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May 9, 1999.



Did, you remember you mother?

MGM GRAND HOTEL SECURITY GUARD: Discriminates against a black taxi driver.

A black taxi driver runs a stop sign on the MGM property.

Two bicycle security officers start chasing after him.  

They caught him at the door of the MGM right behind my assigned taxi.

As I was unloading my passengers I attentively over heard this security guard give the driver a bunch of reprimands, I then proceeded to snap a picture,the picture is posted on this page below.

What makes this incident so unique is the taxi driver was not an American black from the States, he was an Ethiopian black these people are some of  the most gentle and hard working people I've ever met when their not revengeful.

Once the security guard caught wind of the fact that this black person was Ethiopian; he took a quick look around and decided it was time to show every white person in front of the MGM how security takes care of their black people, not to mention the fact that there was only one black female baggage carrier present at the time.

The security guard shifted into third gear put his hands on the driver’s door an told him to shut up in the most irritating voice.

Remember my opinion is very biased because; cops have stolen every thing I own more than once, but I'm very truthful.

The point I'm trying to make is the the security guard realized this was a gentle human being and that no one was going to get in his way of chewing this black guy's ass not even the Ethiopian because he was here on some sort of work visa or green card. 

After the black man verbal bashing incident the security gaurd might get a promotion from his boss for being tough on blacks.

But wait a minute! 

Was this a real American black or just a facade?

My biased opinion say's he was just trying to score brownie points with the boss.

If any real American blacks who've been in and out of jail and have nothing to lose plus likes going to jail strictly for the purpose of a vacation and beating the shit out of white boy's ( Caucasians, Anglo-Saxons non Hispanic Mexican that is), plus grows hair out of his palms...

What that security guard did was equivalent of him messing with a wet back from Mexico or a Pollock from Poland.

I hate discrimination no matter what form it comes in.

This crap has to stop! 

And it has to stop soon!  With the help of the all American Sue Cop Fund which is attached to the web site





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