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According to all the current data provided by YouTube and existing government documents floating on the internet…

 The United States government, originating out of Washington D.C. is totally fagatized ( homosexual - ized) since the 1960’s and they simply want to confiscated your gun through incremental new law’s and incremental new police crimes and National Guard crimes against hard working American citizens who send their school children to public schools that are teaching elementary school children to have fag butt sex with American tax dollars paying for the rubbers (condems).

The video on this page shows you in black and white...

On United States Government paper, that the U.S. government has been planning to confiscate America’s domestic guns since the early 1960’s.

All the pieces fit together once you see this video. America please wake up and buy more guns for your household before the police of America walk into your house and rape your wife, daughter and mother while they are still wearing their police uniform.

According to this video several on duty New Orleans police in uniform raped a resident woman in New Orleans in her house during the flood.

The National Guard kicked in the door of an upper scale house and punched an old lady in the face in her own house, then confiscated and permanently stole her small pistol gun revolver out of her hand.








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