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Over the years I’ve been meaning to write about housing in America and how insane it is also how the US government is tied into it.

Well here it is take if for face value because that’s how I’m looking at it face value looking at it directly in the eye and telling you exactly what I see.

My interpretation of the current housing market may seem ridicules and make you shiver but this is exactly how I’ve been viewing it for at least the last 20 years, and it has not changed but only getting more extreme...

Our current form of government is all about control, control of your mind, your money and most of all the direction in which your children will think for the next 100 to 1000 years.

You may be asking yourself how does this tie into our housing situation?


I will tell you there has to be an incentive for these builders to build your brand new 2 story house, 8 feet next to your neighbor’s house.


Incentive # 1 for our government is:

              1). Having a small backyard or nearly no yard at all will promote no fence in the front of the house which will decrease the likelihood that you will have a dog that may bite a police officer when he comes to visit your house on some sort of complaint from your neighbor or wife or now a day’s your own kid or brother.

Remember any time a police officer visits your house for any reason it will soon add up to hard cold cash for the local government in terms of fines, community service or some sort of brainwashing class to teach you how to take it  up your butthole from you dependents and neighbors.


            2) The advantage the city and federal government have when your house is 8- 10 feet from your neighbor is:

 You or else your neighbor is more likely to call the police because of noise or else lack of privacy or simply a woman’s bloody day to take it out on the neighbor, this will ad up to revenue for the people in government plus a bit more control over your every movement.


            3) Let’s summarize on the dog situation, the design of the new houses is intended to prevent you from having a big dog that will interfere in the actions of the police when they arrive at your house.  Real-estate agents usually by “their law” will not rent you a house if you have a rottweiler, pit bull, German shepard or else any other type of dog that is perceived to be an attack dog. Small yards and home owner’s association committee’s are set up to have complete control over you, in hopes to prepare you for prison, or else a life of total 24 hour monitoring plus extra revenue extracted out of your wallet by the association as  they attempt to fine you for not cutting your grass a certain height..


            4). The leaders of the United States prefer America’s children to have a limited front and back yard in order to prevent them from pulling a little red wagon around and the prevention of sand boxes simply because there is  no room in the yard for one of those not even room for a swing set. 


They want over $250,000 dollars for one of these yard - less  fagatized houses.  In other words the fags in control of our government want full control of your children…


The people that govern the state of San Francisco, California, USA, are the same people that control our current Federal Government.  The male fags of our society are simply doing what they do best which is demoralize our current man + woman way of life and they prefer our little male children to fantasize about having sex with someone who is the same sex as them selves.


 In other words throughout all this government control in the USA, there  is a subtle message being sent to our children that if your mommy and daddy misbehave by  teaching you about Jesus and disciplining you with a belt that it is wrong to have sex with a member of  planet earth that is your same sex, you as a child and dependent of that household should not hesitate to call the police on your mommy daddy or else husband because the police will handle the situation toughly!

One of the reason's you can call the police on your mommy and daddy is because your daddy does not have a guard dog outside his door nor does he have a gun because the fag politicians are pushing the removal of guns from the American citizens living and working in the USA in order to force everyone to be a Fag by the police harassing straight family's with an arsenal of sophisticated methods of using technology and 24 hour monitoring inside a man's house!

In order to devise 1 attack method or several attack method's on a straight non fag man's family and infrastructure of the male and female normal Christian family to totally destroy or else separate the straight God fearing daddy and mommy and force the mommy to get her hole plug by local authorities who are communist from Europe or simply bi-sexual male's in police uniforms who have sex with everyone in order to destroy America's family's!



            5). The goal of the current American housing government is to keep the children indoors watching fag sex and mental distortion video’s on the internet and also to keep today’s children as far away from reality as humanly possible by training them to stay indoors as if they were serving time in a state prison with the next inmate a few feet away in the next cell, just like our current housing environments in which you may live in,  A gate with a perverted guard at the entrance to the neighborhood, no yard and a cell mate a few feet from you with a $300,000 dollar house.


Please look deeper into America‘s, new neighborhoods and how the fags of this shameless country the United States of America have in the past, present and near future are taking control of every thought process and sperm cell, along with all the fertilized eggs you may produce.


This currently completes my view of the American housing situation, please come back to my web site for new pages that I will be posting in the future.


Source: www.taxibabblermouth.com  April 26, 2008

Written by: Gabriel De La Vega Jr.



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