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Seventy Ninth Ticket!


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Seventy Ninth Ticket!


WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Date of this ticket is : January 8, 2000

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Today's date this is being written:  January 17, 2000

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) Time is running short , what I mean is I usually don't make much time for tickets with out much meaning.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) This ticket is a routine B.S. ticket that never should have been handed out to either party, unless the lying cop who is a racist against Mexican's  breathing in a police uniform and who is involved in a insurance scam which could be  going on under this Las Vegas cops secret police espionage affiliate program against Mexicans maybe someone has a grudge against myself the "Great Mexican"!

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) I'll cut the story short. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) There was a  huge convention in Las Vegas with over 100,000 people called the Consumer Electronic Show!

Attached to this  convention was a Porno Section, which in no way is related to the (CES) show and the Porno convention was being held at the Sands Convention Center. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) I picked up there because it was my job!

A perverted freak got in my taxi and wanted to go to the Frontier Hotel and Casino to choke his chicken which is across the street from the Sands Expo Center, maybe a 1/2 mile. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) So, I cut thru the Desert Inn Hotel and Casino  and headed across the street to the Frontier Hotel and Casino,  I crossed Las Vegas Blvd.  proceeded to head west from the Desert Inn Hotel to the Frontier Hotel.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) As I was crossing the street the traffic was at a stand-still. 

Another car was crossing the street the same time I was so all signs showed no danger and the coast was clear, this car crossing the street parallel with me on the left side and was nothing more than a decoy.

The car in front of me was at least 5 feet ahead of me which leads me to believe these folks were insurance scammers or else they simply targeted me for some unknown police espionage reason.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) A car tapped my right fender on the right side of the taxi it was minor damage to the taxi and no damage to the vehicle that tapped me . 

In my opinion no one should have gotten a ticket since I was driving a company car I had to report it as an accident, my time was severaly wasted!

And not only that the cop that dreamed about giving me the "Great Mexican" the ticket the night before in his dreams all a sudden woke up from his dream then he consciously participated with other concerned citizens agaisnt the developement and forward progress of Mexican Americans in the United States or else simply they are trying to cover up a neighborhood in Henderson,Nevada that does not want word to get out that the whole police department in Henderson, Nevada lied about this Mexican kicking a cop named Bostick in the balls and they are afraid the word and proof of their actions will be exposed on a world wide audience like the internet in every language in the world!

So this trashy police Klan member proceeded in setting up this whole accident and the klan group finally gave me the ticket they as a group desperately wanted to give me for being a Mexican American and actually having the balls to breath and live on the same asphalt as this elite group of trash cops live on...

Who occupy Las Vegas, Nevada and I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. uses  the same ground these peanut brain, beer drinking thugs in police uniforms walks on and the same air these multiple cops numbering around 20 or more breathes and they believe they are some kind of God that has the right to take away my God given right and ability to live on the same planet they live on!

It was simply a low life, down to earth cop set up involving other racist citizens against Mexican looking people living on the same planet they live on...

And this kind of set up activity go's on and on as long as their are white cops working with white citizens to try to destroy the lively hood of that Mexican and the transportation that transports him to the store and back to feed his hungry children at home.

You see these white Caucasian's street scum have been doing this for century's .

First these prehistoric racist cops in cowboy hats and boots that were originally designed by a Mexican boot designer deep within the country of Mexico killed the native Indians buffalo!

By using the railroad train system to shoot thousands of buffalo with their rifle's pointed out the windows of high speed moving trains simply to provide hurt to the Indians and possible starvation activity's so the poor innocent Indians would starve!

And today in the modern day of the moving vehicle in the United States of America they want to do the same thing to the Mexican American for some odd reason...

As 1 of my $10,000.00 rip off lawyers once said "loose lips sink ships" and these cops over the years have accidently sunk their ship too many time's around me and I'm on to what they are secretly doing to me which is trying to discredit my existence on planet earth and to physically extinguish all life out of my body and bank account for some selfish retarded reason!

I can only say it's a American tradition. 

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) This also makes me believe the cop is associated with the insurance scammers or else is simply a bald headed trailer sewage, dog crap, pathetic excuse for flesh, who decided to move into Las Vegas.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) The ticket amounts to $190.00  etc.

WBB01SLR.GIF (3037 bytes) The ticket is shown below.






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