On the Subject of Adult Child Support in the United States of America

The United States of America treats ax murders that just got out of prison better than men who have to pay fully grown adult child support for grown children over the age of 18 years old, who's adult children are currently  contributing to the tax system through their own payroll checks at their own grown up jobs in the American economy.

This is a double tax on a man's sperm cells...

You see...

The government keeps every penny garnished after the kid turns 18 yrs old. Then proceeds to effectively reduce the productivity of the American economy by employing people to literally rip apart the lives of men who literally participated in building every structure on the face of America.

These men now reaching into their 40's have participated in one shape, form or another through being part of the American work force and gaining valuable work experience that can be reentered into the American economy after the kids turn 18 years old.

If the American government continues "legally murdering" these fathers of adult children through inflated financial charges and radical limits on passports and professional licenses, after the kids turn 18 years old, to the point a old father freezes to death on a city sidewalk...

 This type of action simply limits a straight man who loves women, in the sense of having the freedom to start and run their own business, with all the work and training accomplished  prior to their sperm cell being 18 years of age.

Now that youth is not on his side, that makes him less likely to enter a entry level job as a broke man in his 40's that has supported himself, a ex wife, and her new husband including her new 2 kids, from the new husband.

This man in his 40's for the majority of his life  has been victim to the Fags in the American government in regards to a vicious wage garnishment process surgically and routinely delivered by the United States government...

This insane political corruption coming from the United States Fag White House   has to stop at 18 years old, so this man now in his 40's can move on to run his own business since his entry level jobs have ultimately expired.

If we citizens with enough awareness do not wake up!

This United States gig, will soon systematically be over as you can now see from the current poor economic and moral condition of the United States of America...

The majority of the kids now a day's walk around with their pants below their ass, because they have had no daddy around due to the financial stress of the thumb of Fag and Lesbian government in the good old United States of America.

It this American child support enforcement over the age of 18 continues there will no longer be a civilized country to wake up to in the morning on the borders of the United States of America.

Us father's need a relief of government pressure once the kid turns 18 years old.

Enough is enough!

No more B.S.!

America wake up and stand up for your country. Stop being a little Hollywood Fag!

We the people need to  dismantle the evil protocol that chases down men that have grown children over the age of 18, then continually strategically utilizes government paid manpower hours to habitually harass these men that have already paid over $57,600 in child support...

For more child support, simply to support United States 2013 national president "Obama's" cigarette addiction!

This is why there are so many homeless men on the street of the United States. Men are working 40 hours per week and end up frozen to death on the public sidewalks of the United States of America, then immediately thrown into a body bag as a "John Doe" (unknown person) because their United States government garnished net weekly pay check is: $27.61 (twenty seven dollars and sixty one cents) after child support and tax deductions...

I, Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.,voluntarily have become the advocate (voice) for these dead straight men, who died and are presently at this very moment dying of United States of America fully grown adult child support enforcement on the public sidewalks of America!

The United States fag (homosexual) and lesbian government has extremely gone too far!

 These ferocious political animals regulating this evil adult child support national wage garnishment protocol need to be locked up in prison for murder! Of innocent fellow straight men, who's only crime was loving a woman...

Then immediately with out any further questions write off any existing financial negative balance on the subject of a mans living fully grown adult (USA) tax paying sperm cells...

These animals in the United States government that are less human than my pet dog, this deadly, lethal political party in charge of our semen and blood cells should  not have fag  and lesbian authority to hunt down 80 year old men to their death bed on the tax payers dime, for adult children that are already paying taxes into the American financial system to compensate the inflated and fabricated negative adult child support balance.

This is United States of America approved slow, day by day  legal murder of hard working, straight, mature men who can contribute their work experience and knowledge to the survival of the American economy.

These ruthless, heartless, 2013 governmental retarded fag politicians in the United States congress and white house are the living bacteria that is eroding the American national deficit at an alarming historical rate of lightning speed directly into the depths of a very prophesied biblical hell.

Click here to read about a United States male Fag (homosexual) school teacher who was publicly arrested for giving elementary school children his sperm on a spoon that went inside their mouth and digestive system. This school teacher also took over 100 pictures of himself doing this.

This is a perfect example of what Fags (homosexuals) can do with unlimited power in our political and educational systems.

If you my fellow American citizens agree that it is ok for a fag to be a elementary school teacher, and a openly fag (Gay- homosexual) politician...

Well, I'm just going to have to become a citizen of "Texas" who is right now attempting to be it's own country within the United States of America.

No longer, will my tax dollars go towards rubbers (condoms), to pay for school children to have fag butt sex outside of marriage, simply because it is taught in American elementary schools by Fag (homosexual) school teachers.

Then all you male fags can openly hump each other's butts, like dogs in the street, on the other side of the border fence, and we'll simply call the other side of the fence "Hell"!

To watch all the video's on my website, download this "free" video player...

(click here)

As of today January 20, 2013...

 I just confirmed a fact with “FaceBook”.

Facebook locked me out of my account simply because I was using my United States constitutional freedom of speech to express my thoughts about the United States Government.

Everything I said about the United States Government and the people that live in the United States is simply my point of view, which is the bona fide truth according to the way I see it, and I honestly gave the plain truth as I honestly see it.

Honesty is the best policy in any moral society.

This is a very scary scenario when we the people of the world give up our pictures and guts to a free service like FaceBook, then we simultaneously build them up to be a monster with billions of our advertising dollars.

All a sudden every business in the world is now dependent on this monster the internet community of the world created…

Then "FaceBook" can lock you out and somewhat control your finances and freedom of speech if you do not know how to make and host your own web site.

Before long FaceBook and the Untied Nations of the world, will be knocking down your bedroom door while you and your wife are asleep, then they will demand sex from your wife at gunpoint while you and your children are supposed to simply watch.

If you allow any government control to take your gun. This is what will happen.

That's what's headed this way if you the people of the world, do not learn how to make and host your own web sites.

What’s going on here with facebook is simply the beginning of a complete dictatorship of the world’s thoughts and actions which is consistently day by day looking like FaceBook wants to control the pure truth of what is happening in your day to day living environment.

The truth should be expressed…

Not suppressed!

Everyone in the world needs to learn how to make their own web site like the one you are now on to prevent a complete take over of your mind and dollars in your wallet by a giant monster like Facebook and Google ECT. As these self created giants start controlling your every thought and what you ought to say and think in a public book that you create on your own "FaceBook" website that they govern in accordance with the United Nations world government out of New York City, New York (USA).

Suppressing the truth about government is not going to solve any problems in government or else on your dinner plate, bank account and what happens in your elementary school your kid attends. It’s simply going to create more problems by not facing the truth.

People of the world wake up and smell the coffee. Create your own websites and freely express your own opinions about the evil and pure 100% filth in your society as your eyeballs view it in real-time action.

People of the world, don’t be dictated by "Facebook" giants.

The criminal crimes these institutions and individuals in public office and police uniforms commit should be exposed, then tried in a court next to a tree with a big long rope attached to it, or else simply the deepest darkest jail that will prepare them to live with Satan in "Hell"!

Generally speaking, every sober man and woman on earth knows the difference between right and wrong to some degree of rational measurement. And every elected and non elected public servant of government should be evaluated before entering a position of public duty, to  comprehend what is right and what is wrong when crucial decisions are made on the behalf of the people they serve.

In conclusion FaceBook is nothing more than Big Brother
United Nations of the World located in: political corruption capitol of the world New York City, New York (USA)…

Its also home of the American Israel Jews and home to the American Italian Mofia which is located in New York City, New York , United States of America.

 FaceBook is simply giving you the people of the world an alternative to making your own website, on your own servers, with your own domain name.

The reason FaceBook is doing this is: to control your every thought and opinion about anything. As a matter of fact, in my opinion the United Nations put together projects similar to FaceBook and funded the projects start up cost with your United States tax dollars simply to control your thoughts and actions. In other words, its simply a totalitarian rule by the current political party that is currently elected into office and is currently controlling every tax dollar that comes out of your pay check down to the nickles and dimes, but they will leave you a few penny's, simply as gesture to laugh in your face...

It's called:
Pure Evil
"Pure Evil"!

Today’s Food For Thought…

Sometimes you just can’t fix stupid!

It looks like I’m kind of this year's 2013 Las Vegas, Nevada Consumer Electronics Show (CES) center of attention.

This year in the year 2013 they are displaying all my documented idea’s that I wrote on paper and sent to the "United States of America" patent office in the year 1996.

The only thing they did not trample on was my specific patent published protected application related to live mobile video in the vehicles.

I formally published that through the patent office using a $10,000 lawyer who has expensive taste and it is explained in detail via my patent publication.

From what I heard of an official IT Ford spokesman say on C-Net is: that all the Ford Software Development Kit (SDK) is open to all programmers "except video related applications".

There’s a good reason for that and that is because I have “Patent Pending Rights” to that application and I’m still looking for a initial investor…

I formally published that specific application through the United States Patent Office and if any car manufacture attempts to go around me on that they will have to fork over some loot!

Now, once again I’m looking for an investor and we the people of the world need Live Mobile Video jobs provided by www.taxibabblermouth.com

Any investor with an initial $500,000 and a deep willingness to be extremely rich beyond comprehension please call me, Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

Right away before I run out of minutes on my cell phone at: +1-540-524-0737 (USA)

Honest, Truthful Citizens of America…

Do Not Give Up Your Gun Rights to the Evil, Dishonest, Lying, Cheating, and Back Stabbing 2013 United States Politicians!

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For some reason the Fag (homosexuals and perverted women who think they can replace a man's penis) politicians in the United States Government can take down nations, but they can not take down:

 Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

As hard as they try by giving me over 130 United States police traffic tickets, kidnapping my precious fatherly bonding time and authority of my children, who are now grown children in the year 2013...

In year 2013 my adult children are in their 20's (twenty's), to irradiate, the adult kids are in the 20's age group and
the United States of America Fag (homosexual) politicians are charging me a interest fee on my own sperm cells, which are my children...

This government scheme that originated somewhere in the depths of our United States Government, all started in December, 1993 with the corrupt United States government assisting the Henderson, Nevada police department for lying, by saying I kicked their lying corrupt police officer "Bostick" in the groin (balls) and literally kidnapping my fatherly Godly rights to my now adult children on this false charge...

This cop with federal protection of Fag laws and politicians has given the
$$$ money hoarding United States $$$ Fag (homosexual) politicians false authority to enforce adult child support of my very own adult children who are now over the age of 18...

Today in the year 2013 as of my last pay check they are taking
95% percent of my earned income through wage garnishments and government related police induced fee's. This typical scenario has been a routine for me since December, of: 1993.

No joke, this is real!

Once the kids hit 18 years old all adult child support enforcement should immediately be stopped!

The adult kids aren't getting the money, The United States money hoarding government is getting the money.

Today as of the year 2013, the United States Government want's $43,000 more dollars out of me for adult child support, plus an array of additional taxes, after I all ready paid close to $57,600 dollars in USA child support and some nickels, dimes and some adult males faces I put my fist through.

I paid $800.00 a month from January 1994 to December in the year 2000 which is roughly $800.00 (eight hundred dollars per month) x12 = $9,600 x 6 years which equals out to be in the neighborhood of $57,600...

Today in the year 2013 I know for a fact the adult kids aren't getting the money and the undercover closet bi-sexual mother of my children is not getting the money, simply because I talk to my adult kids about their college money that I don't have at this moment...

How can an official United States politician who is a bona-fide open, public fag (homosexual) in any way relate or even attempt to understand what the American Voters need in this type of straight (heterosexual) adult male - female domestic problem solving crisis?

The answer is: It's not humanly possible, simply because a fag (homosexual) is a immature animal created by Satan the Devil, who simply has more sin and male butt sex evil for the solution to the crisis...

In other words, sometimes you simply can't fix stupid!

According to all my true and honest personal data on this enormous web site
(click here) with over 3,000 files and counting, it should be absolutely against the federal law of the United States of America, to allow a fag (homosexual) in any type of fag (homosexual) category, closet fag - open end fag- public fag ect., into a public ruling law making government office, at any level, including kindergarten teachers and especially the fact that fags (homosexuals) should not be allowed in our United States Military.
If this can happen to me, it can happen to you, wake up authentic Christian America!

After all this...

“I’m still standing”.
Because, I’m a real true authentic Christian:


  I promise you the American people as long as I’m standing all these corrupt politicians and corrupt police officers will be overthrown and locked in government
jails, that we the straight manual labor force people of America, and imported people of Mexico crafted with our own hands.

All the leftover corruption will be dealt with by our heavenly Father who has the ultimate power of granting heaven or hell to the leftover corrupt politicians and law enforcement officers of the United States of America!

God's people the authentic Christians are going to clean house in the next upcoming years in the forthcoming history of the United States...

Simply, because us true people of God have no choice, we simply have to clean the filth of Satan that is staining the surface of America, and who is constantly fighting every attempt that we the people of God put forth to sterilize America's evil filth.

More Clear Evidence of:

More Clear Evidence of Nibiru

Obama's Fag Nation



Face Book” just locked me out of my own account. It looks like the United States Government controls “Face Book” and they do not want me to publicly use my free speech about how downright, lowlife corrupt they are on Face Book!

I believe Zig Ziggler a famous motivational speaker said 1 in 4 Americans now works for the government.  This explains why our country is going deeper into financial debt and why it’s turning into a totalitarian rule just like other European countries. ( to·tal·i·tar·i·an (t -t l -târ - n). adj. Of, relating to, being, or imposing a form of government in which the political authority exercises absolute and centralized control ...) (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

If 1 out of 4 Americans is working for the government that leaves 3 out of 4 Americans to create national and world output for the rest of America. When I say world output I mean mining for gold in the ground and selling the raw gold to a craftsman to make a gold necklace, who than forwards that gold necklace to a salesman who makes the sale and the taxes are deducted from his check to pay for all the government workers who are vegetating in front of their television sets waiting for that government check.

Every time a politician gets a fag (homosexual) hair up his butt he creates a new law that limits the productivity of the gold miner, gold craftsman and then the gold sales person.

Once this cycle continues non stop it turns in to political insanity and that is how revolutions are started. The 1st   step the United States of America is putting into place is the up most and priority of the fat cats at the top of government which is: take our guns just incase we the working people decide we don’t like our current government politicians, and decide to lock them up in a government jail with the guns we the people crafted with our own hands.

The crime these politicians are committing is called:  


 (In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation. Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social superiors, such as the murder of a husband by his wife. Treason against the king was known as high treason and treason against a lesser superior was petty treason. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.) (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

America wake up!

At this time in December of 2012 all the state and national politicians of the United States of America are criminals.  They only want to take your guns so they can teach elementary school children to have Fag butt sex and the taxpayers of the United States of America will pay the bill for the free rubbers (condoms).

The  fag (homosexual) politicians want to take your guns so when you get upset about this they can utilize your own children who grew up to be fag disobedient police officers and National Guard members to shoot you dead as a door nail because you do not have a right to own a gun.

America you definitely have to stop these gun laws from being passed and we the people need to imprison every politician and fag homosexual who wants to take our gun rights away.

Because jail with bars is where the 2012 United States politicians belong for trying to take away our constitutional right to bear arms in America.

It's called "Treason" (In law, treason is the crime that covers some of the more extreme acts against one's sovereign or nation. Historically, treason also covered the murder of specific social superiors, such as the murder of a husband by his wife. Treason against the king was known as high treason and treason against a lesser superior was petty treason. A person who commits treason is known in law as a traitor.) (From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia)

Evidence of a New Solar System passing near earth

According to various You Tube videos…

An insider who has friends in the CIA actually visually looked with his own eyes at a solar system that is right now approaching earth. This solar system arrives every 3,630 years and is coming this way…

The solar system was observed with the United States tax payers Hubble Telescope.

This insider’s CIA drinking buddies claim once this thing gets close to earth it starts to speed up and then shoots its self out of our solar system and will come back in another 3,630 years.

The actual storm is anticipated to last about 20 minutes with millions if not billions of 70 pound rocks hitting the earth. This solar system also includes rocks 500 miles wide and another rock over a million miles wide.

All our evil fags in government have known about this for many years. Popular mechanics published an article on this subject in 1961.

The banks of the United States do not want any Americans knowing about this because the storm will cause 3 mile high waves on every coast line in the United States and every house and building 100 miles from the current coastline will be under water and this will make every piece of real estate on the United States Coast line worth $0.00 dollars.

The reason the United States government wants to confiscate your guns is because the evil fags in our United States government have built underground bunkers with airplanes, food, and water. The United States government will eventually run out of food underground and will gather the surviving humans to use as slaves to farm what land is not under water and brutally sexually rape the women who are still alive. The Fag politicians will rape the young boys since they are homosexual fags.

They want to take all your full auto and semi auto guns so you will have less of a chance of getting into their bunkers and stealing their food and possibly preach Jesus in their underground bunkers.

The United States of America has to now wake up and realize your United States government has been hiding the truth from you and has been hoarding resources for their own personal benefit  instead of using your tax dollars to help you survive, they have been doing the exact opposite, which is using your tax dollars to systematically kill you and your family.

Our media is so controlled. Cnn News I Report asks for our opinion. But when you get ready to upload your opinion it clearly states you can not insult the fags (homosexuals).

What’s Up!

If you want the real news you are going to have to let real people express their opinions.

The terms and conditions of their web site is the exact problem with this country because they are protecting the fags (homosexuals) of this country.

If our freedom of speech is yanked from us on major websites like CNN, none of our problems will ever be discussed and their will continuously be more disorder and violence brewing in the streets of America.

Satan is delivering us technology through his manifestation of UFO’s in order to advance our ability to sin, even further and faster using the internet, cars instead of horses and airplanes to deliver a airline stewardess across the globe to commit adultery on her husband more efficiently than as if she had to run across the corn field to commit adultery with the neighbor in the middle of the night.

You see…

Adultery especially in a woman, cheating on her husband is an extreme crime in the eyes of God. If Satan succeeds in assisting a woman to commit adultery on her husband that’s one more human he gets the Godly privilege of torturing in hell for ever and ever with out any hopes of that human ever getting out of hell.

You must clearly see…

Satan hates humans, simply because he is jealous of humans. Ever since God created humans Satan has been jealous of us humans because we are made in Gods image. You have to understand this and simply believe what I’m saying because it can save you from suffering in the fires of hell.

According to individuals who have died and come back, they clearly describe hell and the majority of them all say the same thing. These individuals claim there are creatures torturing them in hell. Cutting them into pieces and they do not die. Heat in the temperatures of 3000 degrees and they are always thirsty and do not have any blood, but they keep on living and do not die.

I do not know about you. But there is not a piece of tail (Vagina) on planet earth that is worth going straight to hell for. If you have any common sense, believe the word of God and the Holy Bible. Simply accept Jesus as your lord and Savior, and then allow the Holy Spirit to open your eyes and take control of the steering wheel that is driving your body to heaven or hell.

Be smart and become a Christian and do not go to hell because only the Christians will escape the fires of hell and the eternal torturing of these evil creatures that have been reserved for Satan and all the fallen angels that have followed Satan, which is about 1/3 of Gods angels according to the bible.

Evil and sexual sin is so great in Las Vegas, Nevada, that Satan manifested himself into a UFO creature and he hangs out at area 51  approximately 100 miles north of “Nellis Air Force Base” in North Las Vegas, Nevada, that spends millions of tax payer’s dollars interviewing creatures that originated from the depths of hell instead of them originating from another planet.

You see during the interviews that are posted all over You Tube…

The United States tax dollar paid military interviewer examiners bluntly admit that these UFO creatures have no fear of dying because they originated from a spiritual place.

As Christians we know there are only 2 types of spiritual places and that is Heaven or Hell!

You see...

 Las Vegas, Nevada allows legal prostitution….

Outside the city limits of Las Vegas and in every other small town in the state of Nevada.
Most people visiting Las Vegas assume the inside of their motel room is outside the city limits and so do the prostitutes, with the filthy mouth full of old sperm and cuss words who are getting fatter and uglier by the minute.

The evil has manifested itself into a society of people who have been raised to live in hell…

The quality of the local resident’s is so evil that their faces are all wrinkled up in the young ages of 20 through 30 years old from cigarette smoke, liquor and the non stop ongoing lifestyle of hell which is being practiced right here on earth in the valley of Las Vegas, Nevada (USA) in probably one of the most evil places on earth because of the hotels and the amount of billions of dollars invested in the real estate of Las Vegas, Nevada.

Since the time of birth in Las Vegas, Nevada a new child is exposed to parents with a river of filth coming out their mouth simultaneously inhaling cigarette smoke and the residue of broken beer bottles on the city streets of Las Vegas, neighborhoods.

If you really want a taste of authentic hell which has clearly up- set the only Lord God creator of the heavens and earth, who’s son is Jesus Christ the Savior of the world because of legal Nevada prostitution laws that immediately lawfully sells their children into prostitution and rivers of evil, simply spend a lifetime in Las Vegas, Nevada and you will surely be in the center of hell where Satan exercises his demonic power on a daily habitual time clock.

According to all the current data provided by YouTube and existing government documents floating on the internet…

 The United States government, originating out of Washington D.C. is totally fagatized ( homosexual - ized) since the 1960’s and they simply want to confiscate your gun through incremental new law’s and incremental new police crimes and National Guard crimes against hard working American citizens who send their school children to public schools that are teaching elementary school children to have fag butt sex with American tax dollars paying for the rubbers (condems).


The goverment wants your guhs

The video linked to this page shows you in black and white...

On United States Government paper, that the U.S. government has been planning to confiscate America’s domestic guns since the early 1960’s.

All the pieces fit together once you see this video. America please wake up and buy more guns for your household before the police of America walk into your house and rape your wife, daughter and mother while they are still wearing their police uniform.

According to this video several on duty New Orleans police in uniform raped a resident woman in New Orleans in her house during the flood.

The National Guard kicked in the door of an upper scale house and punched an old lady in the face in her own house, then confiscated and permanently stole her small pistol gun revolver out of her hand.

 According to all the public information available and my personal, honest, first hand up front experience, with how the Henderson, Nevada (USA) police take pleasure and laughter in telling a lie that negativity jeopardized the financial and physical safety of my family and ultimately separated and dissolved my family, by destroying my family of 4 with legal financial fines and fag (homosexual) hog wash from within the governmental state of Nevada, that is linked to the White House in Washington D.C., by utilizing a couple of police officers lying and saying I kicked Henderson, Nevada (USA) police office Bostick in the groin (balls), in the year 1993.

I’m totally convinced looking at the government documents of this video from the 1960’s, that it’s all part of the plan to disarm America…

I feel I’m a target of this U.S. government plan because of my Military background and my military ability to physically defend myself plus other people around me from the current corruption of the majority of Military people who would not question why they are killing their fellow Americans.

The plan is to financially or physically exterminate as many U.S. veterans like my self who are honest and loyal and not corrupted in any way to the extent to assist the current evil government from the depths of hell in their plans to take all the guns from America.

After they take the guns there is the possibility they will use all the females as play toys. After they do what they want with the females they will either make all the males of America into fags or else simply shoot the males in the head or worse.

According to all the public data we Americans who are straight and believe in God should take this threat serious and stock up on guns and bullets and accessories immediately after understanding the true intentions of the current and past American government since the early 1960’s.

Our evil fags in this current United States government are begging for war and expect us to hand over our gun rights with a whimper.

Us real straight God fearing Americans have to display the glory and power of God and Jesus and the Holy Spirit when we are commanded to defend the word of God which is the Holy living Christian Bible and our close family like our mother, wife and daughter.

All the males of the United States need to start immediately training in the physical training of an all out defense against our current evil United States police and government regardless of your race and never give up your guns to criminals in police uniforms who claims they want your gun in the name of liberty, which is absolutely false.

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I’m by no means one of the world’s great bible scholars, but just looking around at the perverted evil coming out of the United States White House in Washington, DC...

 I can surely assure you, we are living in the last chapters of the Bible.

The perverted evil has surfaced before my eyes and has been so great in the last 30 years, that it has continued to escalate at a phenomenal speed into the year 2012 to the point God and his angels are ready to physically take over the planet we call earth.

Okay, let’s review what’s been going on in the United States of America since at least the year 1950:

Since the year 1950 a slow number of closet fags have been coming out of the closet. These men really do not like women they simply want to be a woman. On the same token a bunch of women decided they don’t like men and simply want to be a man.

The way these women and men display their insanity is by men dressing up as women and women dressing up as men.

Today in the year 2012 they call themselves’ “Gay” and “Lesbian’s”. God calls this an “abomination”.

These people for 1: are insane.

These people for 2: have to answer to God for their perversion.

These people for 3: need to repent to God and ask Jesus to come into their life and fill them with the Holy Spirit to overcome the sexual evil in their life that comes directly from Satan.

These people for 4: are a group of un- Godly evil animals who need to immediately realize that sex really is not that important...

 Once these people are boiling in the flames of hell, they will look back at what they done on the surface of earth. They will claim if they had another chance they would not commit sexual evil...

They will claim that they will not commit related common evil sin against their own family members and would accept Jesus.

But, Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit know's exactly what they would do if they had another chance to do it all over again…

These possessed creatures of Satan, are simply evil and do not want to get married to the right sex in the way God designed us to get married. They simply want to have sex outside of God’s way of getting married.

 They simply are being evil 24 hours a day and pervert every living creature on the planet, with the filth in between their ears; in something they call a perverting un – Godly, un – ethical brain!

The point I’m making is: if these people had another chance to do it all over again, they would do the same sexual sin all over again. The same sexual sin that sent them to Hell and that is why they are in Hell!

You see some of these fag sociologists are right…

They are simply born that way.

People are born sinners and will never change no matter how many chances they get. Just like Satan the fallen angle, no matter how many chances God gives Satan to change, he will continue to be evil and that is why Hell is reserved for Satan and all the Gay Fags and Lesbians.

This is very simple and not difficult to figure out.

Once again I must irradiate and make this very clear…

If you voted for this Fag president Obama, and you are all for Fag rights, you are severely possessed by the devil and have mental problems.

If you think Fag butt sex should be taught in elementary schools across the Untied States while the parents may or may not have their hands tied behind the back of the chair by a wall of United States law’s that believe this kind of governmental behavior is acceptable…

Once again, I must say, you are clearly out of your mind!

In the 1950’s in the United States of America by the law you where considered an insane individual if you do not like the female species and simply wanted to become a female.

What happened?

Did the devil change America’s mind or did you the Obama voters do that all on your own.

From the current looks of things according to United States President Obama’s Fag pictures of himself kissing other male species, he must have hid the truth from at least half of America.

This means there is a cover up of Obama’s lifestyle coming from the fag community and the White House which now looks like the same community of Fags.

So, now in the United States, if you are a straight individual male or female, you are considered insane and out of your mind by the current government of the United States.

What a flip of character in only 60 years…

Well, if this is the true facts of what’s going on and the most powerful voice of our United States government is a true bona – fide Fag according to his speech and fag photo’s. God is very interested in President Obama simply because he has caught God’s attention and God even put a word in the bible for Obama, its called "abomination". What I think happened over the years of translating the bible someone got mixed up and used the word abomination, when the real word is Obama’s – Nation.

God made it clear that Obama’s – Nation is a nation of disgust. The word abomination means disgust to God and others who do sexual evil.

Their simply has to be some sort of correlation since the 2 words are so close to each other and have the exact same meaning

As long as we have a fag at the helm of our ship...

 We might as well consider our country the United States of America as a sinking ship. No one is going to save it except Jesus and the trinity which is Jesus, God and the Holy Spirit.

 In other words bend over and kiss your butt goodbye as a country because with this kind of leadership steering the boat its bound to hit a reef or another ship.

President Obama may have a fag attack at the wheel of the boat, on the bridge of the boat, where the captain might be getting a blow job and fag butt sex by the vice president of the United States...

Its going to get crazy for the next 4 years.

Is the United States of America ready for a United States president who verbally affirms Fags (homosexuals) publicly on news stations?

Is the United States of America ready for a president who is caught with numerous rumors and Navy intelligence officers claiming he is a fag?

The United States president now as I’m typing this has numerous photos of himself kissing men passionately on the lips which are floating all over the internet and now the public streets on telephone poles.

This is a disgrace and direct insult from Satan and now president Obama, to every straight God fearing American on planet earth and this should not continue any longer in any way.

All us Christians need to personally decide how we are going to handle this situation in order to bring peace and justice to our current civilization in the United States of America for the sake of our children and grandchildren and their destiny to Heaven or Hell.

Our current male not female, past, future United States President should not be caught kissing guys on the lips in any fashion or form period.

End of Story!

President Obama publicly kisses guy’s on the lips

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Navy Intelligence Anlyst in the Photo Below Affirms Official Evidence of the Fact:

 United States of America - President Obama - Being a Fag

(Pure - Authentic -"Homosexual")

My fellow spirit filled Christians, this is horrific news. The devil ( Lucifer) is increasing his power by literally taking over the Presidential White House, in Washington, D.C.

Hell is reserved for Satan (Lucifer the fallen angle) and his Fags, which carry Satan's  spirit with a dash of aids.

Click here, to watch this video released, September of 2012.

Official Evidence of President Obama Being a Fag

 God's Bible Truth About A UFO

Holy Bible

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All you fags that are professionals like airline pilots, piano playing celebrities, ect. If you want your fag pictures and your personalized, hand written love fag letters, with your hand writing, from my now dead half fag brother back, with negatives and a written note from me that promises I won’t sell them to a Fag magazine or publish your fag pictures and hand written letters on a new website called Big Brothers Against Evil Fags.com with you having Fag sex with my younger half fag brother , now dead from aids, and dead as a door nail, cremated, hell bound fag half brother from a different daddy, in which these photo’s are now legally mine…

I will sell you your own Fag pictures back to you for $30,000 per set.

Buy them now before the price goes up!

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After today’s election results, it’s pretty obvious more people are disillusioned
from reality and they are simply filled with the spirit of Satan.
Yes, this country has leadership from the devil Satan. Only Satan can allow a Fag oriented president
named Obama to run the United States of America!

"All you Fag homosexual)

 animals who voted for Obama are just plain Evil"

  I speak only the  pure 100% truth!

Yes! All you Fags are animals, worse than a pig in a pile of mud, more evil than a terd in a toilet.

Any man who sticks his God given baby maker up another man's butt hole is Evil. Any man who takes a God given baby maker up the butt is Evil.

Any President of the United States of America, black, brown, yellow, white who verbally affirms all rights for fags is Evil...

The unmistaken "exact" true reality is: 52% of the American voting population are Fag (homosexual) orientated evil "abomination" (Obama's - Nation) animals who need Jesus!

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This is a picture of a Rottweiler watch dog.

I woke up this morning and this picture was missing off my home page. Only the shadow government has the power to do this.
Please be my guest to copy and print this picture and make a bumper sticker out of it!

Paste it on a very busy vehicle intersection.

Pin it to your church bulletin board.

Post it on a Billboard sign on the American Highway's.

Wake up your neighbors and save your country.

This very evil shadow government has to be exposed...

This picture was put together via the Holy Spirit and the search engine Google, utilizing pictures floating on the internet and my body. This picture literally exposes the face of Satan and it has United States president Obama passionately, tightly, jointly engaging in kissing a man on the lips who looks just like the mans face in the smoke of the World Trade Center.

I really do not know the exact meaning of this picture, but I'm sure the Holy Spirit simply is using me to pass this very unique, coincidental information to you my brothers and sisters in Christ.

Free Obama "Fag" Picture!

Free Obama "Fag" Picture!

Evil fag pictures in the World Trade Center smoke located in New York

Two mysterious visitor’s faces are embedded within the dirt of my car windshield…

I consider these 2 faces my protective angels.

Copyright © 2012 - www.taxibabblermouth.com - All Rights Reserved

A close up view of this photo is shown in the video “My Rottweiler Dog” (1 hour 22 minutes) near the end of the video, click here for the video page...

This is a real, not fake, true evidence of a spiritual encounter. You may just call this dirt but, we all need to trust in Jesus right now! For the rest of our forever, without a end life in "Heaven or Hell"!

Two mysterious visitor’s faces are embedded within the dirt of my car windshield…
A passenger visitor’s face is embedded within the dirt of my car windshield…


All of us humans on earth are not special, or better than anyone else, simply because we all go to either “Heaven” or “Hell” and we live under one (1) decision maker of our destiny which is God (Jehovah), Jesus and the Holy Sprit.

At this point in my life, I’m still a Microsoft Man!

I will buy a Microsoft product before I buy anyone else’s product.

Thank you, Bill Gates and the team at Microsoft.

A Baby Picture of Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

God's word is worth gold!

(Obama's Nation = AbomiNation)

Daily Prayer...

In the name of Jesus...

 I command all the evil demons of Hell...

To go back to Hell...

 Where they belong...

And stay there forever...

In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit…



This country is constantly being attacked by evil...

Fags (Homosexual's) are evil spiritual demons from hell, that occupy a human body which is converted to a Fag, which is sexual perversion, which causes spiritual (they go to hell), human and pure moral - political - ethical - financial and economic, plus physical death to all living creatures of God.
Any time a man sticks a penis up another man's butt, then kisses another man on the lip's is, evil and an abomination to God and the rest of us humans that believe God's way is the right way...

All us straight people need to out vote the Fags this year in 2012, for the survival of the United States of America...


The Next President of the United States of America!

I promise you the cop lied…

Because, the fact is: the cop lied…

So, the advantage to you is: you now know the cop lied…

  The real value to you isyou can now stop and recognize this cop is lying…

So, in your opinion do you feel this cop should stop lying now or later?

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