I think I finally figured out why these huge organizational spy’s are targeting my ability to make money…

You see essentially they are not after me. They are after the small business owner; they want the small business owner to fail at business so they can have complete control of the economy…

I personally have the ability to walk into any business on earth and build a website for that business with their own www.com name in one day along with five product lines up for sale with the transactions going directly into their bank account for the sale. I can do all this for only $50.00 with no monthly fee involved.

So, in other words I can expand; hire people and place these web page outlets all over the country like the McDonalds food chain stores.  I’m a giant in my infancy and these huge corporations realize this.  So, what they are trying to do is kill me and other phenomenal entrepreneurs who are a threat to their economic monopolization of the world economy, just like they tried to kill Jesus of Nazareth before I even get started.

Wake up America and smell the coffee!

People of America, I really do not know the details of a recent hack to my computer. But, I do know I witnessed someone parked outside my house tapping into my internet connection, then I witnessed my computer start moving by itself, then they hacked one of my web sites.
I' m guessing this is our own FBI or else some rich person doing this or
simply a nasty fag organization with a nasty fag hair up their ass. 
Regardless, the point I'm making is do not trust your American Government or any of these huge corporations like Google that have all your information and they simply tinker with your website, computer and life when ever they feel like it.
If anything, this country needs a good revolution to kill off our own monsters in our own government and corporate infrastructure of the United States of America!

People need to learn basic values the old fashioned way. The old fashion way is a nice belt to the ass on your kid, tied together with a bunch of pissed off Americans disgusted with the abuse of power inside our corporate and governmental establishments. These adults never had a morale upbringing and its getting worse by the second.

The Bible claims all you "Fags" (homosexuals) are going straight to hell...

Guess what?

I absolutely believe all you grown men and teenagers who have fag butt sex with each other on a daily or weekly basis inside the borders of the United States of America, near a home of a normal persons residence with small children living in that American home...

I believe the word of God which is in the Holy Bible to be 100% true about the eternal destiny of every fag on planet earth which is "Hell," the Lake of Fire!

What is right is right...

What is wrong is wrong...

You "Fags" (homosexuals) are just plain wrong!
Us real men who are straight, might be out numbered by all you fags...

 But, I guarantee you one thing, one straight God fearing "Christian" man like myself can send to "Hell" with free postage, two to 100 evil, demonized "fags" and maybe more single handily if absolutely necessary!

If you "Fags" (homosexuals)  inside the borders of the United States keep begging for war, you will get war!

Us straight men will simply call it another American Christian "Revolution"!

If you "fags" keep messing with America's moral values, money and ethical way of a natural life...

The repercussions of another American Revolution is un-stoppable and simply inevitable!

When us Christians get done with our American Revolution...

America will not have one single "Fag" (homosexual) bar inside the borders of the United States of America!

No more grown men kissing each other passionately on the lips in front of small children or else grown adults in the streets of America!

No more legal "Fag" butt sex and "Fag" marriage in the neighborhoods of middle class America.

No more government intrusion on garnishing a straight man's hard earned paycheck for "Fag" motives.

No more discrimination in the work place if you are a straight man.

Equal rights for straight men and their families...

No more making the word "God" an evil word in American schools and government!

For all you fellow Christians reading this, freedom to praise God and to live for Jesus is not free in America anymore...

Wake Up!

Wake Up America!

America is in one of the worst economic depressions in it's history,the citizens of America should have "zero' (0) tolerance for "Fags" (homosexuals)...
We just do not have time for "Fags" with their filth and evil!

It's simply wrong. The fags know what they are doing is wrong, us normal people know its wrong, every living species on the planet knows its wrong, including my dog.

God knows its wrong...

But the United States Fags in the United States government think they can override God and claims it is simply ok.

Even President "Obama" personally endorses fags in the military and "Fag" United States (homosexual) marriage.

 Women are supposed to be one flesh with a man in marriage and follow the rules man has made for the land. Women are simply innocent victims of man's evil decisions. Women will go along with just about anything if you offer them a huge shinny red apple.

Once men stop listening to the law of the land which God put in place. Women will endorse government and fags because they were designed by God to listen to men and do what men tell them to do.

Once the leaders of the land like Obama stop listing to God and makes evil 100% legal, we the people will pay the price for the evil. For example our current economic condition of America is a no brainer... Fags are getting instructions from the Devil in hell on how to govern Gods land.

The devil wants every man to manifest himself into a fag so every citizen of the United States ends up spending forever in hell, which is the Lake of Fire.

God want's us to hate what is evil for our own protection and well being. Spiritually and physically.

All Fags (homosexuals) need a sqaure steel shovel over their head

Today in the year 2013, I must admit it is a crying shame to wake up in the morning and realize the United States of America is being controlled by a bunch of Fags (homosexuals) who have fag butt sex with each other in the same city us normal people live in.

It's a "Crying Shame"

These fags practice their Fag butt sex on a daily basis near a normal American home in the United States of America…  Not only that…

But the United States white house in Washington, D.C has fags making rules us American’s have to live by and they are slowly eroding this country day by day with the fag lifestyle that is openly legally practiced in the United States of America!

As a normal American citizen do you believe the Fags (homosexuals) should get more political and corporate support out of American dollars and American votes?


Do you believe all fags should be beaten over the top of the head with a nice square steel shovel?

Sqaure Shovel

America... Are you simply a bunch of "Fags" who take it up the ass?

Who are you America?

Show your true colors!

Red, white and blue America...


 Before the "Fags" (homosexuals) in the United States Congress makes it illegal to own a square shovel.

Face Book & Instagram

Talking about a discriminating giant with a nasty hair up their butt…

Face Book not only officially disabled of my 1st original Face Book account, but they now own “Instagram” and they deactivated my ability to upload pictures to my account which will make me invisible to the world.

My theory behind this is because I have over 100 blond girls hugging and kissing me in my photos and they simply do not want the world to see those photos for some racist reason.

The reason I say that is because in 2003 I posted a photo of a blond girl throwing me a kiss on the side of my new leased in my name 2003 Columbia freightliner semi truck pulling a 53 foot trailer, with the option to buy at the end of the lease.

Any way, once I put the company logo of a blond girl throwing me a kiss on the side of my very large and visible to the public Semi truck, traveling coast to coast across the United States of America with my Mexican looking face and her white looking blond girl face on the side of my truck kissing me…

Central Refrigerated Service out of Salt Lake City,Utah...

The next day immediately called me into the yard and confiscated my truck with police officers, for no reason, after almost 2 years of day to day 24 hour around the clock driving for them.

Is insane, top of the line discrimination going to be the norm in America, for the next generation of Mexican Americans?

The bogus excuse Central Refrigerated Service out of Salt Lake City, Utah gave me was: “That I was a few minutes late on a load”

 Till this day in 2013 I do not know the real reason why they would take my truck immediately after I posted this very unique picture on the side of my leased semi truck. But I do know this, like the next day they put that truck in the body shop and stripped off my expensive logo's of a blond girl kissing me from the side of my semi truck.

This is part of my Company Logo

I did not expect this kind of treatment from a civilized white Mormon culture, in my opinion this type of treatment towards a Mexican American leads me to believe these white Mormons are not people of God, but they are living outside the will of God and are simply a cult!

I calculated all my experiences and concluded corporate America and corporate Washington D,C. is simply made up of white and black people who do not want blond girls throwing kisses at Mexican looking people like myself, and they will go to any extent to prevent those photo’s going into the public mainstream for racist motives.

I must really be intimidating with over 100 blond haired women showing love and affection to a real Mexican American like myself. Especially in Utah where all the guy's there are brought up from early infancy, through their entire childhood to have more than one wife, because of the Mormon culture that is secretly embedded in the city limits of Salt Lake City, Utah.

I personally have a relationship with Jesus, I know if I wanted to legally have more than one wife, Jesus would allow that...

 But, what I do not know is: would that keep me out of the fire's of hell when judgment day arrived.

Mormons think they are going to actually be God's after they die...

They have the bogus idea that having more than one wife will ensure their seat in heaven as a actual practicing God.

The bible clearly states "do not put any other false, phony God's before me", such as idols and false doctrines along with the living room television set.

That Mormon culture insult that I personally inflicted upon America with pictures of over 100 blond women showing a Mexican looking male like me love and affection, is almost equivalent to a Chinese man from China, eating a domestic American dog for lunch on the patio table of a American Starbucks coffee shop, which is perfectly normal to do in China, simply because domestic dogs are a delicacy on the Chinese menu in China.

In the Mormon American and racist white culture. Real authentic Mexican Americans like myself are simply not supposed to be in photo's with over 100 beautiful and very intelligent American women, with a majority of the women in the photo's who have earned American college degrees.

The bottom line to this story is: I personally think white meat is tastier than any other kinds of female meat, my 3rd legal wife who I obtained in 1998 with a Nevada marriage certificate was pure white, and more than likely my futuristic 4th legal and tender wife will be white and blond, even if I have to import her from Europe.

If white family members of white women in America are simply racist, and do not approve of Mexican Americans poking their white relatives, there are plenty of other country's in the world with white meat that does not have this kind American culture racist hang up.

God commands a man to love his wife...

Now a days Marriage to me is all about the quality of the meat...

Personally white female meat simply taste better to me when licked, and I can wake up in the morning and love to lick and kiss my white wife, in turn I will please God by loving my wife.

Like it or not redneck and black America!

As a man gets more experienced with women like myself, the bottom line is the physical quality of the wife you have to tolerate during the duration of life on earth. All women of all races and cultures seem to be equipped with the same software, which points to simply being a pain in the ass, the majority of time.

So, if a man has to tolerate the nauseating software in a women's mind, action and voice tone. A man should make sure the new wife looks and taste extremely good because the majority of women in America regardless of beauty have a animal instinct, generally speaking, they stab you in the back and then call the American lawyer, police officer, and an array of other tools to come haul you away to the side walk, or city morgue with your sleeping bag attached to one hand.

The lucky ex-military men like me, tend to escape the worst scenario.

The Chris Dorner Scandal

For once in my life since December of 1993, when Henderson, Nevada police officer “Bostick” who is a white Caucasian cop that bluntly point blank lied and said I kicked him in the groin (balls), then he turned to his right side and asked his white partner "Did you see that?"

  His partner replied with ya, yes, yeap or something like that and this journey has officially started...

This lying cop simply ruined my reputation, with a new misdemeanor on my file and totally disrupted my life for the last 20 years, and a handful of cops lied right along with Bostick…

This honest cop Chris Dorner had the balls to speak out the truth about Fag cops kicking the crap out of a mentally ill handicap man who was unarmed.  These Fag cops who repeatedly kicked an innocent mentally ill man are the bacteria that are currently eating away at America, one day at a time and one innocent victim of our new Fag government per day which has expanded into the United States Military by allowing evil fags into military uniforms.

A legitimate cop like Dorner who speaks the 100% truth about a fellow cop abusing power should not be fired and treated like garbage simply because he is the whistle blower of a corrupt lying thieving dick sucking police department like the Henderson, Nevada police department and the Los Angeles, California police department.  These police departments have gone as far as to approving male fag (homosexual) butt sex and making, truth telling, military veterans like Dorner and my self Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. into liars...

Simply because military veterans like us tell the truth and have no reason, not to tell the 100% straight truth on plain simple logical stuff like: a mentally ill man being kicked by a bunch of animalistic Fag cops.

It' simple math...

"1+1= a bunch of lying cops"...

Only over swollen, thug head, Satan possessed, fag (homosexual) civilian cops would kick a helpless mentally ill crippled man on the ground then turn around and say they did not do it...

That's equivalent to my 2nd ex wife, the mother of my kids out of the three "3" legal wives saying she did not eat out a pussy, when I was right there and watched her eat that delicious pussy with my own eyes as I was licking the pussy juice off my face from the two "2" overly excited pussy's that were in my bed when I got home after work...

After several years of marriage I came home to find out this secret she had been somewhat hiding for years...

I suspected it, but she defiantly confirmed my suspicions and then the mother of my current kids told me that this girl wanted her to leave me so the two of them could have sex alone with out me in the middle of all that juicy pussy juice.

That eventually happened but not in Texas at the time of the suprise threesome but the 2nd child later in Henderson, Nevada the day a cop Bostick lied and claimed I kicked him in the balls.

She's now up to at least 4 kids maybe 5 or more, but the other 2 or 3  kids are from some new fool she found after "Bostick" the Henderson, Nevada cop lied and said I kicked him in the ball's...

 All time stopped after the day "Bostick" the lying small town ex furniture moving cop lied. This is the exponential impact a little white lie like that can have on a ex-military man like my self coming from a national federal military organization and being violated by civilian police officers in a little bity town like Henderson, Nevada with false data and filth that sticks to your brain and police record for life on earth.

The guys I trained with were from every corner of the United States..

 All the knowledge we had in our brains we shared with each other and that nation wide assemblage of minds in one organization melted state line barriers and has unconsciously  made us a National federal  organization of military personnel with out borders, versus a small little bity town with police officers who only had knowledge of what local thug police officers do to national off duty federal military personnel...

Now a day's due to the United Nations  we are mixing with other military's  becoming a world wide knowledge base of information from various military personnel from different countries with all the wars we have recently engaged in.

Needless to say due to the extensive training we endured to wear a military uniform, we are all still one organization of brotherly brothers if we like to admit it or not.

If you even slightly understand the military, it is not mentally or physically possible for any United States lieutenant of the "Navy" to lie about witnessing fellow "Los Angeles, CA police officers kick a helpless mentally ill man on the ground...

 Any United States Navy lieutenant with two years into a local state run police department will not go along with that kind of garbage, it would even upset an enlisted man with a high school diploma.

The L.A.P.D. state run organization, clearly looks like a bunch local California barbarous animals in police uniforms  who absolutely needs to fess up to the obvious truth!

This Navy lieutenant simply see's filth and is doing what he was trained to do, which is volunteer his service to the American people because he took an oath in the military which is irreversible, to protect and serve the Americans in the country of the United States of America from evil and filth which we consider enemy's of the United States.

This is an automated protocol and he simply can not help himself, its almost robotic.

My 2nd ex-wife denied eating the pussy back then and today if you asked her she would still deny eating that particular pussy, it's simply called evil.

That's what really pissed me off about her, her dishonesty. By her denying the fact she is bisexual and she is simply accusing me of being a liar.

Regardless of what the Fag republic of America may think, a United States Navy lieutenant with an honorable discharge; his word is worth “Gold” in my straight world, which simply means I do not approve of fag butt sex and fag governments controlling straight peoples money, finances and everyday laws which straight people like my self are forced to live in day after day.

I personally would believe the word of this Navy lieutenant who I would be required to call “sir” in my military day’s and a person who I undoubtedly highly respect over 1000 United States police departments with the little fag police civilian boot camp as the basis of their lying tongue speaking corruption.

We the people of the United States of America should not be over thrown in any way by a bunch of lying corrupt police officers who are destroying honest hard working citizens like Chris Dorner by ruining their life and record by saying a little white lie about a man like Dorner and destroying his entire life by this one bogus  particular little white lie about him, simply in an effort for American lying corrupt police officers to continue evil on the streets of America.

It’s better to get rid of 25 to 100 lying cops and keep 1 good truth telling cop like Dorner on the police force protecting honest hard working citizens from police brutality and games. Simply keep the cops who tell the truth on the payroll.

All these Fags in congress who are promoting and endorsing evil in our local police departments need to be physically and spiritually born again and put through a military boot camp to be reconditioned into speaking the truth and value a pussy for what it really is, which is part of a man when married in front of God and becomes one ("1") flesh when a man sticks his penis in his new wife’s vagina.

Regardless of the outcome on Chris Dorner’s highly world wide recognized crusade against pure Satanic evil to continue speaking the truth in American police uniforms, I personally feel he is absolutely telling the truth and through all the killing of American police officers, he’s truly innocent and was badly mistreated by his fellow civilian police officers.

It should not have gotten to this point; his superiors simply should have believed former “Navy Lieutenant Dorner” when he spoke the truth and was simply being candid, honest and doing his job. Once again I must irradiate, Dorner would have no reason in the world to make up a story about cops kicking a man on the ground.  Dorner is simply in my opinion telling  the pure 100% truth.

Honestly, we the people of the United States of America should  populate the entire police force across America with only former officers, not enlisted members of the armed forces, but officers like Chris Dorner, simply because they seem to be more human and compassionate about protecting the helpless innocent from evil Fag cops and individuals in local state police uniforms with over swollen thug heads who have an ax to grind, who were previously furniture movers in a U-haul type truck prior to joining a local, back country hickory state run United States police force.

God will sort it out and give Chris Dorner life in heaven or hell and we the people of America really do not know what the supreme judge will do about Dorner, but he as an American has the right to express his true opinion about police corruption in America.

This is a military picture of Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

A military picture of Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

We The American People Have a Huge Crisis On Our Hands

I woke up in the morning recently, and noticed two (
"I'm seeing two suns in the sky!") suns above the top of Sunrise Mountain in Las Vegas, Nevada. A big sun and a small sun, the big sun was brighter than the small sun.

In order to find an answer to this strange event that none of the United Sates news stations are talking about, I got on the internet and found out what I was looking at…

It was a dark sun called "Nibiru" part of a solar system of 7 planets and a home planet that has other life on it called “Anunnaki” and it was reflecting itself off of our sun.

Now, the dark sun planet called "Nibiru" is on its way to earth on a routine 3,600 year orbit. Russia is now talking about it on their news stations and accusing the United States of hiding "Nibiru" from its people. This explains all the police and political corruption with all these newly formed 2013 multiple public groups of Fag's (homosexual's) in regards to child support where the state and federal government can use resources to collect child support off of the fathers of children that are over the age of 18.

This also explains higher taxes, out of control United States government spending and a negative deficit. If your world is going to get annihilated tomorrow by Nibiru, who cares about the federal deficit?

This also explains the government setting up mall and school shootings in order to take our guns of out the hands of honest caring American people, so as an example, we a small group of 100 million out of 300 million pissed of Americans do find out the truth, we will be helpless with only our fingers America's helpless finger without a gun in hand to point at all the evil in government…

truth has to be expressed, not suppressed!

America start asking questions about "Nibiru", then kick the current American scum now in office, out of office.

It’s all a scam to totally pick every penny out of the average working American to buy food and water for brand new Nibiru bunkers, in order for the worlds population of the small percentage of government and wealthy people to survive the very near coming of Nibiru.

Complete government corruption is now going on in the United States, simply because these handful of lucky people and wealthy Americans now occupying the United States white house in Washington D.C. can simply scam the American people because these self chosen ones figure the average car mechanic is going to die any way, so way even mention the truth. So, they simply lie!

I overheard on the Russian news station that was translated into English via text on the screen that the Jew’s are preparing for the coming of "Nibiru" in order that the biblical prophesy of 144,000 Jews can be saved by hiding is some kind of underground or above ground shelter.

Regardless of all the B.S., Nasa and the United States governmental white house has known about "Nibiru" since 1983 after sending up a infra red telescope called (IRAS). My question is:

1. Why is the United States Government hiding the truth from Americans?

My only conclusion is we have an evil false government watching our back. We have a government that can not be trusted with the lives of serious hard working, warm loving Christian Americans who demand only the truth from our public officials.

It's now time for us disillusioned Americans to open our eyes, before "Nibiru" arrives on a surprise visit and we are not prepared. If we as America can prepare for Christmas, we can prepare for "Nibiru" and ride out the storm together as a nation undivided by American corrupt fag politicians.

The fag politicians are in a state of panic, not the real Americans who find real solutions to the problem. If our tax dollars pay for a telescope, we the people of America should know right now! The results of the telescope's true honest data.

There are right now, and have been for the last decade common manual laborers, engineers and scientific doctors that do not work for the United States government that could of for the last 10 years been secretly and publicly working on solutions to help save American lives from the devastation of the upcoming  "Nibiru" event. If only our United States Government would stop sucking male fag (homosexual) dick and simply tell us the American people the absolute and nothing but the truth about the (IRAS) infra red telescope data in the year 1983, till this moment in our time zone!

Why do I have to find out about this crap on a Russian news station with American tax dollars paying for the telescope news data to be publicly heard first, on the public Russian news stations?


My solution is, impeach our current president of the United States now in the year of 2013 and we the people need to boot out every other politician that’s currently in office and get the truth about "Nibiru" to the American people and we as a nation together need to think of ways to survive "Nibiru", not only the selected few who are probably all fags and who knows what other evil they can be labeled as...

For all you people who have never seen the "2" suns in the morning sky, simply because you were to busy with your everyday life routine, brushing your teeth and so on...

 You might not believe a word I’m saying because it’s simply upsets your comfort zone and your self conscious is telling you that you better worry about the rent due this month versus the 2nd sun in the sky.

Well, I can definitely understand that, when this other sun was pointed out to me by someone else that is more alert to things like this than I...

Simply because, I live in the same dimension the rest of you do.

  I immediately tried to take a picture of “it”, which I did and I have to go through the pictures in my camera to find out if it came out to the point where I can use the picture. But since there are so many other people in the world on the internet that took the same picture I took, there really is no need to dig the picture out, since "Nibiru" pictures are all over the internet. Needless to say what these other people saw, I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. saw with my own two eyeballs in real time, and it freaked me out...

To the point, I immediately concluded something bizarre is now happening in front of my own eyeballs.

I grew up in front of Sunrise Mountain as a teenager and child going to junior high and high school in the area and I know from my childhood years exactly where that sun is supposed to rise.  I can honestly tell you the planet earth is off its axis because the sun is now not rising where it used to rise when I was in my teen years in Las Vegas, Nevada.

I was so busy that morning that I thought it was some kind of UFO just sitting next to the sun. But now I realize it’s not a UFO it’s another solar system and another sun of another earthlike world.

Now how can I see that with the naked eye and our United States Government did not announce a word of this the day it was visible to anyone on any news station in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley or anywhere in the United States?

I honestly feel its a complete cover up by the United States media under the current evil dictatorship of the fag (homosexual) United States Government who would rather kill the straight people of America if possible, so they can simply have male only evil fag butt sex, in front of small children in the open streets of the world.

At this point in my life in the year 2013, I can only say to my fellow straight Americans, do not trust the United States media source of the year 2013, question it, and analyze the content they want you to swallow.

The last time I saw something like this was in Denver, Colorado in the year 2003 when I had a 2003 "Sony" high quality $3,000 dollar video camera rolling in the record mode sitting on the dash of a new 2003 "Freightliner Columbia" semi truck when I was working for Central Refrigerated Service out of Salt Lake City, Utah (USA). A meteor went crashing to the ground in the night sky as I was traveling south towards Denver on the I-25 interstate and I caught it on video.

I immediately called up a news station in Denver, CO and they did a small news story on me with my recorded video of the crashing meteor and I showed up on the Denver news the next day in front of my truck explaining what I saw to the people of Denver and associated news stations.

So, I do not lie about what I saw and I want my video system that I sent into the United States patent office utilizing a $10,000 lawyer to formerly process the patent application on every dash board or vehicle windshield of every moving vehicle on planet earth…

If my plans actually unfold in the near future, end users at home can catch all the action and record the video at their convenience for $20.00 per hour from my live mobile video content providers.

Once this video hits computer end users screens, the end user can now in the year 2013 use available Microsoft software or other compatible software to record hours of live mobile video at the end users convenience of my patent pending live mobile video system if they so desire. If they simply want to watch live mobile video without recording that option is always available.  My patent pending application will simply provide the end user with the live mobile video feed regardless of who is the end user.

This low life American government for some reason will go to any extent to cover up the true facts. I personally believe this government would go as far as to murder people or try to financially stop the money flow of anyone mentioning this current "Nibiru and upcoming orbit event in public. Essentially that is exactly what these openly proud perverted male fags (homosexual's) controlling the United States government is doing, simply by not telling all 100% of the people occupying the world the entire truth about the true data coming in off their USA government controlled infra red telescope, these political governemental sexually perverted scum balls are simply making the decision on behalf of the manual hard working toilet cleaning, floor scrubbing American people to simply die of an unknown "Nibiru" epidemic, which is physically 3 times the size of earth and nobody will even notice.

This infra red telescope data needs to be made immediately public to the United States Citizens along with every citizen on earth so we can create a positive financial economy around the event and provide shelter and manufacture products to save our lives and revitalize the economy of the world, where everyone can work together to dig holes in the ground and do what ever is necessary instead of playing little Hollywood television fag (homosexual) games in the white house and pervert our young children to be useless and simply die on the command of the United States White House.

With every disaster there is a new opportunity to make money and create jobs in an organized manner if we only knew the 100% truth and I simply believe my own 2 eyeballs when I see two suns' in the morning sky...

 But when people like me have pictures of two suns in the sky…

We as the people of the United States have the complete constitutional right to demand answers!

I saw two suns in the sky and we the people need to get off our fat butt (ass) and demand the truth out of our United States government before this planet unravels in a negative way physically, politically and financially in the sense every human on the planet has the right to know the truth from the American Government about "two" sun’s in the sky at the same time that was witness by myself and numerous other people around the world!

The bottom line to this subject is I hope the 2nd sun in the sky came as close as its going to get to earth...

 But, now that I have confirmed it with my eyeballs its time to really find out the truth like yesterday not tomorrow. We the people need to get organized right now about this very serious subject before our infrastructure is totally destroyed in a few day's and we the people regret being alive after the storm passes and not taking steps before the storm arrives, to put in place a infrastructure that we can survive on after the storm passes and then we need to rebuild a better civiliazation that is totally prepared for the next Nibiru orbit, in 3,600 years into the future versus the perverted evil criminals knowing about this and hiding the truth from everyone for another 3,600 years...

Our now 2013 civilization is the one that needs to break the evil cycle of only the sexually perverted Satanized evil population surviving the routine Nibiru disater that comes on schedule as if it were a visiting relative.

In order to accomplish this crucial task we the ordinary Joe Blow people need to get the truth out of our government and totally eliminate the United States government to the simple truth. In order to move forward we need total cooperation with the United States government to start rebuilding a infrastructure that can possibly survive the storm. In order to take that step we need to dismantle everything the government has put into place since 1983, except the infra red telescope.

To make any type of progress we need to pull out all the politicians  of the white house by putting God's (Jehovah, father of Jesus) holy truthful, non lying hand around their neck and force them to talk real talk to us the people about Nibiru in a very peaceful non threating manner. In a way of showing love to our enemy which is equivalant to "burning coals on our enemy's head" thats a close quote out of the bible.

Ten Christians per corrupt lying United States politician need to lay hands on the living filth and seriously pray the devil out of these nasty lying hell bound politicians as soon as possible for the thriving physical survival of the earths 2013 population.

I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr... Speaking on behalf of straight non Fag (homosexual) America with out any mental disease or perverted sexual moral conduct. We only promote man and woman marriage and children who have the right to be born and learn the truth about God and Jesus. We the American people without access to underground bunkers, we are not making threats, we the people are simply demanding truth from our current lying cheating, open Fag (homosexual) stealing politicians in the American Government.

We need 100% pure honest dialog on the subject of Nibiru.

The  truthful answers we get will give us public authorization and full transparent access to the infra red telescope that will always be  connected to the public internet for up to the minute updates on Nibiru's location.

Included in the demands are monitors who do not work for the government but are a independent group of volunteers for humanity 1st and fag politicians 2nd.

This is a immediate life and death subject that needs to be addressed immediately by our current government and not take ages to get an answer like a urinated watered down patent application.

Through all the up coming tribulation of Nibiru we the Christians of the world should celebrate and sing dances of praises to our lord Jesus, so that in these times of certain uncertainty, a enormous amount of people will turn to Jesus and depend on Jesus for their daily bread.

Christians will also be depending on Jesus for their daily strength, guidance in making the right decisions, at the right time.

 This new threat on all life of earth is a golden opportunity to do the work of the Lord and let Jesus display his power in real time by healing people and creating miracles before the non believers eyes.

Two suns in the morning sky

On The Subject of Hell

According to new scientific data provided by “Nova” the earth’s magnetic field is self generating from the molten lava inside the core of the earth.

This heat source from the middle of the earth has a long history of pole shifts. As I’m typing this according to “Nova” researchers, inhabitants of earth have currently lost 10% of our magnetic field that surrounds the earth and protects us from solar wind that has radiation blowing in from the sun and causes cancer to humans on earth.

If earths magnetic field...

All a sudden was not there, the solar wind would devastate the surface of earth and all the ocean water would be carried away into outer space in tiny particles. The earth would be as barren as the planet Mars is today.

So, in conclusion of this scientific data all living planets like earth have a core of heat that continually adjusts and is self sustaining with out the help of our sun and perpetually generates the magnetic field that protects earth and similar earthlike planets…

During a pole shift, a planet like earth can have up to 8 magnetic poles until the pole shift reverses from north to south ultimately depending on the direction of the planets magnetic pull.

According to rock samples pulled from the earth this is a very common occurrence.

Okay, the subject of molten lava being in the center of earth and other planets has been explained in depth to some significant detail…

Now on the subject of hell, according to other scientific data located at http://www.about-jesus.gabrieldelavega.com I have posted numerous video’s and links from scientist recording the testimonials of thousands of individuals with scars on their faces from plane crashes to individuals who have died on the operating table and have come back to life, including a man who was dead over 2 day’s that came back to life from a group of Christians praying over his body.

All these individuals describe in detail physically going to a place called heaven or hell…

The coincidental phenomenon here is that the researchers attached to “Nova” describing the center of the earth are refereeing to the same molten lava description that the people who died and went to hell describe claiming to be in the same place which is the center of earth.

In conclusion the interior of hell which is the center heat source of all living planets like earth has been described in detail by numerous living scientist's on earth and living people on earth that have died and come back to describe in great detail the interior of the center of earth. I must also mention the hellish fiery description of hell is also described abundantly in the American Holy Bible.

The World Wide Web (internet) of 2013 along with my personal testimony of Jesus is alive at
http://www.about-jesus.gabrieldelavega.com and an abundant ongoing stream of current evidence of hell is astonishing and very overwhelming and should be taken seriously. So, if you as a human on earth continue adultery (cheating on your spouse who is the opposite sex as your self) lying, stealing, cheating, being a male fag, (homosexual) and any thing you can measure on scale of being right or wrong you should immediately consider fixing it before you suffer the consequences for ever and regret it forever with out any hope of getting out of hell on parole, or something equivalent in the sense of the word.

Simply be careful because you are walking on broken glass at all times as a human on earth, you are being judged and tested by the creator of all life at all times on earth and your only hope to escape hell is Jesus!

I’m sure everyone knows who Jesus is, if you do not know who Jesus is I suggest you find out as soon as possible.

All this human activity that alienates the creator Jehovah who is the father of Jesus our Lord and Savior and the only way to enter the gate of heaven, according to thousands of people who have died and come back to life to testify this scientific fact.


Right Now!

Repent to Jesus before you suffer forever in the center of the earth in a place descried by a authentic “Nova” scientist as being in the temperatures of over 3000 degrees and by eye witnesses that have gone their and come back to life on earth to give you the real true whole enchilada of the story about the heat and lack of water in hell.

Why be stupid?

I can’t fix stupid, but you can!

Believe in the scientific data…

Most atheist and nauseating fags (homosexuals) claim they only believe in college university data. Well, now at this precise moment the heavily tested scientific college data has been collected on the subject of Hell. So, simply believe the word of God and the Bible, then put your new knowledge into action as soon as possible and day by day increase your faith in Jesus along with the Holy Spirit to simply stay out of Hell.

This is no Joke!

Eternity in hell is now accepting all qualified members of earth just like the 1960’s draft in the United States army was in the Vietnam, era.

Today in the year 2013 you could not be more lucky than you are today by reading the words I just presented before you on this web page. You now have information that can very well save you from the fires of hell, simply act on the knowledge that you are currently receiving right now, and then try to change your life to go up instead of down.

The amount of money that you have in the bank does not determine which direction you will go when you finally pass into the physical grip of God.

In my opinion, I have a few signs listed for you to give you an idea of where you stand in terms of being in total alignment with what God wants you to be, in order for you to enter the gates of heaven.

1. If you smoke cigarettes, this is a sure sign you’re cooperating with the devil Satan and you are lowering your God given holy defenses and allowing the spirit of Satan to take control of your life. You see if Christians like my self want to get close to you and give you information like the information I have just given you on this web page, smoking cigarettes is going to scare them off and simply nauseate the heck out of them causing them to move on to the next person and you will possibly miss a chance to get invited to a church where they talk in tongues and have a very close relationship with the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

These Christians can put their hands on your head and pray for the Holy Spirit to enter your body, once the spirit enters your body you will usually fall backwards to the floor and not get hurt during the fall because the Holy Spirit protects you from getting hurt 100% of the time. You then wake up a born again Christian with the Holy Spirit living inside your body and you can now go preach your experience to other people. It’s kind of like a network marketing program where you get the product and then tell other newbie people about the product, and then you get a commission check which is a credit towards your entrance into heaven.

Now, this heaven lifestyle may be a bit boring if you do not have something to keep you occupied for eternity. But, on the other hand I would rather be bored out of my mind in heaven than eternally suffer in the very real living fire in hell, where you can not die but just keep on suffering in hell forever!

2. If you sleep around with other individuals and have casual sex…

This is a sure sign you will defiantly show up in hell if you do not immediately change you life style. God definitely hates (intercourse) sex outside of marriage. You need to abstain from intercourse until you can afford a house a bed and food for your new spouse on a consistent basis, then get married the right way before a preacher of the true God.

If God wants you to have a spouse he will give you one along with the money, this is called a blessing from God.

If you simply want to be a butt hole and do things your way that option is also available. You simply go around the corner to your nearest swinger club and stick or receive intercourse and wallah!

 You have just bought your self a ticket to hell in the molten fire of the center of earth and possibly a sexual life threatening disease to accelerate the "Hell" process.

Now that was easy, you see how easy that was to go straight to hell. The only way that I know of to get out of this hellish situation is to once again call upon Jesus for forgiveness and ask him for a fresh start and communicate daily with him so you know exactly what he expects out of you.

You see… No matter whom you are, a human from earth, a reptile from a foreign planet somewhere in the solar system that Jehovah created with his spoken words and hands, who is the father of Jesus our savior…

If you were born with the gift of eternal life, which means forever in heaven or hell, you are under a: 24 hour surveillance from God who writes every action you make into a book, this book is called the “Book of Life”… This book of life is described in the Holy Bible.

3. You should now get the idea, and you should do everything you can to fix the direction of your eternal vacation which will be a forever non stop eternity in heaven or hell.

Bottom line is recognizing sin in your life because this is serious business...

Every time you stick your cock in a pussy, or vice versa (reverse) a pussy on top of a cock which fully enters the vagina, you now have just become one flesh with the other person in Gods eyes...

 Instead of God looking at Jack & Jill, God is now looking at only Jack, simply because Jack is now the head of the household and Jill is now part of Jack, doing this physical natural human protocol (action) outside of Gods official marriage ceremony and Godly blessing (authorization) is called: "Sin".

Sin equals (=) Hell!

It's simple Godly logic...

Don't pervert Gods logic...

Perversion will simply piss off God...

It's Gods way or the highway to "Hell"!

 As one (1) flesh you also now have a chance to create another life which may face the same education that you have...

 That life you create with your evil education will go straight to hell with you if a Christian person of God does not step in and communicate to you the truth, which is the word of God in the American Holy Bible backed by scientific research to eliminate all doubt, to the authenticity of the raw truth of the Holy Bible.

 It’s not in the Koran or any of the other thousands of evil books out there promising you a ticket to heaven. It’s in the real living gospel of the living God located in the American Holy Christian Bible.

Death is not a option, So you have to make a choice:

“Heaven or Hell”!

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