A Profession That Does Not Receive The Respect It Deserves




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A Profession That Does Not Receive The Respect It Deserves.


Introduction:  In the following pages I’m going to try to explain why the needs of the professional driver world wide need to be examined more closely by the remaining population of the world who does not drive professionally for a living…


A professional driver affects everyone’s lives, business travelers need to use taxies when they exit the airport in an unfamiliar city after a long red eye flight, most of the time such a traveler is simultaneously late for a business meeting which contributes to making our world economy turn. 


The drama of money exchanging hands, documents being signed and currency being deposited into the payroll bank accounts of dedicated hardworking individuals fighting the war on the potential effect of overnight overwhelming poverty.


Without taxies the common everyday tourist flying into an unknown country where everyone speaks a foreign language will be forced to fend and scavenge for them selves when it comes to finding transportation to their hotel or else their major destination they intended to conquer that particular day.


The appearance and arrival of the worlds professional taxi drivers, ready and willing to assist such adventure seeking tourist on demand is what keeps our hotel and restaurant businesses afloat. 


The taxi driver’s job is usually the same, regardless of which country you are in, without taxies and the drivers of the metal human transport vehicles...


Populations would tremendously suffer!


The most effected part of the population on planet earth would be the everyday working person who depends on a taxi to transport themselves to and from work each day.  Most of the people who own cars use taxies as a supplement for the day’s their cars decide not to start in the morning or else environmental smog levels are to high which prohibits citizens from using their personal vehicle on a particular day. 


The most devastated part of the world’s population will be the crippled people who lack necessities, which may include...


The handicapped person living day to day in a wheelchair who uses handicapped equipped taxies to exercise a God given right which includes a trip to the grocery store or else a Saturday night on the town, especially if that handicap person does not have any immediate family to continue the transportation requirements of a handicapped persons needs.  Upon the click of the taxi meter, a taxi driver immediately becomes the family member for that particular handicapped person.


The darker side of taxi driving is the homeless and the less fortunate people of cities. This type of population who are other wise considered outcast, beyond help immediately become reborn with authority once they enter a taxi.


The prestige of giving directions, commands and using a 10 dollar bill to sit in the seat of a captain as if giving orders to 1 of his crew members is an intangible gift the taxi drivers of the world give to the unfortunate people of this world.


Immediately the drug infected pimp or else abused hooker becomes a paying customer and can give the taxi driver a command pertaining to the direction of where to drive, or simply a non combatant friend to talk too.

A slight feel of power is installed and received with a welcome by the most unfortunate which inhabits the same world we all live in. This for sale experience  is offered  by all taxi drivers world wide which is  paid for using  hard green currency to the taxi driver which contributes to the heeling process necessary for the poor citizens of the world in order to regain their dignity.  This type of therapy is a start for a brighter future to a sometimes hopeless recovery.


This chore of healing the mentally sick is usually compensated with a dollar tip.


The American 18 wheel truck driver is a profession that is a mystery even to some local 18 wheel truck drivers who have been driving within the same state day after day, year after year.


The mystery remains, because a local truck driver is similar to a taxi driver who works in the same state each night. This type of driver goes to sleep next to his teddy bear each night or else ones significant other, this type of driver sees the  same doorstep each day, reads, listens, to the same local news  radio station each day.  This type of driver really has no idea what truck driving is about. The only way for a local driver to find the real meaning of truck driving is to spend at least a year on the road traveling 48 states continuously without stopping for any breaks in-between except, to catch up on his log book hours.


 In my opinion the local truck driver has no overall perception of what trucking is really about nor does a local truck driver have the right to express facts and opinions and needs of the American truck driver, simply for the lack of experience living at least 1 year on the open road.

I sincerely hope I have made myself clear in the department category regarding the difference between the definitions of the American truck driver.


Now, allow me to explain the lifestyle of:  “The American Truck Driver”…


The real American truck driver lives constantly on the millions and billions of tons of aggregate, including concrete mix that has been used to build the highways of America.  Technology and fuel prices being as high as they are the American truck driver is forced to work for corporate entities such as: “Swift trucking”, “Warner Trucking”, “Central Refrigerated Service” and the list goes on…  These type of trucking companies now have satellite tracking  and communication devices that control the human driver, as if he were a equivalent to a new toy that was popular in the 1980’s called: “Pac Man”. 


The dispatchers of the American  truck driver sometimes gets caught up in numbers and figures and forgets about the  human driver and tends to fall into the pit of treating the driver like a farm animal or some sort of computer component, simultaneously completely forgetting about the person inside the truck who also has a life to live. This person behind the wheel of an 18 wheel commercial truck also has family, friends and a visual view of his doorstep which leads to the inside of his residence.


The American economy which considers its self a society is paying such a driver to be a outcast of human society and forced to sleep on the side of a lonely cold mountain road or else the alley way of the popular store called:" Wal-mart".


The American truck driver who travels 48 states and is steered with directions like a mule who, really does not have time to vote, solve family problems with teenagers at home or watch his baby take their 1st physical step into the front yard. The profession is a complete human sacrifice for all the other human creatures that devour the goods and services that the American population demands. 


The saddest part of the story is once the American public consumer has devoured the food and high priced neatly wrapped Christmas packages America puts demands upon the local truck drivers to haul off their excess garbage to either be recycled or buried in the ground. 


The bottom line is the life of the American truck driver usually means trash is dumped on them at the end of their journey one way or another.


Facilities for truck drivers are becoming few and far between, the results are putting the American truck driver in the back seat.  Inadvertently this type of forced funneling espionage is allowing the car passenger drivers to control the truck stops of America...


The trucks stops of America now cater to more passenger car drivers, rather than professional 18 wheel truck drivers.


The truck stops of America are turning into nothing more than zoo exhibits, allowing  passenger car drivers a sneak peek of an exhausted over the road 18 wheel truck driver tying to get a shower ticket. 


The shower ticket line usually includes 20 other passenger car drivers.  The whole truck stop industry is in for the short haul, quick buck which makes state to state truck driving much more difficult, for the American truck driver.


Taxi drivers and truck drivers are considered professional drivers and the needs of these drivers are put on the back burner of human life. 


The reality is all the needs of the drivers should be addressed first.  The only reason for this thought is simply because without the drivers of America we can not continuously focus on the other professions that do not get the respect they deserve, such as: school teachers.


In conclusion:  the professional driver is the backbone of America and human life.  If something is not done quickly to integrate the professional drivers into our everyday work, social, political and a positive profitable on the road interrogational digital education method and system. The remaining working population will cease to function properly considering the worst scenario, it may not function at all.


The professional drivers of the world need to be treated like humans, not farm animals!




Author of this page: Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.


January 7, 2006



  • Planning Material:  the planning materials are notes, journals, pictures and free-writing pages that I collected over the years since the year 1996.  The location of these materials is located at www.taxibabblermouth.com .  The whole website is a documentation of life experiences documented on the profession of professional taxi and 18 wheel truck professional drivers.


Since writing is a growing process similar to babies being born, breathing air proceeding to take their 1st steps, my website is a continuous growing process using the analogy of the birth of humans.

Some of the pages are prehistoric in format. 

The pages are referring back to the infancy stages of my writing experiences.  All living creatures grow, in addition so does the ability to perfect the necessary habits to survive in the environment that the living creature was deposited into.

In summary some of the pages on my website are not up to the specifications of some scholars but, that is why I’m always striving day by day mile by mile 14 hours a day 7 day's a week non stop year after year over a decade now and a couple of years from 2 decades behind the wheel of a moving vehicle on the American highway's to improve the real non fake without any fag publishers on site, simply a real straight points of view from a real straight professional driver for your reading experience!



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