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(# 1) -Narrative:



          Striving for the intangible, living in a positive dream that continues to grow like an orchard of grapes next to an orchard of oranges.  The sun shines promising that today will be a worthwhile day to have the roots of  nature planted deeply into the earth that nurtures all living specimens of life.

            The wind howls, calling the moisture from the east bringing the other ingredients nature requests for the ultimate assurance life will continue progressing forward from the intangible to the tangible structure needed to continue more life.

            The farmer closes the shutters secures the chickens in expectation, the well of life centered on the cows watering hole will replenish its value pertaining to the spectrum of the cycle of life.

 The woman who guarantees the next meal will be served on schedule grabs the cloth from the clutches of the invisible grasp of the fluttering clothes line that suspends itself between two posts originating from the offspring of mother earth.

  The creator of all living things assures the successful cycle of life that perpetually continues forward providing the tools for all creatures of this wide, vast universe too instinctively use a resource that has originated from the original designer of success.

The evening sun positions itself in its nesting place, in anticipation that its disappearance will increase the bonding of two living mammals

This action will secure the environment necessary to transmit the seed of life from 1 very alive creature to another widely awake creature of the same species.  The nesting of man and the ultraviolet light of the sun retiring in sequence is another phenomenon guarantying ultimate success.


(# 2) –Cause and Effect:




            Persistence, in accomplishing ones goals is: a continuous habitual ritual in the making ones self truly a success.  Getting to school on time and reading your assigned material is another faucet to the extreme rotation of actions absolutely necessary to obtaining, and grounding the essential assets necessary to ultimately achieve ones desired goal called: "Success"…

            Being successful at attempting to obtain the true meaning of success requires dedication to religiously attending the inner goals prescribed by the occupier of  a human body, on a continuous  daily re-thought of  ones total  accomplishments that have been completed, also accomplishments that have yet to be completed  in ones personal and professional  life.  These perpetual actions insure the vital increments of life that will move a person’s future that much closer to obtaining and grasping a lifelong goal which others call: "Success"!

            To be truly successful one should only obtain goals set by the person who has to go out and achieve those goals. One mistake many people make is chasing goals that where set by parents, uncles, brothers and various family members that are of no vital importance to a person chasing the goals of true personal success.

            True success is setting your own goals and achieving them through struggles, starvation, intimidation and perseverance.  If a goal is worth obtaining, nothing will stop the forward movement of the human body to achieve it except physical death.  If the goal is of a higher source, for example: “God”!  The goal will positively eventually be achieved, only for the fact: the ultimate universal creator is the very real and true meaning of the word success!



(# 3) -Process Analysis:



The two essays listed above # 1 and # 2 both pertain to the same subject, except they are in different dimensions in a different time zone.

Essay # 1 , is leading up to an event creating anticipation for and ending to a possible major activity that will take place on this planet we call earth.  It is involving all the elements of the weather, combined with the food chain we all depend on to survive. This food chain activity helps us instinctively carry out our daily tasks on the planet everyone calls earth. 

Essay #1, is also leading up to a moment in a place were time never stands still, but is continuously, perpetually moving forward to accomplish the most desired goal called success.  Success means different things to different people so, in essay # 1, I stressed the element of success in different areas: The growth of fruit on plants, the existence of farmers, farming the land and taking care of livestock...  The wife, of the farmer doing the laundry which is a contribution to the success of any man on earth, the last detail  is the presence of God settling down for the evening through the action of housing and hiding the nourishing light of the brilliant sun, from man, for a brief moment to insure he will have substantial time to physically mate with his spouse in order to physically  create offspring  that will fuel Gods vision of life by providing children to toil the land from the sweat of their brow, which is a piece of architecture from the master plan of the ultimate example of success, “God”.

Essay #2, simply exemplifies the steps for a person to be successful.  In this illustration of success I’m showing how school children need to be on time for school in order to obtain necessary information necessary to accomplish the goal of education, which is achieved in stages of trial and error.  This example also shows how adults continuously have to look at themselves in the mirror and simply ask them-selves are they trying to obtain their own personal goals? Or are they trying to obtain the goals of friends, which are in alignment with the pressures of societies, pre- boxed goals designed for individuals living inside the box.



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