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BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Taxi Babblermouth & Accessroies, Inc.

This Sue Cop Fund  will accept donations from all outside sources so please feel free to donate by clicking on this link or the donate button on this page.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes)  If you have a cop or maybe even multiple cops you want to sue, please fill out the form below:

If the form doesn't work click here to email me at:


 [email protected]


BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The sue cop fund is also fueled by hard core sales and work read on...




BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Five percent of all profits received from online stores connected to  will go towards the sue cop fund and 25  percent of all profits received from active online stores will will be divided evenly to all driver's owning the (TBA) system each and every thirty day's on the condition the owners of the (TBA) system keep their camera's on so many hours per month according to the set quota.  

  The rest of the profits will go to taxes and the company TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC.  Profits from the live mobile video at this time will be going to the company (TBA) since I have not found a investor yet and that section of the company is in the mass manufacturing stage at this moment and is seeking an investor to pay for materials and more equipment to facilitate the mass of truckers and civilian drivers who will be installing the system.  

Suing the bold fearless and not to exclude the back stabbing 2 face lying tongue wimp police of this country is not a job any one wants to do but, some one has to do it and its time the people of this country stood up and said we have had enough!   

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The upfront 15 out of every 20 dollars sold within the live mobile video online token sale  section of my website will go directly to the driver’s bank account of the driver who  owns a (TBA) installed system via electronic deposit, if so desired a physical check can also be sent out. 

Fleet owners who own the system will get their funds deposited in the fleet owners bank account and will have to authorize the fleet owners company bank to pay their drivers a portion of the profits they make or else set up an agreement with (TBA) to distribute the drivers portion of the profits automatically to the drivers of their fleet vehicles.

The remaining 5 dollars out of the 20 dollars will go to (TBA) as profit.  Bandwidth is unlimited and so are the potential users of this new patent pending system which is a separate entity from the sue cop fund.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) It’s time to install some checks and balances in the police system of this country. 

 A prime example of the mischief that has been going on is the unverifiable rapes and killings going on in hurricane Katrina and the true colors of our police exposed at their full capacity. 

There were a handful of police abusing the law because of the simple condition of the weather which was called a hurricane. 

There are hundreds of examples of why my sue cop fund needs to be implemented into society and the main reason is humanity for this generation and the generation to come.

  To put it simply if you are not going to be a real police officer do not join the force because the Taxi BABBLERMOUTH is in town… 

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The sue cop money will be distributed once the potential case has been reviewed by the officers of TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC. 

 Once approved for distribution a lawyer will be selected for the case and paid his retainer fee up front if the lawyer accepts the case. 

If (TBA) wins the case profits will be spilt  (50/50) 1/2 going to the person who is suing the cops and the other 1/2 goes right back into the fund for the next case. 

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The sue cop fund is presently using the funds to sue American Cops in the United States and is not presently suing cops outside the United States borders now and not in the foreseeable future.

 Reason being I was not born in other countries and this is an American issue and people in America need to sue their own police and get their act together before they pursue suing police outside their own borders.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Important please note: 

This sue cop fund section of my business is separate from the online stores and the live video sales and is a non profit campaign since the profit of the sue cop fund goes right back in the fund for the next case.


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