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JULY 29, 1999

This ticket takes the cake!

It's a dooZey! 

After 67 tickets, I never experienced such chaotic B.S.!

Instead of suing for thousands of dollars, I'm now suing for billions of dollars using other peoples harasment cases!

And as the Almighty God serves as my Navigator, I shall achieve my goal!

Have faith of a mustard seed and you can move a mountain.

My faith is very high, and my disgust and anger is at the highest level it's ever been.

I must say this last traffic stop number 68 has sincerely, royally pissed me off!

There's no stopping me now the time has come to fight for our human and civil rights!

No More! 

Police harassment!

No More!

Hand cuffing decent citizens for 20 minutes to write a 4-minute ticket for doing 10 miles over the speed limit!

Now, that I ventilated some anger let me tell you exactly what happened!

I was driving down the road to Rite Aid, the drug store to buy a health bar and drink for my quick lunch. 

The reason I went there is because I had 3 hours left to my 12-hour shift and I had not eaten lunch yet, so this health and nutrition bar would get me by till I had time for food.

Before I pulled into the parking lot of Rite Aid. 

I heard a radio call in the area that no one wanted to take.  So, being the dedicated taxi driver I took the call but first, I would run into the store and get my lunch!

Real fast!

And eat it on the  way...

The old woman at the cash register took longer than I expected, and I knew the radio call was a regular customer who always tipped very well.

In order for this customer not to wait much longer I stepped on it!

As soon as I left the drug store I headed towards Desert Inn & Eastern; the call was located at the doughnut shop!

I should of known where ever there's doughnuts there's cops!

I headed south on Eastern took a sharp right into the doughnut shop and picked up my customer, then headed west on Desert Inn.

As I was driving down the road and filling out my trip sheet and eating my lunch at the same time I mentioned to the good tipping customer who was sitting in the passenger seat next to me that a cop car-carrying doughnut eating cops was behind us and would probably stop us simply to harass me since we were on a dark street.

Guess What?

I was right!

Those pig-smelling cops turned on their lights and pulled me over...

I was trying to swallow my lunch with out laughing as this 4-foot woman cop sneaks up to my door with her hand on her gun.

I kind of stuck my head out the window and said your not going to shoot us are you?

As soon as I spoke those few words. She commanded both myself plus the passenger to put our hands on the dash.

Tell your customer to put the hands on the dash now!

The female midget cop yelled!  


I must say there went my lunch bar wrapper and all, clear across the dash of the Taxi!

It all happened so fast I didn’t even get a chance to notice what size breast she was carrying on her chest more-less taste the last piece of my lunch bar go down my throat

I really think this female vagina stuck in a cop uniform did not want me to eat that nutrition bar and I was hungry it had been a very busy night for at least six hours before that nutrition bar got in my hands or any kind of food.

I believe the cops do not want me to eat, that way I can’t sue them for every dime they currently make or every dime the will make in the future because I would simply starve to death.

That's got to be their plan...

Normally I check out the lady cops to see if any of my tax dollars are going towards nutrition to beef up the breasts on our young lady cops.

But the only size I was noticing was the barrel size of her handgun.

This cop has been watching to many Wonder Women cartoons on television.

The female Cop asked for my registration and ID  I gave her the registration and tried to pull the ID out of my back pocket without getting shot by a female.

The mother of my children already stabbed me in the arm with a knife, the last thing I wanted was to get shot by another female dog!

Next, she mentioned the fact that I was going to fast on Eastern. 

Then I explained to her that I was running kind of late to pick up this good tipping customer that is sitting next to me in my passenger seat.

She then replied with...

You didn’t just pick up this customer.

I communicated the fact that I certainly did do just that!

She asked the customer if this was true then she proceeded to look at my trip sheet!

I picked up the customer so fast that she didn't even see the stop take place or else she was to busy combing her hair to notice anything.

Now her partner thinks I'm giving her a hard time because I was telling the truth.

He's a normal looking butt hole cop.

He verbally instructed me to get out of the car.

After that command he spits out the illusionary words of come to my office which was the push bumper of the cop car.

The female officer tells me to keep my thumb out of my front pocket and stand straight up.

Then she asks me if I've been drinking.

I tell her no!

I don't drink or take drugs and that I go to the gym once a week.

Next she asks me If I've ever been arrested.

I asked her, you mean driving a taxi?

She immediately replies with her hand on her hip yeah!

So, I say no. 

The vagina in uniform next asks my for my social security number 3 times.

Then she starts writing the ticket.

The run on my social security number is complete. 

She then asks me to turn my body around and spread my legs.

The next command was for my palms to do an about face towards the ground.

 I proceeded by cooperating with her commands.

I next asked the female vagina in uniform if I was currently under arrest?

 She replies with no, this is simply for my protection. 

If she wanted to mess with me that bad as all she had to do was ask me for a date.

After I dropped off this customer, I would have performed my godly manly duties for her uptight vagina!

She said she would feel better if I was handcuffed.  

So, I stood there in front of the cop car hand cuffed for about twenty minutes then I finally asked her.  

Officer is there any other charges against me? 

She replied with a nope.

But I did run your police record and it said you had a domestic violence charge on your record.

The report claims you committed a P.O., which means assault and battery on an officer.

I explained the fact that 6 years ago the mother of my children who I now refer to as my ex wife called the cops on me while she was simultaneously getting her ass rubbed by the neighbor down the street while using his house phone who must of been her co worker at the hospital she worked at on the night shift that I never knew about until years later...

This all happened while I was at home sleeping and babysitting my kids and I was not allowed to bang my wife's hole on the job at the hospital she worked at near the emergency room!

And for 7 long years I used to bang that hole every night and that hole got used to getting banged then all sudden she started working the night shift and this other guy who worked with her some how took my place and banged her hole!

At that time my wife and this 1st guy she did this with had no respect for themselves more less Jesus!

Once I got to the bottom of what happened it deeply hurt!

Just like the nails going thru Jesus's palms the son of the almighty God who was betrayed by his own Jewish family and fellow citizen's.

It plain simply hurt!

And still does in the year 2012!

And together the spirit of Satan filled their bodies of my ex wife and this 1st guy she was with before she had sex with the whole Henderson police department and they both simultaneously committed a great sin against God and Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. and I'm now paying the price for that sin by looking at the female tits sticking out of your female police uniform!

Then this cop Bostick showed up with his partner at my home in the year 1993 who probably also banged my ex  wife on the night shift at the hospital near the emergency room without my knowledge along with his partner  while I was sleeping at night babysitting the kids and police officer Bostick lied by saying I kicked him in the balls which I never did it was simply a downright low life white lie from the spirit of Satan that filled his body along with his partners body!

Then the whole Henderson, Nevada police department laughed in my face when I let them know that Bostick and his partner were lying about me kicking Bostick in the balls and all their bodies were filled with the spirit of Satan and today their bodies are probably still filled with the same evil, demonized spirit that hell provides for all the residents who have a physical addess in Hell!

The whole Henderson Police department was in addition also probably taking turns banging my ex wife's hole at the hospital on the night shift while I was at home sleeping and babysitting the kids!

Truthfully I know why the Henderson, Nevada police department located 100 miles North of Kingman, Arizona off the I-40 in the United States of America could not help themselves is because...

You see that particular wife that I had at that time was very addicting...

She had the tightest small little hole on a woman that I ever experienced any where on planet earth and I'm sure once that guy at the hospital  got a feel for that tight little hole, the news spread like a wildfire and everyone in Henderson, Nevada wanted to try out that little hole including the women population because she also does that!


At that time she was my little secret!

Which was unique and original and probably still is till this day!

All sudden she had the Henderson police department guarding that tiny little hole 24 hours a day which used to be my wife but is now my ex wife and that's how these low life dead beat cops showed up at my door!

They were protecting my wife from letting my male organ enter her female organ!

(Click here to read about that story!)

The woman vagina in a uniform then commented the fact that she asked me If I've ever been arrested before and  I said no!

I then explained to her that, I interpreted her question wrong?

I thought the question was, if I've ever been arrested while driving a taxi.

Now that she understood that I was not lying to her, she walked to her partner and tore up the ticket that she had been writing for 20 minutes!

Her partner walked towards me and slammed his clipboard on the hood of his car and said listen! I'm going to give you a warning ticket for 10 miles over the speed limit!  

The female cop un-cuffed me.

I signed the B.S. ticket then proceeded to deliver my customer to his destination!

I was stopped at 9:10 p.m. and was released at 9:45 p.m.










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