Lets Break Through the Glass Ceiling



American born Mexican looking teenager’s deported to Mexico!

Meanwhile the parents were completely unaware of their children’s physical location!

What's up Sheriff Joeseph M. Arpaio?

Who actually worked in Las Vegas as a midget racist cop and a enemy to the National Security of the United States of America!

You heard me your a "Racist Midget "piece of foreign literature!

Are you Ready?

You may get what your Phoenix, Arizona voting lied to public by your lie's which in reality you actually work for the Rag heads in Europe who want to destroy this country from within by turning Mexico against the United States so the  rag head community in Europe may have a chance of defeating this country with 1 less army named Mexico willing to defend it by you Sheriff who was standing behind me in the circle K jumping up and down because you had to go pee! Pee!

And you may get what your communist pink underwear Fag regime is asking for!

And I guarantee you!

 America does not want a 3rd language such as the Rag Head Language!

No one in Mexico is named Mohammed!

And since I physically had you breathing down my neck for a brief second till you made it to the private police restroom in the back of the circle K where the rest of the non police people are restricted from using, I simply believe you are an overrated midget!

And I can hear your response now!

Do you know who your are talking too?

My response is:

 I'm talking to Mr. Sheriff Joe M. Arpaio!

America's famous bowl of sewer water!

This is a wake up call!

To all of us United States Legal Mexican Americans!

I blame the Fag government in Phoenix, Arizona for this crime against their fellow human man!

The true reason the citizens of Phoenix, Arizona did this was because their population is a Fag (homosexual) Majority  and this kid did not have the potential to be a Fag!

So they simply thru him back over the border like a fish whose butthole could not be opened!

The Fag community in Phoenix, Arizona is a pathetic piece of literature for the history books of the world.

And they will soon be history!

This is work for La Raza!

My fellow Mexicans & Mexican Americans there's a whole lot of work in Phoenix, Arizona for the "La Raza" family!


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