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I’ve contacted Wal-Mart they referred me to the manufacturer and the manufacturer wants me to send them the part that broke so they can pay their in house engineers to say the Chinese ball mount that broke in half  was simply my fault.

I currently have spoken to a metal expert and have selected my own metal expert to examine the part.

This expert charges between $1,000 and $2,500 dollars to examine the part.

If you want to be my lawyer you will pay the examination fee.

I will offer you no money upfront and would rely on you suing and winning my minimal demands of Wal-Mart and everyone connected to the distribution of this ball mount.

If you meet my demands of five million and one million for every week I have to wait for my five million US dollars I will split the money with you 50/50.

If you don’t do anything but totally fail you can eat crap!

Right now I’m stationary, dug in deep in Las Vegas, Nevada and I’m really pissed about the ball mount breaking in half and my dog getting thrown around the car like a dead piece of meat and I really want to rip off Wal-Mart’s head and shove the manufacturer of this ball mount’s head into the toilet with a deep dive then flush it as if they were rodents trying to kill American Motorist on American highway’s…

 If you are a lawyer and you believe you can help accomplish my goals in a 1st class attack application of your legal skills and you have the big balls or big tits to be an honest lawyer and do what’s right, get a hold of me at: cell phone (702) 595- 7496 or 702-428-4854 so we can use the toothpicks on Wal-Marts shelves to pick our teeth after we meat grind them and eat their guts at the celebration barbeque as a dedicated team for justice and safety for the American Motorist on the roads of America!

As of today August 30, 2013, I still do not have a lawyer for this case plus I have another case where a mechanic did not fix my car right and I have $5,000.00 of receipts that need to be reimbursed and maybe a racial lawsuit to go along with it in Loveland, CO!

I really do not know what is wrong with you lawyers, you see money all over this web page and you will not respond; I'm beginning to believe that lawyers and ghost white mechanics in America are "Racist" and untrustworthy towards a Mexican like me.

Lawyer's e-mail me today at: [email protected] or just get a hold of me on the old fashion telephone.

 Lawyers sometimes the messages you leave do not get to me. So, please keep trying to get a connection on one of my old fashion cellular phones. Voice to Voice is a good way to initiate our first contact session.

 Don't give up I will eventually answer, simply leave as many messages as possible until I answer because this is a matter of life and death for some innocent motorist driving down the American Highway with a "Reese" ball mount breaking and letting loose cars flip on the American Highways and possibly causing an accident that will kill children, horses and male and female adults in America. 

This is a very serious situation, I currently need a real American Lawyer who wants to be a hero and protect innocent living creatures from "Reese" towing kits that have the potential to unnecessarily kill your loved ones or else someone else's close family members with their criminal cheap metal that is manufactured and distributed to the American public like legal cancer in the American food.

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