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If a cop told a white lie, or any kind of lie, about you that is now or going to affect your record as a decent American Citizen, or else simply a human being who has been falsely accused by a police department, who once told miles and miles of lies about you, and you need to voice your innocence…

Send me a video off your cell phone or some other method to digitally get the video to me at: [email protected], and I will eventually post the video along with your story as a permanent video and page of

Once you email me the video at: [email protected], be sure to mention the date, time, city, state and all other important information and details so that important vital information can officially be documented on my web site.

If the “Sue Cop Fund” – Funds do arrive in the time frame to assist you, and you accept the assistance of the stand alone subsidiarie, originating from original Jesus loving humans on planet earth, and from the God fearing - United States of America founding fathers permanent pure Holy without evil, unchangeable claim in the creation of the United States constitution, which will constantly and aggressively always be a legal entity of Taxi Babblermouth & Accessories, Inc. called the “Sue Cop Fund”, a lawyer will be paid in full, or on retainer to sort out the details of your valid truthful, non lying case.

Remember do not waste anybody's time with a lie. Everything you present has to be the absolute truth!

No B.S!

If the lawyer finds merit in your testimony, the Sue Cop Fund will proceed to follow the attorney’s instructions.

Mean while your voice as a pure innocent hard working citizen will be heard on this website for at least the next 100 years into the future.

This site is from now on going to be bought in chunks of 100 years at a time or longer when it continues to buy its domain presence on the internet.

Put it this way, as long as there is an internet, your video of what this cop did to you and the repercussions that affects your children, grandchildren and reputation on planet earth will continue to be heard by millions of new creations of God on planet earth for century’s into the future!

I know there are other’s out in the United States of America who have had their life hijacked by a cop who told an absolute lie about a innocent hard working American.

So, do not hesitate because I’m a real person, with a real cause, and I think us victim’s of this police totalitarian government need to unite as the founders of the United States wanted us to do, in the original founding of the United States to prevent this kind of ruthless animalistic rule to blanket America and make it a place where Satan rest’s his hat.

This country is a place for Jesus to get his feet washed and relax.

If you're a cop or multiple lying cops reading this don't take it personal and do your job without lying about the person you are arresting and you will have nothing to worry about...

United States Coast Guard Defender of the United States!  We the Christian People of the World!

 Simply tell the truth!







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