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Total B.S. has finally arrived in this Country!


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 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Today's date: October 3, 1999.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Seventy third ticket!

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Date of ticket: October 2, 1999.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Me, Myself and I a Mexican American trying to make a buck to stay afloat in this sewer water Satan smelling poo hole American faggot-tized society!

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) I was halted to a dead stop while performing my duties as a TAXI DRIVER! 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Halted by a salt and pepper team of two pieces of sewer smelling cops from pooville riding a motorcycle and wearing a police badge.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I'm going to cut the wasted words and tell you what exactly happened... 

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) I was coming out of the STARDUST HOTEL on the strip and the light was green I'm headed towards the SAHARA HOTEL because the radio said the SAHARA was WIDE & WAITING, which simply means people are in line.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) As I'm coming out of the hotel to make a left on the strip, a tourist steps into the cross walk even though I have the green light and the sign say's clearly DO N0T WALK! 

 I honk!  

My horn at the tourist he looks at me as I'm just another MEXICAN with a taxi and keeps walking. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)   So, I swerve the Taxi to avoid hitting the white caucaian tourist!  Then I continue on my way to the SAHARA HOTEL. 

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) All a sudden I hear two sirens behind me It was the salt and pepper police team from the


 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) The white police piece of dog poo cop walks to the passenger door pulls on the handle but can't open the door because it's locked.

 So, I unlock the door. 

He puts his right arm 3 ft. from his body and rests it on the door gets in his big shot stance and say's YOU WERE WAY OUT OF LINE!

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) I explained to him that the light was green, he agreed with me the light was green.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) The white police piece of vanilla dog poo decent with black hooker breath then directs the black police poor excuse for an officer which might of been his butt buddy and also looked like a piece of sewer smelling trash monster to write the ticket.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) The black police piece of crap writes the ticket.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Then hands me the ticket, I then thank him for content on my web site!

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) He wrote me a ticket for ERRATIC driving.  That will be $95.00 sign here. 

Chuck Ching!


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 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) I'm all for a total revolt, REVOLUTION! 

 This country's government needs to be torn down and rebuilt!

 Just like the entire casino industry within Las Vegas.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) They tear down the Casino's then rebuild them but build them larger and more advanced than the previous casino. 

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) We need to do the same thing with our government its getting old and needs rebuilding.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) The only way to take control of our government is with every state and city acting simultaneously in the revolt!

Which means if the REVOLUTION starts at 8:00 am in the morning  on the 1st day of January the year 2000 nobody should show up late for work like 8:o1 am.

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) For this REVOLUTION suff to work total communication and commitment needs to be started for the day the people once again take control of their government. 

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) The United States government is a wild dog out of control and it will bite anyone anywhere.

The American government as it now stands needs a overhaul with new laws and people who don't get their knob sucked in the oval office of the White House and believe Adam and Steve getting married should be illegal not legal!

 WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) We need real people in our government not Faggots who don't have enough balls to take control of their own bedmates actions. 

In other words for example!

If you have a wife and your the president of the United States stick it in your old lady like a man. 

Don't get a blowjob under your desk like a Faggot!

But, I honestly forgive you Clinton considering your circumstances at least it was a female under you desk and you didn't approve or promote fag's in the military!

And you did not stick in from what I heard you only got a blow job!

Which border line in not pissing of God the creator.

He only want's you to stick into you wife.

And you were not a bad president!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)  Then go make laws to govern how other men take care of their wives and children.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)  I said it once and I'll say again!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)  Government Mind Your Own  Business!

When it comes to a man's Paycheck and Children!


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