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As of July 2001 (" 97 ") Tickets to date, still rolling.


August 6, 1999.

4:55 P.M.

Ticket # 69.

This is the scoop,

I hopped out of bed picked up my assigned taxi for the day. 

Destination headed straight for the airport because the day was Friday and all you friendly tourist visit on Friday.

My first ride was a New York Police Surgeon which means he's the cop police Doctor! 

Any way, his wife was cranky because the flight was to long she said...

In the time it took to fly to Vegas we've could of flown to Europe and back!

The New York Police Surgeon said, "take us to the Venetian Hotel".

So, I headed out the airport slowed down coming out of the airport because I know there's usually 2 to 4 cops on motorcycles giving tickets on the exit of the airport.

I must say I'm proud of the fact I haven't gotten a ticket coming out of the airport in years. 

The reason being I know where the cops hang out, they really need to change there location every now and then around the airport.

I finally get close to the Venetian by taking a back road I end up on Koval lane, which is currently under construction, I'm 1 of the first vehicles in line to turn left onto the Venetian property.

The light turns green I make a left turn onto the Venetian property...

The New York Police Surgeons wife, breaks a smile and say's you must be from New York! 

Now the Police Surgeon and his wife are both smiling laughing ready to start their vacation...

Then all sudden this big tall fat ass motorcycle cop with boots and no motorcycle steps out from the back of a Semi Trailer and directs me to pull over to the side of the alley.

The Police Surgeons Wife is now outraged! 

A real you know what!

She directs her husband to pull out his badge and tell this Fat Ass Cop to leave the taxi driver alone!

he Police Surgeon tells his wife I would, but he's wearing baggy pants, which means he's tough and in New York those guy's, give there own mother's tickets.

Then I started laughing because...

Two years ago I picked up a mother of a cop who did get a ticket from her sons best friend!

As matter of fact her sons best friend was recently visiting her house for hamburgers the night before she got the ticket which tells me he must of been a newly converted fag cop who rebels on their own parents as prophesied the bible.

It was supposed to be a joke!

But, the mother who got the ticket from the fag cop still had to pay the ticket!

The reason I was getting a ticket is because...

The Sands Expo which is part of the Venetian Hotel was loading expensive merchandise from the convention that recently ended. 

The cops had someone behind every video security monitor at the intersection were I turned there was a camera at the top of the light were I made the left turn on the green light, which in my book is legal.

One of the cops behind the monitor saw me make the left turn, then he radioed his fat ass baggy pant butt buddy and told him to stop me.

I was listening to fat ass's radio as he was being instructed on how to write the ticket from the cop behind the monitor... 

It was similar to the late night show on television starring David Letterman and the fat ass cop who pissed off the vacationing New York police surgeon and his cranky wife.





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