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Now and Then



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August 29, 1999

Today we live in a Society with the Computer. 

Today we live in a Society with the gasoline engine...

With these 2 components our lives were totally accelerated to the point where communication became possible with the speed of light, but communication between each other slowed down tremendously.

Husbands and wives don't have time to talk. 

There's the television...

Children spend more time on the school bus and with the teacher then they do with their parents. 

Communication between co-workers has increased,and the family communication has ceased to exist. 

Before we know it the way things are going we might only seriously communicate with a central giant computer brain which sits in the middle of the earth and we will do only what that computer brain instructs us to do.

I believe that Jesus Christ is the only way to receive eternal life, I also believe that only 10% of the world’s population will receive eternal life with Jesus and the rest of the world's population will receive eternal life with Satan in the deep painful depths of the flesh burning eternal irritating hell!

Either way your going to get eternal life and you will never die, you are a product that was created by the hand of God the Almighty creator of life as we know it.

You were created from the dirt, your fleshy body will be reduced to dust, by the father God you were created to be a eternal being which means you will never die, you will simply get yourself a new body created for you by God.

The problem with this is God never lies and never changes and he always keeps his word, which means you may get a new body but that will still be you living inside that new body with all your previous experiences and memories...

To be blunt, unless you have been living like an angel you will need God's forgiveness to live with him in heaven.

To get a key to the front door you need to be forgiven and the only way to do that is through the acceptance of Jesus Christ and the painful death he experienced for you on his time on earth and the time he spent in hell to pay the price for the father, God almighty's forgiveness for all of your sins that you the human born sinner committed from the time you popped out of your mother's hole between her legs as a new human creation from the seed of Adam and Eve, which came from the 1 and only design of the almighty creator who we know through word of mouth and witnesses and thru the living word of God which is called the bible and is as robust as the moving link on this web page!

 Let me explain...

Over the years I've picked up and drove thousands of Jewish customers around Las Vegas.

They all have 1 thing in common they all bad mouth the son of God Jesus Christ, and they all think their better than him. 

They think he's a phony!

To me this is incredible that the Jewish community owns and runs almost every bank in the world and that they as a group financially own the politics of  Las Vegas, Nevada located in the United States of America and quite possibly the world.

The Jews simply own you! 

But only financially!

They own the cops!

They even have the power to make laws binding and created from fag television programs and fag Hollywood movies to legally manipulate you out of your own children!

I only say this because I'm suing the Las Vegas and Henderson police department for $1,000,000,000.00 via my sue cop fund using other peoples misery's to get my God given right to community justice because they've kidnapped my children, my money and most important of all, my freedom to be with my children, via 1 white lie that officer Bostick spewed out of his mouth like a piece of garbage floating on the top of sewer water in which he claimed I kicked him in the balls and his black and white only; police buddies who numbered around 20 also participated in this white lie with no Mexican looking cops working at the Henderson ,Nevada police department...

I personally believe the only reason Bostick the lying police officer cop; disgrace to his profession said that was because a few day's prior to him coming over to my house I openly omit to kicking my drunk Iranian (brother in-law) in the balls after he took a swing at me on my front yard property and then I put my hand on the back of his neck  as he was bent over with his head to the ground still wildly swinging his arms like a stuck ostrich bird with it's head in the ground then...

I instructed my 1/2 sister to get her Iranian drunk husbands butt off my property while he's still wildly swinging his arms in the air, then she helped his limping Iranian butt hole to their Ford Bronco 4 wheel drive then her Iranian family got in the vehicle; drove off into the sunset and she has never spoken a word to me since nor have I laid my eyeballs on her since that day.

This drunk Iranian brother in-law of mine used to always brag about himself being a famous boxer in Iran.

But he found out what kind of ferocious power a yellow sash kung Fu, ex high school wrestler and ex military street fighter can unleash when you mess with my family!

This white Bostick cop (Police) lie happened in the year 1993...

From what I heard from my now ex wife but at the time she was my wife and the mother of my children.

She was told via information from my 1/2 sister that my Iranian brother in law went to the hospital to get checked and the emergency room doctor told him he could never have kids again.

So I'm speculating that Bostick the lying police officer was at the hospital and overheard the situation from the doctor or got the Iranian brother in-law information from some other white neighbor source who was probably banging my worthless ex wife's hole down the street behind my back with me not knowing till years later for veterans appreciation day since I'm an ex honorably discharged veteran of the United States military.

This is how the United States of America perverted by the television neighborhood watch program appreciates veterans simply by banging the veterans wife's vagina hole without  respect for themselves or the word of God that specifically say's do not stick you penis in another man's wife nor stick a penis in a vagina that you are not married too!

Then I'm again speculating that bostick wanted to be the famous neighborhood hero who believes it takes a village to raise a child and go stick his nose in my family business and make up a false charge to say to our white neighborhood with only a trickle of Mexicans living on my street if any that he successfully single handedly assisted by a regime of lying disgusting police officers destroyed the Mexican Mr.Gabriel De La Vega Jr. and his family with his white lie.

Yes, he did succeed in getting me out of the neighborhood but I'm still a resident in heaven and the truth shall set me free...

The Henderson, Nevada police station located in the United States of America next to Las Vegas, Nevada along with the Henderson,Nevada  kangaroo racist  court who hates Mexicans!

(In other words I'm living this fantasy that I'm currently writing to you on this page with repercussions from a United States of America police lie  that has effected almost every corner of my personal and financial life on planet earth due to a white man with a white lie!)

The Jews own this town and the banks of the world, they also perverted the United States of America's constitution with fag laws that will take thousands of dollars to regain possession of my children and my freedom.

I personally over the years find almost every Jewish person I've talked to totally disgusting.

Not very many of the Jews believe Jesus Christ is the Son of God and that the only way to eternal life his through his gift. 

 You don't have to earn this gift, you simply hold out your hand palm up and allow the Holy Spirit to fill your body and the next thing you know your inner soul will be singing songs of praise and joy for at least 24 too 48 hours non stop!  

 And believe that Jesus Christ is alive today and that he's the son of God!

None of us have the power to follow the 10 Commandments completely, therefore the only perfect person is God who has a son called Jesus who incorporates a spirit called the Holy Spirit to massively communicate and protect his sheep that belong to him and call him God and recognize Jesus for what he is, which is God in conjunction with the trinity which is Father, Son and the Holy Spirit!  

All of us humans were born sinners and we are still sinners, our only strength and weapon to fight the evil spirit that invades our body on a daily basis is to clean our temple from the cigarette buds and beer cans which invades our body, and simply allow the Holy Spirit to pull up a chair and make our body the Holy spirits home which helps us make good decisions and allows the blessings of the almighty Jehovah the father of Jesus who communicates to us humans via the holy spirit; kind of like a cell phone who lives inside of our body, soul  and mind to guide and protect us from the demons of the devil who I described earlier as fags and our current regime of fag and Jewish fag governments. 

That's right even the Pope is a sinner!

Now and Then, simply refers to back then, in the biblical writings of the bible, it describes the Jewish people and how they hated Jesus for claiming he was the son of God. 

Today the Jews are the same as they were back then...

They would kill their own mother if she believed that Jesus is the son of God!

Every time I talked about this subject with my Jewish customers they immediately grow horns out of their heads and become very hostile!

It's a phenomena that is unexplainable I today sincerely understand what Jesus Christ went through in his biblical dealings with these Jews. 

I especially understand him when he asks his father to forgive them for they know not what they do.

The Jew in my opinion is a serpent! 

The non believing Jew in my opinion is severely possessed by the devil Satan!

Through generations of Jewish rhetoric teachings, it’s almost impossible for these people to accept Jesus and receive eternal life, the only life they seem to have is the now life on the earth.

I pity Las Vegas because currently today August 29,1999 we now have a Jewish mayor controlling the majority of  minds and wallets, of the citizens within Las Vegas,Nevada.

A lot of you are going to say, we'll Gabe didn't you know Jesus was a Jew?

My response is so what!

What does that have to do with a Jew nailing the son of God to the cross!

This sick fag society will nail anyone to the cross who walks around healing peoples eye balls and raising the dead from the ground and then claiming they are the son of the almighty God Jehovah!

Bottom line to this page is Jesus allowed his death to happen, he could of put his middle finger in the air to God and said I'm not going to die for this scum you created!

But Jesus never complained and he willingly gave his life for your life to be spent with him in his house which is the kingdom of heaven with golden streets and a key to the front door.

Sources: Gabriel De La Vega Jr.












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