Why should colleges use DHL to ship books to their students?




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Dear DHL,

There is an office to deliver my packages, if you DHL people had any common sense you would leave the package at the office.  Someone stole my package from the front of my door because it was in the path of the walkway within the narrow hallway of a very busy apartment complex kind of like motel 6 with an office attendant who receives all mail during business hours.

 The content of the package was a book which is a link in my education and without this missing link to my education it will be put on hold and the total cost of this degree is $24,000 and if I donít graduate because of gross negligence on the part of your employees brain I could sue for over a $1,000,000.00 due to malicious gross negligence and Iím sure my lawyer will contact your insurance company about the situation which will at least slightly raise your insurance premiums  for a start. 

 Not to mention I have a website about to go public and if I donít get my books very soon I will publish a negative web page every day regarding DHL until my books show up at  my designated apartment buildings  front office mail center in order to let the public know what illegitimate service you are providing the public pertaining to the publics precious merchandise  starting with posting  this letter on my website  and every letter after this one until my lawyer tells me other wise which could cost you millions in lost customers due to the fact they heard about my case and are afraid to do business with you especially colleges who teach students about your service in their marketing books.


So please, be patient and wait for my lawyer to contact you the same way you are making me be patient in waiting for my books. I spoke with  Amy about this situation and she claims it will take up to 30 dayís to solve this situation and I need my books like yesterday and the 2nd session of my college education  resumes the 1st of the year.

 I currently do not have time for games so please resolve this situation immediately. 

My lawyer will be notified Monday of my request to sue for gross negligence and the only way you can stop me from filing suit is to get my books delivered to the office mail center of my apartment building before the 1st of the year.  

 Conclusion:   It looks like DHL is part of the regime who holds back Mexican Americans by joining forces of the white Anglo Saxon Community who is part of the white giant tyrant who is seeking to change cultures and human thoughts in order to preprogram any one that is not rich and white to serve only the Anglo Saxon movement  that keeps their  big white thumb over the minorityís every move which might be called the great coalition of the Bush administration  to suppress any one not white to benefit from the natural and intangible resources of  the United States of America who in turn regarding the flip side of action uses the muscle and buying  power of all other nations and races to complete the white Anglo Saxons dream for prosperity in this country called the USA which still only consists of 1% of the rich working population of America controlling 99% of the remaining  populations every movement. Todayís  technology is moving forwarding  and this 1% of the population could be controlling our thoughts especially when it comes to college thoughtsIn other words the government of America can not yet steal my education but they can certainly steal my books.


Gabriel De La Vega Jr.


P.S. Iím severely upset over this situation and may sue for contribution to causing an unsatisfactory health condition.  So, hurry up time is running out!


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