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According to various You Tube videos…

An insider who has friends in the CIA actually visually looked with his own eyes at a solar system that is right now approaching earth. This solar system arrives every 3,630 years and is coming this way…

The solar system was observed with the United States tax payers Hubble Telescope.

This insider’s CIA drinking buddies claim once this thing gets close to earth it starts to speed up and then shoots its self out of our solar system and will come back in another 3,630 years.

The actual storm is anticipated to last about 20 minutes with millions if not billions of 70 pound rocks hitting the earth. This solar system also includes rocks 500 miles wide and another rock over a million miles wide.

All our evil fags in government have known about this for many years. Popular mechanics published an article on this subject in 1961.

The banks of the United States do not want any Americans knowing about this because the storm will cause 3 mile high waves on every coast line in the United States and every house and building 100 miles from the current coastline will be under water and this will make every piece of real estate on the United States Coast line worth $0.00 dollars.

The reason the United States government wants to confiscate your guns is because the evil fags in our United States government have built underground bunkers with airplanes, food, and water. The United States government will eventually run out of food underground and will gather the surviving humans to use as slaves to farm what land is not under water and brutally sexually rape the women who are still alive. The Fag politicians will rape the young boys since they are homosexual fags.

They want to take all your full auto and semi auto guns so you will have less of a chance of getting into their bunkers and stealing their food and possibly preach Jesus in their underground bunkers.

The United States of America has to now wake up and realize your United States government has been hiding the truth from you and has been hoarding resources for their own personal benefit instead of using your tax dollars to help you survive, they have been doing the exact opposite, which is using your tax dollars to systematically kill you and your family.



A real photo of this new solar system approaching earth





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