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 June 29, 2008  

For the last 1 year and 1/2 the engine that runs on air has been all over the Mexican news stations because a Mexican citizen was supposedly on a talk show in Mexico demonstrating his air powered motor!

Now India is coming out with an air powered car August 2008...

            In our socialized communistic country the USA we only hear and listen about how senator McCain who represents the enormous  amount of Phoenix, Arizona's Fag population along with the Fag money that is gathered by selling these newly converted fags buttholes in underground fag meat markets in down town Phoenix, Arizona

 Then the city of Phoenix, Arizona exports the fag buttholes on ships to other parts of the world to be pluged by another fag who has foreign cash via cruise ships, airports and I'm simply speculating but maybe they send a dead fags butthole via Fed Ex, DHL and sometimes the post office when the meat is still fresh and they can afford the time the U.S postal service waste when they loose the mail!

Senator McCain wants to spend billions of dollars on a battery powered car's and continues to protect the oil industry simply by totally ignoring this air powered engine technology that has been floating around the world like an invisible ghost.

            Please donít expect US President Bush to talk about this tested and proven air powered engine, he simply wants to keep you in the dark about  the idea at $4.17  a gallon for unleaded and $5.00 a gallon for diesel.

            At this point in history of our human civilization we the people of America and the world should focus on making air powered engines that will pull the same weight as a diesel engine tractor trailer can pull which is 80,000 pounds.

            We the people need to vote for someone other than the people who totally ignore the air powered engine.

             Why is this country ignoring this new revolutionized method of transportation?

            Wake up you stagnant people of America and realize you are being used and abused by the American media and American government when it comes to gasoline free transportation.

            In 1 brief statement our US government is 1 big scam with all the politicians hired to cover up the contents of the scam!

            Iím sure our handicapped politicians can work out a deal with who ever has the patent on this idea and build upon that and leave oil out of the equation and stick with only air, not 1/2 air and 1/2 gas or diesel but only air just like India is doing.

            This new invention of air powered transportation should not be ignored!

 This is the final straw for all our employed politicians who are misleading us into more years of oil dependency, I think we the people should fire terminate every politician in the white house!

Terminate and fire every news station in America who is trying to hide the air powered car from the citizens of the USA!

I vote for Air powered cars, trucks, SUVís; air powered tractor trailers.

I vote for this type of technology because I want my Live Mobile Video content providers to make a lot money providing live streaming video to billions of end users...

 Letís spend billions of our tax dollars on air powered transportation research versus Bushís war fund.


Source:  June 29, 2008

Source: Popular Mechanics


Source: BBC News

Written by: Gabriel De La Vega Jr.



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