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More Clear Evidence of "Nibiru"
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More Clear Evidence of "Nibiru"

In this video you will find more clear 2012 evidence of Nibiru the solar system that is coming this way…

This clearly explains the political actions of a hand full of United States politicians that are forming the United Nations in New York City, New York of the United States of America…

Who simply want to confiscate all the guns so that when this thing hit’s and if you may survive…

You will be no threat to their supply of food, water and pussy!

You see the politicians that we currently have in office right now are not problem solvers…

They are “hoarders” which is a mental problem in which the person who has the disease does not realize they have the disease, unless a relative or close family friend walks into their house and starts cleaning up the mess they are living in.  A hoarder can create an environment which is nasty and causes death to all the inhabitants of that environment in which the hoarder is in control of.

Our politicians are so evil and filled with disease in between their ears that they are not consciously aware of the fact that they are destroying the United States of America within.

On the other hand, these groups of United States politicians may have passes to the underground bunkers that were built by the United States taxpayers dollars and they are simply hoarding all the money and necessary resources available and fleecing the people of the world and the United States of America for everything they own, including their life, lively hood and everything attached to every living creature on earth because they figure…

Every creature on earth is going to die any way, very soon, because of this solar system which is on the way to earth.

The solar system that is on the way to earth is called Nibiru…

This may explain the perversion and the governments of the world’s unwillingness to clean up all the evil perversion in the world political arena.

People of the world and America keep your guns and do not listen to the United States evil government who wants to take your guns and only support their own lies and cover up their own corruption.

The United States government is helping to cover up lies of Henderson, Nevada police officers and is systematically killing all life on earth with a new created fag (homosexual) law, which is created like every week or else every chance they get to write a new fag law on the books.

It’s very obvious that the United States government is systematically garnishing a man’s paycheck and trying to take away a man’s authority and ability to support a pussy or family, created by the pussy that is part of a man through marriage or in any other way.

The United States government is systematically attempting to create criminals out of men who like pussy and is trying to take every dime, every dollar, and every gun a man owns and leave him penniless on the street.

The reason the United States government is creating such an infrastructure is because these types of men are the men who create families, cultures and population.

Since these politicians know for a fact that this solar system is on the way, these type of current men who are now homeless, are scheduled to systematical die in the streets of America and secretly be killed in their sleep on the street and disposed of in the incinerator with out anyone really knowing what happened.

You see…

It’s simply a government secret and the government’s way of doing business.

The surviving population is planned to be women and fags and some children.

The surviving population will be no threat to these greedy hoarding politicians who will use this remaining population for sex toy’s and free labor around the house of their new civilization after this storm hits.

If you had this inside information about Nibiru, and you had millions and billions of dollars of the taxpayer’s daily donations from their paycheck…

If you were evil and filled with the spirit of the devil which is Satan, you might consider doing the same thing this handful of United States politicians are doing in order to secure your life and spot on earth after this Solar System hits the earth called Nibiru.

(This was written by: Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr., President and Chief Executive Officer of TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC., located at: or, in the year 2013)



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