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BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Today's date: September 29, 1999.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Seventy second ticket!

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) This ticket is very unusual the reason I said it was unusual is because it happened while I was in my private vehicle.  It's probably the 3rd or 4th ticket out of the 72 tickets I've received courtesy of the Las Vegas police department while driving my private vehicle usually they stop me in a commercial vehicle..

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) This leads to another problem this time the cop was doing his job. 

The cop was a black cop on the highway patrol it was 3:00 am on the day 9/24/99.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) I have a 425 horse power engine under the hood of my private vehicle, I was headed home for a deep sleep after a long day of driving the highway was empty just me a 425 horse power engine and one black cop.  Actually he was 1/2 white and 1/2 black from what I could tell who knows..

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) But regardless of the race of the police officer the mixed up cop  treated me just like any other racist cop!

I find that black cops have a tendency to enjoy doing there job when writing a ticket, from what I can tell  the pure white cop is the one lying and breaking the rules on a traffic stop and simultaneously beating his fists on the hood of my car...

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The problem here is I got a ticket for speeding on an open highway that I'm very familiar with.  

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC.   Has decided to speak out against the Government...

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) FIRST:

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) All tickets should be written strictly for D.W.I. (Drinking-While-Intoxicated) +  Any type of accident with physical contact. The reason is currently that's what us taxi drivers are getting points and jail time for.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) America is being fleeced of its money and freedom with moving violations.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The people of America are grown up and have common sense so we can stop at red lights without the help of the police.

And if we do not have an accident and have not had any liquor or drugs in oue body, our money and freedom should stay in our pockets.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) I've heard of individuals in Las Vegas of getting a $1,000.00 dollar ticket for throwing a hamburger on the ground.

 A police officer should scold and cuss at an individual for doing that not steal an enormous amount of his money,then take time from his job to go to court. Etc.


BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The government should not have the right to govern our children & money. 

We are adults and can manage our own family without the government.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The government should not garnish a man's wages for child support!

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The government should not give a man jail time for not paying child support!

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes)   The government should not garnish a man's income tax return for child support!

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The government should not suspend a man's driver's license for not paying child support!

 BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The government should not make a man go to the police station to pick up his children for visiting day then return the children to the police station when visiting day or hours are finished.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) The government should mind it's own! BUSINESS when it comes to a man's paycheck and children!


BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) OPTION:   1

 BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Support my sue cop fund by doing business any way possible with TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC.  In other words buy something off my Internet store which I've currently started as of  today! 

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Donate to my sue cop son if we sue municipalities, cities will start to realize police are costing the city to much money!

Then they will cut back to the point where there is  only qualified  sensible police officers left on the force.  

We are entering the year 2000, computers are the future and we now have the technology to solve our own problems.  

New cars are equipped to handle high speeds and still have control over the vehicle. 

Police can be replaced with robots in different forms of law enforcement right down to handcuffing a suspect.

It's simple the robot sprays some knock out spray to the individual then handcuffs or else use sonic mind control frequency to knockout individual suspect. 

Then handcuff them with robots and satellites all this can be done without the human B.S cop.  Only human laws to live by.

It's time to have a technological revolution and get rid of our former dictatorship of a primitive backroom cigar smelling ruler we now have.

We have to get on with technology the government has so far succeeded in holding us back at least 50 years  in technological advances.

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) We are now a mature society the two- bit cop is no longer needed.  

What we need now is money to buy software & hardware.   Currently the 2 cent police officer has the power to destroy a man's financial, physical, and mental stability in 20 minutes.  That's too much power for the police and to much government for society.

The idea our current government has is to knock out the competition for the dollar before the competition for the dollar gets started and that's by attacking a mans family...

This primitive type of government has to be put on display in a museum someplace and its currently out of date and obsolete.

The USA Government which is currently making laws to attack a mans family will surely slow down if not totally destroy the competition who is the straight family man of America and possibly the world before the competition for his determination for the dollar gets started.

Us real people also need freedom to drive to the grocery store and live life without police harassment by some robot sewer smelling cops who are controlled by script on a fag computer program to target straight males who have children and a wife who love's life the Jesus way!

A real man likes to fight with competition that is as sharp as a sword  or competition that is educated in fighting.

Combat can be fun when you have a enemy that is as skilled in fighting as you are.

It can be a very powerful professional fight,the winners are the participants who enjoyed the  rush of a professional fight.

Also society benefits from this type of positive fighting by having only the best fit ruling the society.

The quality of life will only go up with this type of freedom to sharpen your knife without receiving a knife sharpening ticket from the local police.

The type of government we now have is not a man but a big fat Fag coward!

This big Fat coward of a ruler has only faggots running the US government because real men will not knowingly put themselves under a fat, dick sucking faggot, whos's  ruler probably gets it up the wing Wang everyday..

This is based on a attack strategy's that a man will live around 100 years and has about 30 years of reproduction time to raise college educated children.

College educated children are dangerous to the new Fag government that's why they pay school teachers such a low wage and now the school Fag teachers are molesting the children in elementary school to the point you have home school your kids!

They will teach the children what they want them to know not what they need to know.

Paying school teachers a low wage will only insure that the competition stays completely down,

A real man will not purchase land in this type of government.

A real man will purchase land in some other country or participate in a revolution.

My question to America is do you really want to raise your family in this type of poo hole environment or else change it to a man marries a women instead of being a fag that is now accepted as the norm in the country of the United States of America?

America is run by greedy Jew dictators who own and operate almost all of the banks in America and they hire dictatorship type cops that picks and chooses which young girl walking the street of  America they wants to have sex with on their shift only if the cop doesn't work in California and sucks off his partner on the side of he road in their exclusive cop car on the I-5 near San Francisco ,Califorinia USA!

This behavior is called a police state, society, country or else maybe even the world through democratic Jewish Fag influential American money penetrating the United Nations located in New York of the United States that house 6.5 million Jews out of a total of 13 million Jews that live in the world.

Who are easily insulted by the word Jesus and would attempt to kill a man or a country from within it's borders by converting all the male dicks that produce children and life into Fags for using that word Jesus!

Once this type of regime gets in control of a country or else multiple country's to do things like have the Jew dictator target a girl out of a family then has the faggots bring the girl to his chicken boned infested throne. 

You know the big fat red velvet chair with gold trimmings.

Kind of looks like a Chinese Buda but is actually the spirit of Satan.


BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) Physical  revolution verses financial revolution.  Each city in the United States of America will form a TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC.  Alliance. 

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) For a population of every 1000 people in a city, 100 people will form an armed group of people with whatever weapons they have available.  Each month in every city this group of people will physically shoot real bullets, missile's etc. at real police officers and federal agency's and refill the buildings with the people of Jesus!

The change evolves within the man who has the Holy Spirit living inside of a man who can and will defeat the spirit of Satan that is now in the process of killing every straight human on planet earth!

It's time for the infested infection to stop growing!

Like yesterday! 

Until the traffic and child support laws are changed and all Fags are out of Government!

BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) One person in every group will be in charge of distributing BODY BAGS as a courtesy to our enemy and for our own casualties.  


BULLET RED.GIF (1200 bytes) There will also be a message printed on the outside of the bag. 



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