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     The inception of digital video got it start in 1946 with the birth of the first computer that filled a room (Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2004). Since the first computer, the digital video camera has expanded into the everyday lives of millions upon millions of humans spanning the entire earth. The average everyday  person on earth is usually video taped at least once in a day.  My personal expectations of the video camera and its useful applications have simply touched the tip of the ice-burg, and I will tell you why… Video is the visual element of television and movies as well as other types of media… (Immanuel Freedman, 2004).  The most used application of video in behavioral science… (Peter W. Dowrick, 1999).




 I.      History of Video

  II.      What is Video?

       A.     Uses of video

  III.      Psychology Uses Of Video

A.     Analyzing and Documenting

   IV.      Video Cameras in the Medical Field

A.     Surgery

   V.      Video Cameras and Police

   VI.      The Future of Live  Mobile Video

   VII.      Conclusion.




History of Video


     In the year 1946 the world’s first computer was born which filled a room, by the year 1990 toy’s containing microchips in them now have more computing power than computers that once filled a whole building in the 1950’s (Berkshire Encyclopedia of Human-Computer Interaction, 2004). The first microchip was developed in the year 1971.

Since the introduction of the first microchip the manufactures have been making microchips smaller and smaller, simultaneously the world has become much smaller in terms of communication using video as one of the main communication tools among the human civilization for the last 60 years.


What is Video?


     Video is the visual element of television and movies along with other types of media (Immanuel Freedman, 2004). The media that is supplied through video supplies scientific contributions to society along with entertainment and numerous other applications connected to the invention of video

      Uses of video:   Navigation in boats and other vehicles, robotics, biometrics, security systems, industrial inspection systems and numerous other uses that will continue to accumulate for future generations (Immanuel Freedman, 2004). 


Psychology Uses Of Video


     Analyzing and Documenting: The most used application of video in behavioral science is, capturing and analyzing actions and interactions of the human population and other species that inhabit the earth (Peter W. Dowrick, 1999). Video is also used in sleep laboratories and several other unusual applications when it comes to studying the behavior of humans.


Video Cameras in the Medical Field


     Surgery: Miniature video cameras are used in the operating facilities of some surgeons. One of the fields that video is commonly used in is: “Video – assisted thoracoscopic surgery” (Elsevier, 2003). Specially designed instruments containing cameras and monitors are inserted through the trocars in the process of thoracic surgery (Elsevier, 2003).


Video Cameras and Police


     Now a days, police departments have cameras rolling 24 hours a day in police stations, monitoring the activities related to police brutality and abuse of authority (Richard D. Emery & Louise I. Gerdes, 2004). In addition too being  monitored in the station house, police are now required in some locations to have video cameras mounted in their vehicles recording their every movement.


The Future of Live  Mobile Video


     According to the President and Chief Executive Officer of Taxi Babblermouth and Accessories, Inc. Mr. Gabriel De La Vega claims:  His “Live Mobile Video System” will provide two additional incomes, to anyone who owns or drives a vehicle.  He also claims, simply by buying his live mobile video system anyone living in the world can receive a residual income, paid in American dollars.

      A patent has been filed, and we the people of the civilized world called earth, look forward into the future  with great anticipation on the financial out-come of Gabriel’s  live mobile video system, claimed to be equivalent to a social security check. (Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr., 2006)  




            From the innocent beginnings of video, to the billion dollar industry video has created with motion pictures, to the life and death uses of video in medical operations countless other uses of video up to the un-relinquishing future of video.                  

     We the people of mother earth depend on video to make our society function economically and many other ways, now and into the future.

 I honestly believe that our very survival on earth depends on video. Over population is eliminating earth’s natural resources and will eventually force us to grow our food in outer space. Live mobile video cameras can be used on large barges circling our solar system we will be using these cameras to monitor the growth of vegetables and fruit originating from mother earth. If we do not conquer the universe with video, the conclusion will result in not enough room for us humans on earth this lack of space on earth will ultimately result in wars and cannibalism.



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