The Analogy of Being Born Again!


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Being born again through the process of Christ is very simple to figure out Jesus always refers to being born again spiritually so, we will reference this to a woman giving birth to a child and use this as our analogy. 

As we all know in order for a sperm cell to become life it has to connect to the woman’s egg and the fertilization process is initiated.  Thanks to science this has been common knowledge for many years now.

The similarity between Jesus’s parables and the process of birth is  funneled to the thought input of our human minds to realize we are nothing more than a bunch of eggs in a woman’s body called mother earth and in order for us to reach the outside of our mothers vagina which is mother earth we need to fertilize our egg to become one with the lord Jesus Christ and escape the womb of our mother which is earth in order to  attain the next level of life which is eternal life,  from there we continue following the chain of command in our growth process which may entail governing a world that the Lord Almighty God has chosen for us to govern once we reach full maturity in the world of eternal life which will take place within the Almighty’s plan of architecture in the next world which seems to be a combination of our world and a heavenly world according to the on going parables of  Jesus and a reference to the  old testament  of the bible

When Jesus says he is the way and light to eternal life I do believe he is right!  

Think about it...

If you were a general in an army and its peace time, meanwhile simultaneously you are seeking new recruits where do you get them?  You pull them out of the general population the method of advancement the general himself who was originally initiated to his current general military status.

  There is no other way of getting troops that’s it!

The same process goes for the group that holds the secrets and key’s to eternal life they always need new recruits for some reason maybe because the eternal life process they live in will expire in a billion trillion years and this group who holds the secrets to eternal life may need to go on to the next level themselves and the only way they can do that is to get new recruits to fill the position they currently have.  

Its common sense once you really think about the scenario involved with several elements of input, Jesus also mentions don’t follow Satan because this leads to certain eternal and physical death.  In other words Satan has been cut of from the tree of life and has had a vasectomy which means his fruit produces death.  It seems Jesus was assigned the planet earth and is determine to reap a harvest.  I do believe the only reason planet earth sustains life at the moment is so that the lord Jesus Christ can complete his mission of harvesting a crop.  He reaps crops and then stores them in a storage facility that we call death.  Since he can raise the dead he will do so when he decides to pack his bags and move elsewhere or move on to the next phase of his mission which is to create a heavenly world in which he describes in his teachings in order to continue  on the job training of possessing and passing on eternal life.

The opposite side of this is some humans who still require fertilization will decide they do not want to accept the opportunity or should I say gift from Jesus and continue rejecting the fertilization process (sperm) and becomes a dead egg in the body of its mother which is mother earth and will never exit the womb but will probably exit the other door which endlessly ends up in the toilet.



Gabriel De La Vega Jr.  December 26, 2005


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