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The New Obama Fag Nation of the United States of America…



This new perfect world Obama wants to create is so perverted that I can not even go to Manpower ( a temporary employment agency or even (STS) Staffing & Temporary Services ( and get a job, let me explain…


I have two misdemeanors:


Misdemeanor #1


In 1993 when my ex-wife and mother of my only children that I know of called the cops and the cops arrived at my household and then the two arresting officers lied by claiming I kicked Henderson, Nevada police officer Bostick in the balls.


Misdemeanor #2  


In 2005 or 2006 I punched my younger Fag (homosexual) half brother in the mouth because I found out he was a fag, which was also combined with a few other very evil sins he openly, bluntly committed, who is now dead of an aids related disease ...


All these Fags need to legally physically die  as soon as possible...


For the survival of a Godly human civilization. The opposite of this result is: a civilization of sophisticated fag animals, legally sticking their penis up each others butt in front of your two year old blond daughter, on the neighborhood street corner, on the way to your local supermarket or church.


Truthfully the last time I've seen my Fag half brother, he was 13 years old. Then I met him when he was 31 years old. I had to immediately punch him in the face when I found out he was a bonafide fag (homosexual)...


My mother told me he was a fag, but I never wanted to believe it was true.


When I punched my fag half brother, he hit the ground pretty hard, he rolled to his stomach and pushed his self up, then before I could punch my fag half brother a second time he ran away like a fag and locked his self in a vehicle that blocked my vehicle from leaving the driveway. Then he called 911 and screamed like he was being murdered simultaneously using fag language to tell a police dispatcher that I hit him in the mouth which was very true...


Truthfully the only reason I punched him in his face is: because I wanted to save his life from a long eternity in hell...


He needed to repent to Jesus before he died to save his soul from the fire!


I hope he felt God's message through my fist in his face before he died in his sleep with a disease related to aids, since he had aids.


I went to jail for a few hours while my ex fiancé bailed me out of jail.


That punch cost my female ex fiancé  $5,000 not fag ex fiancé, but female. Just because my fag half brother who is now a dead fag, does not mean I'm a fag or any where close to that. Only 500% the opposite is true, I'm straight as a new board out of the factory.


The last time I seen my now dead fag half brother was around 2005 or 2006 when I punched him in the face.

The absolute truth is plain and clear...


America has an enormous crisis at epidemic proportions…

Even with all the pictures of my Fag half brother having fag butt sex with the elite so called Obama’s Fag American voters. I honestly believe I have only scratched the surface of the evil group of political fag’s that are living this secret fag lifestyle right under our nose in the White house of the United States. Including the United States congress.

I have uncovered facts of my now
physically dead half brothers fag lifestyle that at this time is so evil, I do not think you the American public can handle it. Not to say, at some time in the near future I will absolutely reveal how evil my Fag half brother really is, while he does eternity in hell or heaven with no hopes of ever getting out.

If any of my other relatives reading this page are fags just send me a post card, because I really do not want you near my kids dog or anything else I have that is alive and breathing.


I'm totally sick of Fags, I will preach to you through my web pages.  When you accept Jesus and live the way he wants you to live, then we can hang out in church.


I also was served a restraining order to not get near the Fag half brother of mine who is now dead as of the year 2012.


In this country, in my family, this half fag brother of mine has no rights.  If he’s a fag and is using my blood father’s last name that was falsely given to him at the time of birth in his birth place which was a hospital located in the Las Vegas, Nevada, now globally known as the perversion capital of the world…



I simply want to say my blood father is not the father of my younger half brother in any way.  This half fag brother of mine was fathered by a white guy with the last name "Hensly".


The fag lifestyle of my half brother Leslie De La Vega has only brought pain and misery to my family and has totally left a residue of evil in the minds of my children and a mess for me to clean up like a hurricane.


The spirit of Fags is evil!


My observation of what is going on in the Obama Fag political arena is: Obama and his team of evil Fags, are completely taking over the health care system. Using Fag doctors wearing white uniforms, to legally kill all the straight people and possibly legally, lethally kill all the straight peoples close families, utilizing Obama selected doctors and drugs prescribed by the Obama administration to kill all of the hand picked, straight, authentic Americans.


Wake up America...


This is real!


I claim this direct accusation because a VA doctor at the Veterans hospital on 7th street in Phoenix, Arizona put a needle in my arm and drugged me up for having the hic ups. Then this Big Time Fag Doctor sent me home in my taxi. While I was the taxi driver in my own taxi, I thought my head was going to explode on the way home. I also felt like my heart was going to pop out of my chest. In other words I should have had an accident on the way home. I’m a licensed (CDL) professional driver with over a million miles under my belt and a little traffic jam on the freeway while a Fag doctor drugged me up was not going finish me off. But the Fag doctor tried to create my death as accidental.


If I ever get a choice of who my doctor should be. She should be a full figured blond in high heels.


The current Obama administration is giving you very few options which are: Be a Fag or die!


I must be putting a dent in Obama’s Fag agenda with the absolute truth of this very web page you are reading. I’m no fool, I know what you government fags are up too!


If you are reading this today and you are a closet fag…


Change your lifestyle immediately before the repercussions of eternal death not only affect you personally as a no good fag who gets it up the butt or vice versa…


But before the Godly repercussions of evil affects your family in a very negative way like your mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, nephew and the family dog.


Any straight man should be given a medal of honor for punching a fag in the mouth, especially your own half younger brother.


I’m a military trained United States veteran. This disciplined military veteran is not going to put up with this fag crap, in my own family. There has to be a separation of government from the private affairs of a single United States Godly man and his very own close family.


This fag half brother of mine died in his sleep with a sickness related to aids about six to seven months before I wrote this page which is 11-14-2012.


God took his life because he was a fag, plus he did some other stuff to really piss off God and it simply was his time to meet the judgment of his creator which is Heaven or Hell.


Recently about two weeks ago, I was cleaning the evil mess this fag half brother of mine left and  I found about four shoe boxes full of  pictures of  my younger half brother having fag sex with various other fags that were located around Las Vegas, Nevada  and  the USA .


Please do not misunderstand me…


I do not hate my half Fag brother I simply hate the sin inside my fag half brother.


This type of sin has to be cleaned out with a fire hose then shot in the head a few times with a holy pistol which was created in the heavens where God lives.


I blame the sin in my half Fag brother’s life on the current environment of Las Vegas, Nevada.


The city that I was born in without my control is: Las Vegas, Nevada; this city is becoming the Fag headquarters of the world.


I blame all the new generation Las Vegas, Nevada fag school teachers who perverted my younger half brother, this half fag brother of mine was 10 years younger than me.


The Las Vegas, Nevada school teachers probably had sex with my fag half brother who came from a white daddy not a Mexican daddy like my father.


When I was going to high school and junior high in Las Vegas, Nevada it was common knowledge that the women (Female) school teachers would have sex with us young boys.  But now the game has changed. We are now dealing with a complete updated perversion of sexual crime, by school teachers, which are Fag (Male Homosexual) school teachers.


I currently blame the devil Satan for stealing my fag half brothers soul along with the perverted legal grip the judicial evil government from Satan had and currently has on Las Vegas, Nevada.


This is a very serious subject. I really do not want anyone on planet earth to destroy the happiness of their family, simply because American families generally tend to accept the fact that their kid is now a fag due to the American way of life.


When you accept the fact your kid or younger half brother is a fag that’s equivalent to torturing your child because if he dies of aids…


He may not get the time or knowledge to  accept Jesus Christ as his lord and savior, he will go to the fire of hell!


Educate your kid on the truth of heaven, hell and God, then you will save his life.


Beat your fag kid brother, with a stick and save his life from the fire of hell.


Beat the 2012 president of the United States of America with a stick and save your country.


I also found boxes of letter’s of other fags writing to my fag half brother who had a white blood daddy and I had a Mexican blood daddy.


This fag life style is Evil and is an abomination to God.


Our United States President affirms and approves of this fag lifestyle by permitting these Fags to serve in the United States military and they are now also getting presidential rights from Obama to legally get married to each other…


The law has become so perverted that having a misdemeanor on your record is equivalent to a felony which absolutely is a twist of the law and should be illegal to target and discriminate against a hard working United States Military Veteran like myself who used to get paid to kill the enemy of the United States if necessary.


I did not kill my half brother; huge amounts of enormous un- Godly smelly stenchie sin killed my half brother.


 I Gabriel De La Vega Jr. (President & C.E.O of  TAXI BABBLERMOUTH & ACCESSORIES, INC) entered the United States military at the age of 17 years old with parent’s permission I served in the United States military and I was trained and disciplined to be a legal killer. After a 4 year relationship with the United States military I was discharged with an honorable discharge.


The veteran’s plate on the homepage of proves it was honorable discharge because, only an honorable veteran is allowed to receive this plate.


In Arizona it was so frustrating for the department of motor vehicles to hand a Mexican looking person like me in the State of Arizona an American Veteran’s plate.


The reason I say that is because in Arizona most of the citizens who have a veterans plate like my plate on their car are usually white old Caucasian’s; so what would happen in Arizona is the police would stop me all the time because of the veterans plate on my car just to make sure I did not steal the car from a white guy.


Then the Arizona police fag society preceded to stop and harass me using unmarked cars and a array of phony groups pulling together and lying as witnesses on the behalf of the Arizona fag society simply to piss of the angels that sit next to God in the heavens.


You see, when evil fags mess with a righteous straight Christian like me, God return’s the harassment 10 fold and sometimes even more.

You fags cannot punish a child of God who is considered a practicing Christian and not expect repercussions.


The repercussions are on their way.


I now the truth, God hate’s sin…


Fags are 100% sin.


It’s quite obvious according to the 2012 presidential election results 52% of the American voting public is fag orientated and I’m definitely outnumbered in the State of Arizona.


In Arizona and this part of the world it’s just me myself and Jesus along with the Holy Spirit and a few angels to back me up when I come into a confrontation with a community infested with fags like the Phoenix valley of Arizona which includes multiple cities like Scottsdale, Arizona and many other surrounding cities that make up the valley of Phoenix.


The truth, is the truth! That’s all I have to tell you today...


Even though I have a Mexican name attached to my Arizona veterans plate, for some odd reason it would simply disgust the fag Arizona police department and the United States white citizens in Arizona to see a Mexican looking man like my self with a veteran’s plate on my car.  I simply think it’s another perversion from the devil living inside these evil people that stick their penis up another mans butt.


It’s kind of like something not to be proud of now a day’s, something you have to hide which is another perversion from our new Fag government when you have to hide your true identity as a United States Veteran, simply to pacify the population of America.


I’m no longer going to hide the fact that I’m a United States Veteran. I’m coming out of the closet.  I was trained by the military to enjoy killing.  I have the paperwork to prove it.

And yes, I was trained in Kung Fu by civilians.


And yes, I enjoy killing because I’m good at it!


And yes, I feel I should be allowed to mop a floor or cut grass at a temporary employment agency like or


Why should I be treated like an illegal killer versus a legal killer?


An honorable discharged veteran with two bogus misdemeanors should not disqualify a United States hard working citizen like my self from getting a labor job in the United States of America.


According to these two temporary employment agency’s 99% of there clients will not give any work to any one with a misdemeanor on their record.


The only job that I’m now allowed to do is being a web designer on my own website so, now I have to take this part time job I’ve had since 1998 as my full time job.


So you the world get ready for two to three new pages per day on this website


I have no choice, I have to do something for money...


Why do the United States fags in government and fags in residential American family neighborhoods expect respect from other straight family members in their family and decent citizens like me who believe, Gods way is the best way?


The way I see it is: no respect earned and no respect given.


If you’re a man and want simple respect out me and my website…


Do not stick you baby maker up another man’s butt. Then demand rights to legally get married and pervert my children’s mind with this type of lethal sin.


Do not be an elementary school teacher in California and be busted for developing pictures in you local neighborhood  pharmacy pertaining to content of you feeding semen on a spoon out of your penis to five year old school children, just like a fag recently got busted for in the Los Angeles California area.


You world wide fag abominations simply do not expect my respect and think I’m going to make life simple for you because now I have a cause.


You fags have perverted the air we the American people breathe and you American Fags made my half brother into a fag who died of aids. This is the way I see it …


It takes two to tango, one fag needs another fag to actually be a fag…


It’s plain and simple…


The fag lifestyle is evil and you fags should be legally striped of everything you own by the new United States Government that will be in place by the new revolution that is about to take place in this country we call the United States of America. This new government will overthrow the current Obama infrastructure and everything that it represents which are the fags that are nothing more than a political Jacuzzi filled with dead bloody naked fags. The only thing you fags will be allowed to keep is the holy bible and the word of God.


You fags are literally begging for war!


Guess what?


You fags are defiantly going to get War!


The American people of this country like my self are fed up with the perversion of the United States constitution and a new fag law in place everyday to starve hard working honest American bible thumping Americans like myself.


We are simply fed up with the politics of 2012!


I will not take the word of God from you fags,I simply refuse your influence over my government, money and children in the United States school system and I will fight this evil fag influence in the human lifestyle until the moment I’m next to Jesus in my new spiritual body.


After all the crap I’ve seen in the last 47 years of my life, this fag crap takes the cake.


This 2012 generation of fags is the worst generation I’ve ever seen.


This new fag generation needs to be burned in the pit of hell!


Now all these fag boyfriends of my fag half brother who is now dead as a doornail from an aids related disease…


 So, I think what these fag boyfriend’s of my half fag brother who he had sex with is trying to retrieve the 300 + fag pictures I found in various hidden shoe boxes.


I believe my fag half brother had a lot of famous celebrities in the fag pictures, professional people, even a man woman couple, the woman was a blond girl or maybe a guy who was dressed like a girl, because of the scope of the situation, I really do not want to know, but the girl in the picture actually had her clothes on.


It’s all fag evil “B.S” and I really try not thinking of my half fag brother in those evil fag pictures.  I try to think of the devil possessing the inside of my half fag brother’s mind and soul.


One thing I want to mention is: not one of the fags in those 300 hundred, plus numerous amounts of more additional pictures, showed up for his cremation funeral.


When somebody deliberately shot a taxi driver in the back of the head in Las Vegas, Nevada with my exact name around the year 2000… The news was posted on the local television news station and Review Journal newspaper in Las Vegas, Nevada.


Several months after my alleged death I returned to Las Vegas, Nevada and  I had  at least 40 taxi drivers  approach me  who claimed they went to my funeral which was not my funeral, but some other taxi drivers funeral with my name. 


I was on the road trucking the USA when this happened.


My point is straight righteous people actually have real friends versus fags who have no friends show up at their funeral…


So, the evidence is clear, the rewards of Satan are eternal life in burning hot hell, not death, but pure hell, with no friends at your fag funeral.


It looks like my fag half brother might of did a girl once and a while but the only sex pictures I found in the various shoe boxes where with him doing fag stuff with guy’s, which is a direct ticket to hell according to the bible and God’s word.


I prayed and asked God for answers on this subject. The messages I’m receiving from God is: that my half fag brother is in hell, and he will stay in hell!


Every human being on planet earth will go either to hell or heaven, so we really do not know what God has planned for us according to the people who have died and come back to life.


Even preachers of God went to hell and the doctor brought their body back to life.


So the best thing to do is trust Jesus. Do not be a fag, or promote, nor support the fag lifestyle, simply because that defiantly is not going to help you get into heaven.


I know this sound’s like hog wash to most of the readers reading this page, but my question to you the reader of this web page is: have you died and come back to life?


Have you ever physically been touched and knocked to the floor by the Holy Spirit?


If you answered no to either of these questions your belief in God should be around zero.


Without this kind of stuff happening to you and only words out of the bible and other people’s experiences with God, It’s going to be difficult to believe hell really does exist.


As all I can say is, that I have had enough physical experiences on earth to completely 100% believe the word of God is true.


When the creator of life God, claims the only way to heaven is through his son Jesus Christ of Nazareth…


It’s completely true!


The bottom line to this web page is: we the Christian people of he United State’s and world need to listen to God’s word and his message to us through the Holy Sprit and we need to raise our children in an environment that allows the teaching of Jesus.


Us as Christians also need to raise our kids in an environment where they can still get a job mopping floors or cutting grass even if they have a misdemeanor on their record.


In the 1970’s, 1980’s, and 1990’s you were considered a normal citizen if you had a misdemeanor on your record.


A misdemeanor used to mean, the bogus conviction, what ever it was is not serious enough to prevent you from working or voting.


Just because I discovered sin from the devil in my half brothers life, then I immediately tried to save him from the fires of hell by punching him in the face, simply to save his life, not to take his life.


If this fag half brother of mine, repented to Jesus before he died, simply because I woke him up from his sin from the punch I gave him in the face…I will be rewarded by Jesus for trying to save my half brothers life from hell.


On the other hand it looks like I will continuously be punished by the fag companies in the US like for trying to save my half brothers life.


Bluntly speaking, it should not be anyone’s business if I punch my fag half brother in the face.


We simply have too much Fag government.


Now in the year 2012 it’s getting to the point where democrats, Hillary and Bill Clinton have perverted the law so bad over the years that you now have to be a fag and take it up the butt to have a right to work and vote in this country or else simply be fag orientated like Obama.


I’ve personally have had enough of the U.S. constitution being perverted by a fag regime and this United States Government is currently begging for a revolution from the people who have to live here and put up with the stench that is carried to the heavens where our heavenly father resides.


This country called the United States of America is due for a revolution and a political restoration of the United States White house located in Washington D.C.


In order to raise our current and future children in this kind of perverted United States environment the Christians of the United States need to take back this country from the evil that is currently making it very difficult to make a living mopping floors, or cutting grass, or any job that is now controlled by an official orientated fag government.


At this point these government evil fag officials do not have full control of the internet…


We God's people of the world, not only the United States of America need to wake up and stop this evil now!


 In reference to not being able to legally mop floors and cut grass before it escalates into the area of computer programming and the internet being controlled by a hand full of Obama radicals, that presumably pay the president of the United States to say, what they tell him to say, through the sources of under the table financial money pay offs which includes personal benefits from large corporations that are fag orientated. These Fag executives who hold the bank roll simply want to suppress and stop individual Christians from teaching their children that sexual sin is evil, and will send you to a eternity of hell, fire and brimstone.


From what I understand this administration wants to distribute rubbers and have your tax dollars pay for it.


Let me remind everyone on planet earth that is human. You do not ever die...  You simply go to Heaven or Hell!


I truly wanted more positive results from my half  fag brother; I wanted to have a brother who was straight and loved women as much as I love the beauty of women. 


Women are a beautiful creation God created in all shapes, sizes and dimensions that should have a right to normal men, to spend their lives with, not a community of fags who only want to have sex with each other’s butt hole.


The true meaning of life and God’s human plan should be a right that is readably available for consumption from a man’s hungry soul to teach his family as the head of his household the true meaning of life that will continue after you leave this body into the next life of heaven or hell which should be the main concern of any country that is founded on Christian values like the United States of America.


Do not get me wrong, we should have rights in this country for fags to learn from experience that if you poke another man’s butt hole you might get aids and die like my half brother.


From what I understand, my fag half brother did have aids when he died, that might have caused his death.


But what I’m really trying to say on this web page is those fag rights should never outweigh the rights of the Christian community who not only believe, but know for a fact that sexual sin is the sign of evil which brings forth the presence of Satan.


This type of evil is a disease in the body of a human and the soul of a household and community.


The death of my half brother Leslie De La Vega has nothing positive or good out of the name Leslie whose real fathers last name is Hensley.


This fag lifestyle is a mental disease that is evil and is running rampant on the television screens of the United States and possibly the world via the internet and new Hollywood movies.


The abundance of fag television is also devastating to the world community.


Yes, I’m currently being pinned down by fag corporate business owners who will not hire me at Man Power and many other United States Company’s simply for being honest and telling the truth and the whole truth.


This is where we the people of America have to physically fight for our human rights to work in the United States with companies infested with fag homosexual executives with new fag money that was earned by their butt hole.


We the straight people who work in these companies infested with fags should be viewed as a person who is normal and not mentally insane like the rest of the working population. We should be given rights to not have to worry about these perverted angels of the devil trying to literally pervert the same air we breathe.


Sin only brings eternal suffering.


Yes, today on this web page I’m laying it all out….


I’ve had enough of the devil and his evil…


We the majority of Christians who are left after this great evil storm that snatched humanity need to wake up and realize the only way to get the right to praise and love Jesus is to get physical.


Yes, we need to escalate our freedom to praise Jesus to the next level and  ignore the devil and all his possessed  evil humans on earth that do not know what a butt hole is supposed to be used for…


The butt hole on a man is used to poop!


The butt hole on a woman can be used for what ever the male husband may want to use it for. Because what I understand over the years of listening to Christian preachers a man and woman can do what ever they want to do in bed, as long as they got married the right way in front of God, which means using a Christian preacher to do the marriage ceremony.


The grooms of the world need to be Holy by not sticking the baby maker into the woman’s baby receiver until after the marriage ceremony and commitments.


I’m definitely getting into the nitty and gritty of a man and woman relationship.


But this is what our children really need to know…


The truth!


The children of the world do not need to be bombed minute after minute with evil fag messages from our local television, radio and internet media providers.


Yes, swinger husbands who give their wife to another man for a good poking may stay married longer than men who do not allow their wife to get poked by another man.


But, will the swinging couple make it to heaven?


Will the swinging couple have enough knowledge of Jesus to actually ask Jesus for forgiveness before they physically leave their body on a slab of steel in the hospital operating room or the city morgue?


When you get married as a man and woman you are not responsible to the marriage statistics of the divorce court on the television.


These governmental and perverted Hollywood agencies want to control marriage to destroy the union from within  the infrastructure of the national marriages for child support wage garnishment fee’s and the financial revenues that it brings to the local and federal government to fundamentally and surgically  separate the parents from their own blood children, so the parents  can not  protect their own children from perverted Satan Possessed evil fag planted school teachers who teach your kid how to be a fag...

Us Christians need to properly educate our young children on their main priority purpose in this life which is getting saved by Jesus and going straight to heaven.


In other words the parents of small children have to realize the current USA government of the United States is mentally ill and only wants to sexual molest your five year old child in the public school system which is currently happening in the majority of the California schools systems according to 2012 California news radio stations and other school systems in the United States of America.


Today in the year 2012 you need to home school your small child or something equivalent to that kind of safety zone.


When a man and woman marries that couple is now responsible to God because they have the legal right to make a child and the responsibility to give the fruit of their crop to Jesus.


Jesus needs his crops of fruit (human children) watered properly. Jesus also needs his crop of fruit to get enough sunshine.


 Jesus needs the fruit that has had a man made heater under the tree when freezing temperatures were trying to kill the fruit on the tree.


Jesus should have crops delivered to him that were grown in a healthy environment so he does not have to send the crops that produce bad fruit to Hell!


Not only do we as Christians deserve a better environment to raise our children but the Lord our Savior Jesus abundantly deserves a huge healthy apple versus a tiny little apple that has no color and is totally wrinkled up with out much life.


If we as a community of Christians raise nasty little crops for our Lord to eat and digest, I would speculate somewhere along the conveyer belt of the inspection process the fruit is going to get thrown into the fire of hell, before it is allowed to enter the food circulation of Heaven where all the angels and the Lord Jesus lives.


The last sentence of this web page is we the honest hard working people of the United States who have no felonies on their record should be allowed to mop a floor at a temporary employment agency. When things get so perverted that a regular guy like myself with a misdemeanor on his 2012 computerized record cannot get a job mopping a floor, it’s simply time for a physical revolution in this country.


Yes , a physical revolution to overthrow the fag government of the United States of fagatized America and make it legal for a Veteran of the United States Military with an honorable discharge, who should be allowed to mob a floor with a temporary employment agency like or else .


Being flat out refused work because of a misdemeanor on your record is a crime, and should not be tolerated.


If today’s fag generation can not cope with a person who has a misdemeanor on their record, what’s going to happen to them when they meet the devil in person?


How are they going to cope with such an evil criminal?


Are they going to call for Jesus after it is already too late...?


Jesus gave everyone over a million chances to accept his pure honest love and a chance to live in his household (the household of Jesus).


Are fags in charge of this government eventually going to make a law where you can only work in Wal-Mart if you’re a Fag?


This new silent revolution, these fags are having with the laws we live by, has to be stopped!


You Christians that voted for Obama have to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself: would Jesus have voted for Obama or Mitt?


Knowing full well that Obama endorses the behaviors of Fags...


You Christians that voted for Obama should not even call yourself Christians but something else like…



We have to tolerate Fags in our workplace. But, why can't Fags tolerate someone with a misdemeanor on their record in the American work place like

Instead of building a wall between the United States and Mexico, we the population of the world and America first, need to build a wall of laws, to prevent all these American Fags from demoralizing our television, radio, movies, government and elementary school teachers with the Fag disease called aids, that has physical and deteriorating negative, eternal, mental affects in: "Hell" on the American and world population...

wall of laws we need are called the Ten Commandments, written by the finger of God and delivered to the world by a human man called Moses.

Before any of the worlds politician's are allowed to serve in any office, as a public servant, he or she should be able to publically
repeat word for word, the 10 Commandments with out looking at notes, like President Obama looks at his notes.

The safety and well being of the worlds human population in eternity is at stake...

This should absolutely be taken serious and not be considered a joke. Because no matter how macho you are, or fagatized,
God is not a joke!

All you fags that are professionals like airline pilots, piano playing celebrities, ect. If you want your fag pictures and letters back with negatives and a written note from me that promises I won’t sell them to a Fag magazine or publish your fag pictures and hand written letters on a new website called Big Brothers Against Evil with you having Fag butt sex with my younger fag half brother, now dead as a door nail, cremated, hell bound fag half brother from a different daddy, in which these photo’s are now legally mine…

I will sell you your own Fag pictures back to you for $30,000 per set.

Buy them now before the price goes up!

(In a perfect Fag world, I would actually do something like negotiate Fag pictures with a Fag, but in my world don't bother me with this Fag crap...

It's disgusting enough to have to look at our Fag orientated society in it's current condition, I'll simply stuff my brother's fag pictures down your fag mouth after I find your fag body laying somewhere in the midst's of all you fags after God in heaven decides in what fashion he's going to send you fags to hell!)

United States President Obama, must be a Nazi, simply because he publicly televised on American News Stations that he supports the Fag Nazi Homosexual movement...

President Obama must be a Nazi, simply because he supports the Fag Nazi Homosexual Movement
Obama approves Fag Marriage on National Television...

This is a very scary and real information that I’m handing you today, you do not have to be a rocket scientist to figure out that if Scott Lively has actually discovered true information from his hundreds of hours of research and cited uncovered secret books, our world wide global domestic Fag Nazi Homosexuals that are family members and government officials will soon turn on you like a vicious known species of a domestic baby lion in your living room near your children, who may eat your entire family while you are at work when this lion grows up.

"The Fags in the Holocaust were put into camps, but the fags were not put in death camps. But the Jews were put into death camps."

"The only reason some fags were put in prison camps was strictly for political reasons"

Source of information: "Scott Lively" ( World Renown Researcher and Attorney of Law)

The Bible claims all you "Fags" (homosexuals) are going straight to hell...

Guess what?

I absolutely believe all you grown men and teenagers who have fag butt sex with each other on a daily or weekly basis inside the borders of the United States of America, near a home of a normal persons residence with small children living in that American home...

I believe the word of God which is in the Holy Bible to be 100% true about the eternal destiny of every fag on planet earth which is "Hell," the Lake of Fire!

What is right is right...

What is wrong is wrong...

You "Fags" (homosexuals) are just plain wrong!
Us real men who are straight, might be out numbered by all you fags...

 But, I guarantee you one thing, one straight God fearing "Christian" man like myself can send to "Hell" with free postage, two to 100 evil, demonized "fags" and maybe more single handily if absolutely necessary!

If you "Fags" (homosexuals)  inside the borders of the United States keep begging for war, you will get war!

Us straight men will simply call it another American Christian "Revolution"!

If you "fags" keep messing with America's moral values, money and ethical way of a natural life...

The repercussions of another American Revolution is un-stoppable and simply inevitable!

When us Christians get done with our American Revolution...

America will not have one single "Fag" (homosexual) bar inside the borders of the United States of America!

No more grown men kissing each other passionately on the lips in front of small children or else grown adults in the streets of America!

No more legal "Fag" butt sex and "Fag" marriage in the neighborhoods of middle class America.

No more government intrusion on garnishing a straight man's hard earned paycheck for "Fag" motives.

No more discrimination in the work place if you are a straight man.

Equal rights for straight men and their families...

No more making the word "God" an evil word in American schools and government!

For all you fellow Christians reading this, freedom to praise God and to live for Jesus is not free in America anymore...

Wake Up!

Wake Up America!

Just remember folks, Jesus is your tree of life, just like the branches of a tree attached to the trunk of the tree, which is attached to the roots of the tree in the ground.  All the water for the tree comes from the river of life, which comes from our number one  father in heaven, who is the creator of all life, who is God (Jehovah).


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Bottom line:
Fags are Hell Bound...
Fags get aids and die!
 Don't be a Fag.
If your a fag, your just plain stupid.
No one can fix stupid, but you the person in the mirror.
Make a educated decision today, accept Jesus into your life.

America, hang on to your gun rights!


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