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May 1, 1999.

Las Vegas Cop empties gun on white basketball dribbler.

First and utmost I want to express my deepest sympathy for the Family.

I know what it feels like to be a victim of the police in Las Vegas. 

Those low life cops took my kids.  

Not in a innocent massacre involving a street dumb cop shooting someone with a basketball in their hand  but through police corruption and legal litigation which involved a faggot court  which had no right to be involved in government especially within a department where fag people are socially and mentally inadequate for the position of judges and child support personnel and is also very insulting to meet one of these employees in the child support building on such a serious issue as the theft of your children. 

Government entity's indirectly or directly expresses the whole ordeal as a big joke when they hire fags to represent the tax payers on serious family matters...

All governmental  workers involved in a man and women relationship which is delicate and needs a proper heterosexual background in order to serve the assigned office position efficiently should not be rotating around a governmental entity in the first place but,  should only be handled by non governmental agency's such as church groups, charities or else family relatives. 

Would you give your local butcher at the supermarket a knife to do a delicate heart operation on your blood related child?  Of course not, then why does city governments especially in Las Vegas, Nevada  have fags working as child support representatives and judges and other man women area issues of government?


The same thing happened with the cop that shot someone with a basketball instead of a gun, to simply put it unqualified people working in positions that they shouldn't be working in; in turn they are destroying our society and forcing people like myself to come out of the woodwork and stand for human dignity and rights for the working class of this nation.


The corner where the victim was shot is where, I myself used to run around the block, I used to live in that area, good thing I don't run with a basketball in my hand.  The only encounter I had with life in death in that  area was when a male Senior Citizen driver almost ran me down the reason being  he was old and half blind.


I was jogging about 1 mile from the spot where the cop shot the basketball dribbler and I almost ended up on the hood of a blue car driven by that old poor senior, in layman terms old fart!

That was 2 years ago from the date of this writing in the area of Las Vegas that is supposed to be is a prestige's part of town.

The reason being is because it's near Spanish Trails where expensive houses are built, The location is Tropicana & Rainbow about 4 to 5 miles from the Strip.

If any Tourist wants to see the memorial of the cop victim!

The memorial Site has been set up near the corner of Tropicana & Rainbow  on the southeast corner.

The picture of that memorial disappeared off my site but I still have it in storage somewhere and when I replace it  you will be the 1st ones to see it.



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