Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is responsible for rising grocery food  pricesÖ


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 After taking several precious minutes out of my day to successfully pass my hazmat test on the first time as I always do, a new rule has come into effect which now requires me to take my test results to the (TSA) and show them I passed the test. 

Then cough up $94.00 so (TSA) can take my fingerprints and proceed with the background check this will insure Iím not a threat to the Americanized version of a Jewish dictatorship, allied with the Bush administration to oversee our every move which consists of past, present, and hopefully a non-atomic future in order to tighten the grips on Americanís and the green card holders of this country in-order to obtain all information about individuals to prevent non-rich individuals from obtaining the American dream thatís only reserved for the Bush family; which includes the Satan possessed, perverted, fag, and non- fag congressman  that follow the Jewish  controlled congressmen of America, who exports all our tax dollars to the Jews in Jerusalem, for some unknown, idiotic,  American congress  remedy to fix a problem America has in the Jewish community of Jerusalem, instead of giving the bus drivers in New York a raise.


Back to business, now that Iíve given (TSA) my hard earned cash they want me to wait 6 weeks to receive my background check results in the mail...

Once they have verified me a non threat to their schemes, I can take my test results to the department of motor vehicles and assume the stand in line mode, once again like "Dejavu".

After experiencing this illusion related to psychology which enabled me to experience something that I have already experienced before but now experiencing for the first time since my last visit, I then proceeded to get my picture taken.

After the picture taking session I can then, and only then, receive my hazmat endorsements that will allow me to drive a refrigerated trailer again, or anything else that contains a hazardous material load. 

I called (TSA) and asked them why itís taking so long to receive my results in order to reinstate my hazmat endorsement, the girl on the phone says: "you have 2 more weeks to wait for an answer". 

In the mean time I have to drive only loads that do not require a hazmat endorsement which means, possibly switching employers or else simply waiting for my present hazmat employer to get rid of me because, Iím wasting precious space, due to the tremendous government pressure, my current employer may say, come back when you have a hazmat endorsement.  

Another negative side to this story is the state Iím living in wants a hazmat re-test every 2 years with the background check which means according to the quote of the (TSA) employee I have to take the hazmat test ď90 days prior to the expiration of my hazmat endorsementĒ.


What does this mean for drivers who drive 48 states for big rip off trucking outfits! like: ďCentral Refrigerated ServiceĒ my previous employer...

Most drivers who work for outfits like  ďCentral Refrigerated ServiceĒ  donít see their mail box for at least 90 dayís at a time more less have time to stand line at the department of motor vehicles when they have a truck payment due in the same week and not to mention they are sleeping on the side of the road 10 states away from their assigned state department of the motor vehicles facility. This is the place in which pre-test hazmat pro-drivers are supposed to be which consist of being 100% physically  present. 

This show up on time for your hazmat appointment official authorized test session will enable that driver or any other driver seeking to obtain a hazmat endorsement to take the test under the eagle eye of the (TSA). 

And yes, you do need to make an appointment to take the hazmat test just like you were visiting the doctor, what a mess!


My speculation on whatís going to happen regardless of how creative the big outfit rip-off dispatchers are, itís going to be a major inconvenience and a whole lot of drivers will be running illegally which will add up in more fines.

It may also involve 18 wheel truck drivers getting less loads which means they will have to give up their truck because they canít make the weekly payment due to the lack of being un-authorized for hazmat loads that once were a supplement for a drivers income. 


 Another unforeseen catastrophe is, 18 wheel truck drivers who work as employees and not owner/operators; these guys are forced to quit their current secure routine job because their hazmat is to difficult to obtain or the employee driver will  simply switch to an employer who does not require a hazmat endorsement for stability then, proceed to stay there and never return to driving a truck that delivers products to a grocery store which  utilizes the hazmat endorsement, which in inadvertently increases the price of products in the grocery stores across this great country we call "The Home of the Free".

The reason for this chaos is: manufactures simply canít streamline delivery of their products to store shelves in time for the next purchaser.  The professional drivers of America are fighting our new form of government to obtain their hazmat endorsement.

This futuristic new redesigned truck driver that has evolved from a mixture of 9/11 and a free ticket for congress to go on a spending spree has made all professionals drivers depend on the mail man, ironically we the professional drivers of America are the mail men of America who deliver to the local post office for disbursement within the unique communities of America. 

I my self have carried numerous loads of U.S. mail cross country in the back of my trailer. 

Now the professional drivers of America have to go to their mobile mail box each morning to look for their hazmat clearance then return to their assigned department of motor vehicles several states away from their current longitude and latitude position for more Hitler types of  interrogation.

The girl I spoke with on the phone who works at (TSA) has put the blame on the patriot act, she has asked me to bring up this issue up with my congressman and she simply does not want to hear about it.  My thoughts, regarding her thoughts are: it may already be too lateÖ 

Reason being, grocery prices are currently on the rise in one of the wealthiest food nations in the world called ďThe United States of AmericaĒ.



Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. (2005)


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