of my life to do a job someone else in the judicial system should control!

The domino effect took place simply because 1 single cop had to lie in order to satisfy his personal racist need of suppressing the Mexican American and not considering that at 1 time I did my military duty to protect his white wife snatching butt before he was even old enough to join the police force.

As, all I got to say to that is I’m going to do something about the corruption in the United States injustice towards the every day Americans who have no where to go for legal money to fight the monsters we the people have created through lack of checks an balances on our police department

So, my charges are strong and clear I'm suing the cops for assisting the mother of my children in the well planned thought out procedure of kidnapping my only set of children.

The cops used 1 single lie to steal everything I perceive as precious and they have no regards for human life nor humanity and they need their personal possessions stolen legally from their own tribe of Klan white cops utilizing the same method of legal thieving they used against me to set my life back 20 years without being physically behind bars but forcing me to start a new family since they stole my only set of children.

I’m charging the police  institution of Las Vegas and Henderson with  a false charge of kicking 1 of their animals wearing a police uniform in the balls related to a master plan to steal and raise my daughter and son to work for the local casino‘s and the works of Satan.

The city of Las Vegas, Nevada has to break up families living around casino‘s in order for the children to grow up and work for the services of the casino‘s.

If the casino‘s don‘t plan ahead 10 or 15 years with a kidnapping scheme they will eventually go broke.

Casino‘s need hookers and black jack dealers.

Getting the children’s natural father out of the household is 1 way of killing 2 birds with 1 stone and providing a path for unethical local employment which is from the false untrue want to be leader of this world called Satan who is nothing more than a angel created by Jehovah the Father of Jesus who has gone bad then was casted out of heaven  with a boot between his butt and will only lead the  society of the world to spiritual and physical death if our young people continue to follow the life of immorality and his raunchy smell...

The kids will probably!

 Not attend college without a father, and then the father disoriented by the police action will not start a business of his own.

With the father not starting a business of his own this will eliminate competition for the dollar before the competition gets started and the Jews in the hierarchy will benefit financially.

Now the father will only pay the local casino’s to raise his children to be slaves for the casinos.

I call this a master plan to run a casino society.

The courts are guilty of accepting false testimony from the police department. 

As a reader you have to remember this cop didn't even have a bruise on his garbage infected body.

I currently work out with 1,000 pounds on my legs and can go all the way up to 1,500 pounds on machines that can hold that weight plus I retain a yellow sash in a master system of Choy Lu Fu kung fu.

So if I kicked the piece of garbage cop he should have been damaged with at least a broken bone.

The doctor claims the cop had no damage.

The only damage done was to my children and the kung fu schools reputation that I attended.

I take pride in my martial arts training and would never use it against a law enforcement officer in my own house in front of my children with out a reason which I did not have at the time.

I simply had no reason or motive to even considering abusing the police officer nor did I plan such a an action I’m a professionally trained ex military disciplined physical fighter I do need to prove anything to a police officer in terms of my physical ability.

Let’s suppose I attempted a kick on the cop.

Why would I stop there?

And if I did not hurt the cop with the kick, I would simply bring dishonor on my kung fu school and my students which are my children.

I generally 100% of the time connect with my target when a kick is thrown.

The cop was simply telling a lie and banging my wife on the night shift!

Not only did this cop dishonor my school by saying a complete lie that I connected my foot to his balls but the cop also dishonored me in front of my children which is a horrific ethical crime in any civilized society in it self and as of today my children still have that day fresh in their mind as if an airplane was coming through the living room of their safe home with a male and female parent taking care of business.

Then the white washed Henderson police continued to harass with me with 97 traffic tickets  and as of today 2012 I have somewhere around 130 thru a 160 nation wide harassment tickets and after that many tickets who even bothers counting anymore!

I'm currently being financially and physically harassed by this regime of inferior humans who have obtained police and political authority to pervert every corner of normal male and female life on earth under the careful eye of God simply for being vocal about my violation and the civil rights that were stolen from my presence on this planet we call earth.

Keeping physical control of my actions towards law enforcement which I used to be part of in the United States Coast Guard has been a battle inside me since the institution I used to once help stabilize has turned around and took a bite out of my children and my future ability to provide safety for them and to blanket them from the evil of the current American government which they now live smack center in...

My body does not like the drastic change of being imprisoned then sleeping without my tiny addicting hole of a woman at night!

No money!

No love!

No freedom!

Then dealing with the  kidnapping of my children that mean everything to my existence on earth and beyond then little hope for the future considering the weight of the American laws that weigh on the shoulders of any straight heterosexual man like myself living within the borders of the fagatized United States of America and the Judicial communistic regime who day by day is trying to destroy this country we call home to the $ dollars of fee's and the brave in the USA...

I won't dwell on eating out of a can and misplacing the can opener while driving down the road trying to pay the police all the fines.

It took the police 15 minutes to inflict this devastation upon me and now it will take a lifetime to retrieve what was stolen from me.

Proceeding to be redundant I claim:

I take my martial arts very seriously and did not spend years of training and hard earned cash on kung fu school simply to have some piece of garbage cop take away my reputation in a 15 minute visit to my household and strip me of  being a honest truthful citizen and robbing me of my children, money and freedom.

I charge the Henderson and Las Vegas police department with bombing me with 130 thru 160 nation wide related traffic tickets and police harassment schemes to set me up for more pain and to prevent me from getting on the Internet and making money to sue the guilty cops involved.

I charge the Henderson and Las Vegas Police department with instigating and provoking a potential gun battle by constant harassment.

I charge the Henderson police department with discrimination for being Latino, based on the simple scenario of asking (Bostick) the arresting officer to read me my rights. 

He simply replied you don't have any rights!

Then and there I told this piss ant cop I was going to sue plus retrieve all the civil liberties that were stolen from me.

I charge the Las Vegas police department for parking outside my place of residence and watching my every move as If I was in their Jail.

You cops are now in my Jail!

I charge the Las Vegas police department for utilizing undercover officers to get in my taxicab and use tax payer dollars to provoke me into altercations with other officers. 

This is my place of employment and to simply put it attempting to play head games with my intellect and not having probable cause other than racism?

Its time to dismantle our current form of government and rip out the fags in our United States of American congress and put them in them back in the closet where they belong so they can repent to Jesus for every sin they have committed to their environment by polluting it with there fag breath!

And Christian people who now believe in God!

And now and always had the ability and strength with the Holy Spirit living in their temple which is their clean cigarette free and alcohol free body to lead a moral and Godly ethical way of governing a stench pool of sinners.

In which us Christians of planet earth have to deal with each day!

Us Christians everywhere will insure men and women of this country will be the recipient of the best skyward lift from government to prepare individuals for the wrath or the eternal gift of eternal life from our creator Jehovah who sent his savior Jesus to us.

For a fruitful life with the one and only God who is represented by his son Jesus Christ!


Source: Gabriel De la Vega Jr. (1999)

Updated: July 10, 2012


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