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WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Today's date: November 18, 1999 12:44 A.M. Pacific Standard Time.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Date of Ticket: November 17, 1999 10:22 P.M.(PST).


WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I'm going to try to get to the Meat and Potatoes of this ticket as soon as possible so put on your seat belt and hang on to the end of this page and be sure to read every word on this page and digest it for what it is.  The Truth..!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The Truth sometimes hurts.  But my duty as a sane individual on the face of this earth gives me the right and duty to share this information that I came across tonight on my 12 hr. taxi shift in Las Vegas, Nevada.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The information I'm going to share with you is the truth as I know it.   It affects every person around the world because someday the persecution I'm now receiving   could be adopted in other states and Countries.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)This week has been a hectic week.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The Bank I'm dealing with Wells Fargo Worked out a deal with me where I could start my E-commerce business on this site all a sudden after the paper work was signed and everything was put in place I get a recorded message on my answering machine that the service the bank was providing is now no longer in existence for my business which means I might have to go offshore to set up my banking system.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The conclusion I came up with was someone in a very high authority position was severely messing with me!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)But why me I'm just a peon taxi driver.  Someone up there does not want me to start my E-commerce business (maybe its a Jewish banker) or someone else. 

 It's called pressure from the higher echelon.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Well Today after 78 tickets I finally figured it out.  From this point on be sure to read everything to the bottom of the page.  If you do other wise you might miss the meat and potatoes and you don't want to do that.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The time was right around 10:12 P.M. I was at the Bellagio with the Taxi. 

The doorman there Chris calls me by name.  He said Gabriel this gentleman wants to go to the Spotlight Lounge.  Chris asked me?  If I knew where it was, I said no but I'll find it.  

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The passenger read me the address it was 953 East Sahara .  That's the Commercial Center.   The passenger talked like a Faggot so I asked him if the place he was going to was a Faggot Bar he said yep! 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Nine minutes later and 2 seconds, I dropped him off at the Faggot bar as I was dropping him off another Faggot walked out of the bar got in his car and was directly behind me at the stop light.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Myself being the Mexican American that I am,  I don't like Faggots any were behind me not even in another car behind me especially next to a Faggot bar...

This red light was taking for ever It sometimes gets stuck.

I'm very familiar with exiting the Commercial Center. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The pressure was building. 

 It's Comdex the largest convention of the year.     

Sitting at this  light is wasting time.  There's no car's in either direction West or East.

The light is stuck and I have a faggot in the car behind me and the taxi is sitting 15 yards from the Faggot bar.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The pressure is to much I discreetly bypass the red light and continue my job.  All a sudden a motorcycle cop comes from out the back of the garbage dumpster. (No joke garbage dumpster)!

The cop stops me!  

Right then and there I knew this was a setup! 

The Cop who stopped me has a deep accent, to me he sounds Russian but he informed me that he was not Russian but Hungarian. 

He was working together with the Faggot so I immediately assumed he must also be a Faggot.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)The cop stopped me once before on Industrial Road about a 11 months ago  I recognized his accent, his accent made me feel like I was living in a foreign Country.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)So I traced back my steps to try to figure out who was using so much effort and sophistication to set me up and harass me!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I picked up the faggot at the Bellagio which is Steve Wynn's property. 

Then I'm trying to figure out why Steve Wynn would allow this kind of B.S to go on, this is the second time the doorman and faggot scenario has happened that's why I caught on so quickly; same location same doorman.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I put all the pieces together the   Bank, Tickets, Police harassment,  BINGO!! I figured it out...  It's like a puzzle.  

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I was born in Las Vegas remember that!  About 3-4 years ago roughly I don't exactly remember I was working North Las Vegas with (NLV) Taxi another branch of the Frias Corporation.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)A radio call came over the radio . 

 It was a call right around the Elementary School I used to go to. 

 I attended kindergarten through 6th grade their and graduated with good grades and collected a ton of certificates to hang on my wall then we moved out of the North Las Vegas neighborhood because of the growing deterioration of that particular neighborhood in North Las Vegas etc...

The name of the School is Lois Craig Elementary School,  Mr. Howard and Mrs. Arrowsmith were my favorite teachers.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I took the radio call simply to check out the old neighborhood not only that I recognized the street name because I used to deliver newspapers to all the houses in that area at the age of 12...

That was my after school job everyday for 2 years including weekends so my childhood consisted of work and responsibility..

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I pulled up in the driveway of the house that needed a taxi, a black guy got in the taxi he was headed to the Mirage he was going to work. 

So, I asked what kind of work he does and he said he was a cocktail waitress,  I replied with I didn't know there were male cocktail waitresses. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)He said yup!

The Mirage has them, somewhere in the conversation he admitted he was a Faggot.  Then we started talking.

I asked, what is it like working for Steve Wynn? 

He told me Steve Wynn yells a lot at his employee's and then we got back to the subject of male cocktail waitresses. 

He went on to say his friend which is (A Male Black man) is a cocktail waitress and on occasion "goes to Steve Wynn's Suite and has Sex with Steve Wynn" who I believe is a Jew...

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I took this information with a grain of salt, I told a few people since then about this new information. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)But since then, this police stuff and street attacks where I had to use some of my serious Kung Fu skills simply to fight off 5 thru 10 trained martial art fighters trying to kill me at the same time on the streets of Las Vegas, Nevada  from unknown individuals and this has escalated to an unbelievable level and I actually enjoyed the chance to use my martial arts yellow sash skills in a master system package to it's peak level with that many people trying to kill me at the same time it was a rush that I thoroughly enjoyed!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)With all the pressure from the Banks, Police, Child Support, People and Slander of my name I finally detected the source of this harassment.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I use the word Faggot freely simply because there's nothing wrong with that name that's what they are. 

If Steve Wynn is a Faggot that explains the increase regarding  the Faggot population in Las Vegas.

That explains why the Faggots literally think they own this town and everything in it now they want the world.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)They even think they own my children and have the right to raise them in a Faggot environment and make me pay the bill or go to jail.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I give my opinion about the Jewish religion on this Web Site and Steve Wynn is Jewish as far as I know I may be wrong about Wynn being a Jew but that's the information that is floating around Vegas.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Not only that I know this undisclosed secret about Steve Wynn from his employee.

I'm now beginning to believe what the Black Passenger told me 3 or 4 years prior to the date of this write up!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)This person or entity is trying to put so much pressure on me in hopes that I'll snap and physically use my gun or maybe my fingers to remove the police officers eyeballs or else my faith in the trinity of the living God, Holy Spirit and Jesus to apply Godly justice to these fags in American police uniforms.

As an ex-military person I can predict a lot of military careers will be destroyed due to friendly fire killings of Fag troops!

 Thanks to Obama our military will destroy itself from the inside out because a true American fighting man will kill the fag next to him before he kills a rag head or any other enemy of the United States.

May I add,  It should  (not be legal); illegal for a police officer to be a faggot.  They should prefer only woman as domestic sex mates and spouses and carry on the traditional role of citizenship in order to govern normal people like me who belives marriage is between a male and female

My opinion holds weight around a normal non perverted sane society.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Life is short and should not be lived in this unnatural way a man should have freedom to raise and see his own children without a faggot government interfering in a mans destiny and offspring.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)You can take this page with a grain of salt like I did 3  to 4  years ago or you can seriously asked yourself. 

The man who is literally running Las Vegas Nevada and possibly the country or world inside the United Nations of the world with Jewish Faggot money;  Steve Wynn  could he actually be a faggot?

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I remind the World once again I have only one Boss...!  

That's the Son of God Jesus Christ and almost all  of the time I'm so human I don't even do what is right in his eyes but I know he is here today watching, analyzing, testing the sprit and faith of myself and all men to make them believe in his true historic miracles that he performed when he spent time as a human man on earth!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Will the Son of God grant me the gift of eternal life?

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Will the Son of God grant you the gift of eternal life?

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)I'm a Sinner and I bluntly admit it.  Can you do that?

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)If you can do that and I can do that we both might have a shot at this eternal life stuff.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)Wake up world smell the coffee..!!!!! 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes)This Jesus Stuff is for real.


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