Here’s An Idea For You Doubting

 American Oil Kiss Butt Engineers.





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Your oil wallet saturated American overpaid engineers need a jump start on how to create perpetual replenishing self sustaining energy to supply an air vehicle.

Place little windmill fans through out the vehicle of a air vehicle,  and  then geared right to pump up tiny auxiliary air tanks that will release it’s pressure into one big air tank once the tiny tanks are filled with air. Then release that air tank into the major air tank trying to keep up with itself from the engine compressor which is supposedly not able to sustain itself according to the law of physics.

 For example:

 One hundred tiny windmills per vehicle pump air in tiny air tanks and add a little nano technology to the equation and you might have a solution to compensate for the law of physics that suggest you need an outside source of energy to replenish the energy used in the combustion chamber.  The outside energy source will be the little fans on the vehicle powered by God that lives in the wind that will only work when the car is moving up and above let say 40 mph.

This is one little idea that I have, right off the top of my head and I’m not even paid to think!

You pin head oil money sucking engineers should have the ability and capacity to work together and brainstorm an efficient way to make a vehicle run strictly on air without the use of a oil based fuel.

 The only oil that should be used is the oil lubricating the gears.

All you American engineers please lay off the dependency of the oil company’s to pay your bills and depend on mother nature to provide the clean fresh air necessary to make you the noble prize winner in your field of work.

I do know for a fact there is a unlimited amount of technology that’s currently available today this idea that I have proposed today can be put together in a short amount of time simply by using unique java object orientated based computer programming to operate equipment programs working sequentially  on a air vehicle.

 Then add an enormous amount of volunteer work to get this American air vehicle going. 

Give you idea’s away for free publish them and eventually they will all accumulate into 1 of the most perfect air vehicles on planet earth that will burst into a enormous self air sufficient facility that will supply electricity to city’s and mini air generating machines in the back yards of individual homes supplying energy to each and every individual house on its own outside clean air supply..

American tax dollars should immediately go to air research technology to provide a healthier and cleaner future for all the children of the earth and beyond the earth as time progresses into the future.

In closing remember “Faith of a Mustard Seed Can move a Mountain”.

If you don’t believe in God you should voluntarily hang it up, because without God giving the directions you can never develop a perfect air car.

I know for a fact God can make the perfect air vehicle overnight only if someone asked him to do it…

And that's a fact jack!


Source:  JULY 14, 2008

Written by: Gabriel De La Vega Jr.


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