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Sixty Seventh Ticket!

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JULY 4, 1999


The Bellagio has a hundred people in line!

No taxi's in sight only myself with the Union Taxi... 

I picked up a couple from Texas the male figure was carrying a wad of hundred dollar bills packed tightly in his pocket.

The woman looked like she just jumped out of a playboy magazine.

We headed out of the Bellagio, there's no back road to the Bellagio and everyone decides to leave at the same time, in other words traffic was backed to the parking garage!

The lights continued turning green but traffic was not moving because the exit was clogged up with cars.

I mentioned to my passengers that this place should have built a back road to it,the owners of the hotel could have extended industrial road by tunneling under Flamingo road and then tunnel under Tropicana Ave.    That way there would be a road running parallel on both sides of the strip, Koval and Industrial.

Koval lane has been under construction for the last 5 years at the time of this writing Koval has been tore up for about 3 miles.

The situation reduced traffic to 1 lane.

Somebody needs to light a match under the asses of our road construction people!

There were also no cops in sight to help move the traffic steadily.

"So I thought!"

As I was leaving the Bellagio I made a right turn on the red light 2 bicycle cops left the corner sidewalk where they were hiding like dogs digging into a trash can.

They had toy sirens on their bicycle handlebars and told me to pull over.

Instead of directing traffic they were collecting money off local taxi drivers like my self, they were flat out thieving money off the Taxi drivers!


They were sincerely harassing with the Mexican American taxi driver.

That's me!

The cop wrote me a ticket and talked Texan hillbilly slang to my passenger.

At the same time he was trying to get a glimpse of a nipple from the woman who looked like a playboy bunny or in my vocabulary a very high 10.

The rich Texan man graciously took the picture of the cop and myself interacting with a signature attached to the ticket!

The cop was so intoxicated with the natural beauty of the woman that the old Tex could snap pictures all night long and it wouldn't bother the Hillbilly cop one bit!

The reason I say, the cop was a Hillbilly, is because, if you have a toy siren on your bicycle handlebars...

You must know you’re a redneck!






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