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MAY 14, 1999.

As you probably already understand, driving a taxi is like switching channels on your television set, you go from dropping off a well-known millionaire to picking up a bad smelling homeless person this all takes place within 4 to 20 minutes.

Now that I've set the stage,


In the last 4 years of driving a taxi in Vegas I've picked up my share of hookers, but they paid me at the end of the taxi ride so don't get the wrong impression. 

Some how in between the rides if any of them do talk, cops come into the subject of the conversation.

For years now I've been hearing the same rhetoric... 

The cops do this!

The cops did that!  

One thing I can't get off my mind is 1 to many times I've been hearing about the police getting a free ride and more off the prostitutes in Las Vegas. 

When I say a free ride I mean they are simply banging these girls sexually and physically, stealing their money and giving them drugs to enhance their sexual experience.

A short education about the state of Nevada.

Prostitution is legal in the whole state except the city limits of Las Vegas, so, what is unfolding before our eyes is...

The police have an overflow of young women from ages very young up to 40 years old and beyond to mess around with. 

There are so many prostitutes in Las Vegas that the courts and the public generally understand how difficult it is for police to cease the employment of hard working prostitutes.

But, what the police are doing is making it worse by digging into the smorgasbord of flesh for sale!

The police are irritating the situation by overlooking the officers who rape and harass these girls which are Gods children and deserve better choices in life along with parents who have the right to raise their own children; not the cops or the state or Hillary Clinton, Bill Clinton's wife who believes it takes a village to raise a child.

A large percentage of the officers are  not fags, and this is the only positive  thing they are good for is not being fags but on the other hand who really knows if they are fags or not. 

But, the illegal lifestyle of the United States police needs to stop before it spreads  thru out the world and police corruption and gets out of control like an infectious disease.

The other cops must be fags not to bang the female prostitutes and they must only have sex with the male prostitutes...

Their may be a few cops who do the right thing and only bang their wife but that is unlikely since their is so much police corruption in the valley of Las Vegas and cops are morally pieces of garbage and are associated with the Italian mob who make their own grave in the depths of hell without even considering Jesus is real and has conquered death and all the killing they do is in vain and really doesn't kill the person they have killed but it only gives the person they killed eternal life through the blood of Jesus Christ Lord and King who has conquered death!

Now some of thease cops my live with a constant monitoring by a strict wife who uses controls on the male police officer to restrict the playful interactions with the local Las Vegas prostitutes since you really have to be some kind of sexual pervert to work in the valley of Las Vegas as police officer, you have lie, break every ethical type of code for behavior. 

Some of these cops my have a wife that cuts your penis off for looking at another woman.

Which is good for society to have strict  moral women policing the sexual attitudes of the police who control every corner of our lives.

I've honestly experinced police departments around the USA traveling as a truck driver and I can honestly say Las Vegas, Nevada has a enormous amount of technology and equipment to be used by the most unethical and corrupt police force in the United States of America!

The cops are targeting escort agency's and downtown hookers. 

They go to the escorts apartments in order  to harass them or  have intercourse with the alleged prostitutes several times a week in turn our police officers become pimps and help destroy the moral values of this country and destroy the future of our children when it comes to education. 

One hooker was sitting in my assigned taxi then proceeded to verbally tell me what the police were doing to her...

Her real black pimp was sitting in the front seat of the taxi and looked at her briefly as in disbelief of her spilling her guts to the taxi driver.

With his eyes he told his white hooker to shut up and not say another word.

She reacted by immediately laying her head down on the seat of the taxi and pretended to go to sleep.

The lifestyle of our young children is currently that pitiful due to the sin in the world from the adults and male children who stick their dick in a pussy that they are not married too...

The reason the pimp or should I say escort agency owner, was using  the taxi was because the rear window of  his car was busted out the night before by a pissed off cop!

Now, the way the cops fit into the whole system is... 

The police have no decent values or morals the reason may be because they come from several generations of divorced families and  single parents caused by the U.S. government which is run by Jews and Fags to promote divorce and prostitution for financial gain.

End result is the police are either straight which is good and traditional, or the opposite and full of perverted teachings gained at California high schools who promote chanting at school activities  which consist of the chant " it's ok to be gay" and then the school band continues to wrap it up with a specialized fag tunes or else the cops are plain misdirected children growing up into police uniforms!

Nevada is a police paradise for the very simple fact that a cop can talk dirty and disrespectful to a woman or rape the woman or just demand sex and get it without restrictions or reprimands from the bureau because its simply day to day business. 

But, if a working stiff like myself who was born in Las Vegas, Nevada and for me to do that to my wife or girlfriend, my wife or girlfriend would call 911 for the cops then, the cops would  do their thing and I'll end up in jail and lose everything I own while the police legally try to navigate their penis into my spouse’s vagina.

And lets not forget child support or alimony to support the woman while she is in her new bed making children for someone else on the thought everyone is doing it so why shouldn't she do it because its legal and executable without any ethical restrictions.

The next thing that used to boggle my mind is why? 

Why do cops tolerate a fag government that we now have and not help the men in the country fight to get their manly rights back?

The reason is: women do not effect them the same way they effect us working stiffs,  they can be normal men because the fags in government back up their word in court...

The cops get $40,000 too $60,000 a year plus free rights to do what ever they want to do to a innocent woman of the female species.

The bottom line is the fags and this unknown new style of perverted evil government needs the protection from the police to fleece us working stiffs out of everything we own or else they would legally rob the cops on top of robbing every other living creature in today's civilization.

Judges, lawyers and money are the common everyday ethical straight mans  enemy.

The 3 entities listed in the above paragraph judges, lawyers and money = "Sue Cop Fund" could be tools used by hard working Americans to defeat the liberal fags and their Jewish regime with out tools to do a job you might as well pick your nose with a boxing glove.

The fags have infiltrated our military and now have full control of our police department especially in California with the states population over 70 million via bribery...   The fags are paying off the piss ant cops who are statistically 90% dick suckers ( Homos) according to an undercover FBI agent that I ran into in trucking mechanical repair shop who now resigned from the FBI with rights to control their women or any body else's women. 



If you don't get it by now! 

You will once you make another child support payment to the state or the ex-wife's boyfriend instead of your children receiving the money and love from their real father and not to mention if you are a women with a man that has gone fag he could use the system against you and bite you with your own female designed sword. 

In other words men and women need to fix this disease before we all get infected with the disease and  the rewards of sin result in death.

That's all folks have a nice day or night and support my Web Site and please buy something from my store I can't sustain this project forever with out sales and forever is my goal.



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