Are We The Human Population, Simply Animals, Who Think About Sex, All The Time?



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According to a radio announcer on (KTAR) talk radio station Phoenix, Arizona USA he mentioned that men think of sex every 5 seconds and women think of sex every 2 minutes.

            So I typed a search into Google the internet search   (average time men and women think about sex daily) and found more references on this subject:








The list goes on and onÖ

In my perception of life experiences and watching companies making billions of dollars off of selling sex combined with scientist coming out with all these facts itís obvious to understand that the bible is absolutely correct when the apostles wrote into the scripture that you have to fight the flesh in order to obey Gods commands of good spiritual thoughts and cleanliness

In my opinion of viewing humans, earth, and life on earth I came to the conclusion that in spite of the flesh and manís natural instinct to repopulate and survive like any other animal on earth, being Godly and a perfect follower of Gods 10 Commandments and spiritual requirements is utterly impossible for any man on earth to complete with out having the Living abundant Holy Spirit living inside a human!

That God created and is second by second helping that person fight the temptation of evil and the sprit of becoming a Faggot or sticking your penis in a female hole your are not married too!

You may ask me...

Gabe how do you really know if you are filled with the Holy Spirit?

My answer is:

 From my experience it's different for everyone but the majority of Christians that were fortunate enough to be fully blessed with the Holy Sprit usually have 1 thing in common.

They attended  a church group with more than 2 people praying to God in the name of Jesus and in that group had 1 person or else more than 1 person who already was infected with the wonderful spirit of Christ utilizing the Holy Spirit...

This group usually begins inviting the Holy Spirit and the Kingdom of God into the room in which the Church Service is being provided.

Then people start walking up to the preacher who has been authorized by Jesus and the Heavens in which Jehovah God calls his Universe and domain and his personalized creative art work.

Then that preacher lay's his hand on the forehead of this newbie seeking the Kingdom of God and this newbie is willing to allow free rent to the Holy Spirit to live inside his body which is described as the temple of God in the bible.

If there is a match just like the dating game on T.V and all lights are green and a eternal forever relationship with Jesus is usually started...

And usually the most common physical signs of this consummation of heavenly vows to each other is the person receiving the Holy Spirit begins wiggling out of control on the ground for several minutes, then that person starts singing songs of praise for 24 to 48 hours as described in the book of Psalm's within the pages of the Holy Bible.

This happened to me and many other's and I have an extra gift from the Holy Spirit and Jesus.

Jesus  will never leave you or forsake you as the day the Jewish family betrayed and left Jesus to get nailed to the cross with nail's that "Really Hurt" this is a quote from Jesus he spoke to me to give his fellow Jew's the message.

I cried for hours once he told me this because he sounded so innocent and really is the lamb of God who obeyed God to the fullest extent possible and felt betrayed and forgotten by all the people who once said they loved him and the reality and truth really sank into the mind of Jesus when those painful nails were pounded deeply into the middle of his hand and with every pound of the hammer he felt not only physical pain but sociological pain the worst type of pain because he really does love you!

And me!

And Jesus the Son of the creator Jehovah God the almighty King of all living life had the power to stop the pain at any micro second in time!

But he continued to take the pain as a human father would take the pain for his newborn baby, by being harassed by over 1,000 National United States police officers for 19 years day and night by a society extremely evil and racist against the Mexican population through the brotherhood alliance of perverted Satan possessed police officer's living in the United States of America, but these officer's currently have a physical address in the deepest depths of hell next to a rebellious lying angel called Satan, I wanted to use an explanation mark at the end of this sentence, but Jesus wants me to use a period.

And I have been  posting all the information on this web site so my only son and fellow Americans can open their eyes and realize the true evil of the spirit of Satan that lives in our American United States Police Department which is a threat to our National Security!

As a Nation!

Under God!

The attack on 911 was caused by a Boulder City, Nevada police officer on the I-93  who stopped a guy who trained the Satan possessed, hell bound, lied to by a false religion, Muslim authorized killer kids to fly that huge enormous jet plane into the World Trade Center, then the aircraft trainer of these terrorist youngsters actually paid his police ticket on 911, the day the plane hit the world trade center and that story was published in the very public, well known, Las Vegas Review Journal newspaper!

The Cop patted down the guy's wife and might of even stuck his finger up her hole.

This incident however it may of to took place or shall I say went finger down!

Triggered the attack on the World Trade Center called 911!

No one paid attention to the story in the Las Vegas review Journal, but I did!

This is the same way no one is paying attention to the need of Jesus, but I do!

I offer Jesus my love and compassion because he really does deserve's it.

As I mentioned above in the preceding sentences, I got filled with the Holy Spirit and I have an additional gift from Jesus to remind me he is always there and to strengthen my faith...

If I speak a few words of tongue's, which is also a gift, received in a true church of God!

Once I speak a few words of tongue's.... I automatically get zapped and jolted as a simple reminder that the Holy Spirit has not abandoned me and never ever will!

Any second of the day or night I can fully get filled as I did that day in church.

This is a gift from God that is worth more than all the gold on planet earth!

I have what very few men on earth have the full love of God sent to me day after day in a few words of tongue's!

Please seek the living creature of God called the bible then seek Jesus within the scriptures of the bible and the rest will follow!

So don't be surprised or consider it a coincidence when you meet me in person and the weather accommodates my mood for the day!

Like the day I was somewhere in South or North Carolina of the United States of America and I applied for a auto loan through Toyota and got flat down right turned down and the southerner sales person was very rude to me, so I left without my new Toyota vehicle then, later that day I heard about Japan having an earthquake in the area Toyota cars originated from and possibly near the manufacturing plant, I immediately recognized the Holy Spirit was very up set!

You see the spirit does not understand things like credit; when Jesus owns the earth and everything upon the earth and I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. is a friend, child and creation of Jesus through the trinity, and I'm a child of the creator Jehovah who honestly care's and sincerely love's Jesus!

As I'm writing this to you there's been a bird outside my window tweeting for a few weeks now 24 hours a day and I recognize the spirit is all around me because I never in my life have I heard a loud bird go 24 hours per day like that!

We are currently human and do not have the ability to follow Gods commands and it looks like there is only one man who successfully pleased God and that man is:

Jesus Christ the savior on the earth who wants his message preached throughout the world  before the human population meets physical death.

 The more I understand the survival sex thoughts of humans to repopulate the earth the more I understand exactly what the bible is trying to communicate to the earth.

To be Blunt you are all sexual sinners living in a world designed by God and you are not perfect and the only way to live forever which was originally designed by God is to believe that Jesus Christ is your savior and the gift of eternal life is free!

Only simply believe Jesus is your salvation!

  He is the only way God will accept you and not destroy your soul...

In conclusion donít try to be perfect (Presidents, Religious leaders, Scholars and freaks)  but accept the fact that you are a sinner, go on sinning or else try to stop sinning!

 But accept Jesus for face value and try to understand him and simply believe!

And for all the other religions out there UFOís and life forms you also need to accept the facts that currently  all humans think sexual survival reproduction thoughts and are not worthy of being holy without the refinement of Jesus Christ the earthís savoir of human souls and eternal life accompanied with the powerful fulfillment of the Holy Sprit that has an address inside your temple which is your human body on earth and beyond.


Please continue your education of Gods word and the truth.


Source:  April 6, 2008

Updated in the year 2012

Author: Gabriel De La Vega Jr.



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