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The Kirby vacuum cleaner has been around for years and is American made.  The price for a Kirby is not exactly inexpensive but it does do the job of vacuuming totally different than any of the other vacuum cleaners on the market so they say. 


For years Kirby has hired independent contractors to sell their vacuum cleaners, and it has an extraordinary warranty.  Kirby seems to be the Rolls Royce of vacuum cleaners.  Parts for the Kirby vacuum cleaners are sold in vacuum repair shops and rebuilt used Kirby’s are also sold by independent vacuum outlets.  There is even a website that sells new Kirby’s called  but they have a disclaimer on their web site that says they are not affiliated with the company Kirby in anyway they only sell new Kirby’s because they buy them from overstocked dealers. Although this site does sell an enormous amount of used Kirby’s the best way to insure you are getting a real Kirby with real American parts is to buy from a Kirby salesperson that is contracted by a Kirby dealer.


The real phenomenon here is you very rarely ever see Kirby on television or here about them on the radio but everyone know where to get a new Kirby vacuum cleaner in America which is originally made in America.

Kirby’s market channels consists of direct marketing person to person but it already looks like the internet is indirectly changing  Kirby’s marketing strategy that has been a money maker for decades.

My thought and question to you the consumer is will Kirby survive the internet or thrive with the internet?



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President and Chief Executive Officer of:



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