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Personal Attack- (The Argument and Hominem)


          The blasphemy of our news reporters these days regarding the creatures of God has gone beyond realistic beliefs regarding reality. 

 I personally regard Hispanics Mexican Americans Latino’s and south of the border people to be creatures of God.

            As I was watching the “CNN” news broadcast the other day and previous episodes.  I noticed “Lou Dobbs” has an un-relinquishing negative grasp on the Hispanic population.

News episode after news episode Mr. Dobbs continues to bash the legal and non legal Mexican Americans of this country.

            Mr. Lou Dobbs went as far as bringing a priest from the Catholic Church on his television program and verbally bashing the priest (A white collard representative of God) for not supporting his erroneous ideas about Mexican legal and non legal immigration.

            I strongly support the idea of “Lou Dobbs” being a newspaper reporter and nothing else if he was a leader of this country we would all be boiling in European rag head water!




(CNN, 2006)


(Gabriel De La Vega Jr., 2006)



Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. (2006, 22/1). Personal Attack- (The Argument and Hominem) (CNN/ "Lou Dobbs") (Writings by: Gabriel De La Vega Jr. #3). Retrieved 22/1/2006, from TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC.:







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