The Before and After Picture of TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC.

 Sending Something in the Mail with the United States Post Office!




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I really don’t want to be a smart ass, but the pictures don’t lie!


I had this before picture, all over the internet prior to sending this item in the mail - -

 - and this picture along with 2 other before pictures are still within those website’s files with the

date I uploaded them showing the new condition amplifier that I shipped.


Once the United States Post office got done shipping the item with Fragile stamped all over it…


The item was returned with 20 metal cut’s on the surface and a sharp upright bend of the ¼ inch steel on

1 corner of this square amplifier.


Are all the complaints about the United States Post Office actually true?


Are we the American consumer and seller victims of the U.S. Postal system?


Have things gotten so bad that now the post office can bang our precious pieces of slave labor manufactured items

around as if they where a blond bisexual female in the bedroom with a big beef on her shoulders?


What’s to become of the United States postal service and the United States Military if they keep hiring Satan’s

 angels who are the demonized Fag’s living in human bodies who have emotional temper problems in back warehouses

 of governmental agencies like the U.S. Post Office and the U.S. Military bases of America with our merchandise?


If these Satan possessed retarded fags with dil do’s up their ying yang continue to get their way for another 5 to 20

 years the infrastructure of the United States of America will look like shredded cheese on a salad or enchilada dish.


We the people of America need to get back to “ Christian Values” so our children of our future can have the

 proper programming and decent truck driver wages of at least $2,000.00 a week to operate efficiently in the work

 place and go to war knowing when they come home to their wife, that her vagina is so tight you couldn’t even get the

 back end of an eraser off the end of a pencil in her pee hole because she has been waiting for her solider to

return, simply because she is a child of God!


If our fighting men in the American armed forces only have a fag with a dick in his hand waiting for him at home or a wife

who does not know Jesus who as been around the block several time’s a week with free wide and waiting mobile buffets

 in the backseat of her mini van with no time limit on the amount of rounds that can be fired in the hole, may end up giving

 her solider aids…


If any of our soldiers have to come home to a fag with his dick in his hand or an adulterous wife with aids spread out

 all over the dining room table it’s simply a sin to us fellow American’s and the almighty creator who designed that pee

 hole for 1 penis…


The bottom line is:


The United States Post office needs to get their act together and change their hiring policy to keep all fags on downtown

Main Street with their hands holding their dick and their pants below there ass and simply preserve the right to have decent

 people handle our mail.


Decent people who you can trust in all situation’s because they know Jesus or at least want to know Jesus and has

enough sense to  know right from wrong!


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