Dex the Telephone Book Company is running a Scam!


Yes folks, and people of the world!


You today have the human right to know the downright truth about the scam Dex the telephone book distribution company located in Las Vegas, Nevada and who is possibly infecting the whole nation of the United States and miles elsewhere around the globe and is currently practicing and simply conducting financial evil on the same planet we the people of the world now live on...


Dex the telephone book company located in the United States of America is participating in a complete sweat and blister labor scam!


You heard me!


I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. once again am blowing my whistle!


One recent day ago, like a week and a half before I typed this page you are currently reading, I felt like getting out of the house to find some work to pay my internet bill that brings all this great news to you the world!


I was going through the newspaper and found a job that said I could make a few dollars delivering phone books in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley simply by calling this number…


I called the number that is attached to a warehouse located in Las Vegas, Nevada.


I arrived on time and sat through their orientation and off I went distributing phone books door to door with my own vehicle and gas money along with the cost of insurance.


I delivered phone books to 2,173 doors in about a week and a half and that included bagging the books in plastic bags.


Out of the 2,173 doors, as of today July 30, 2012 I’ve only been paid on three completed routes and the 4th route in which I delivered 758 books to the doors of residences in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley then…

I ran out of books and simply went back to the phone book warehouse for more books and once the GPS devices were plugged into Dex's company laptop computer for more books I discovered, that I was not going to get paid on the 4th route, because of a non payable status created by the GPS units.

These GPS units were hanging around my neck during my delivery route which were blinking green lights like they were supposed to!

But the corrupted GPS units only showed red lines instead of green and red lines.


 (I have the receipts related to this breaking news attached to my website at: in the menu section under website content 2012 along with pictures of my sunburn and blisters on my feet from the hard manual labor involved in this labor scam!)


Now this is where it gets interesting in order to get paid on the 4th route they want me to walk the whole route again wearing a different set of GPS units in the 110 degree heat of the Las Vegas, Nevada desert using my own gas money and blistered feet.


If I don’t agree to go do the whole route again they claim they will send someone else to walk the route and pay me what is left over which is next to nothing.


The technology is simply corrupted and lying which equals to the truth not being told and I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. am telling the whole truth and nothing but the truth!


I delivered the books to the doors on my route sheet and I have the sun burn and paperwork including the blisters on my feet as evidence and for me to go back and do the work again sounds like a scam!


This is simply a high tech excuse to say no money for you Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. regardless if you have earned it or not!


This is an excuse for Dex the phone book company not to pay me and other victim’s of this phone book labor scam…


This is called tampering or else trusting human technology with human’s financial lives and as we all know computers can be programmed to show green lines or else red lines and I Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr. have declared Dex the telephone distribution company to be a scam and is an abuse of human labor on planet earth and the United Nation’s along with the African president of the United States who now possess the  name of President Oback Muslim Obamma should raid this place with bomb sniffing dogs, M-16 riffles and confiscate every phone book in that warehouse and lock those GPS thieving freaks in the deepest darkest jail man kind has to offer!


Anyone who is considering delivering a telephone book with a GPS device hanging around their neck is asking for financial problems and should immediately not consider doing this job because the possibility of a satellite or a thieving distribution center trying to grab you hard earned cash from the labor that you have handed over to Dex the telephone book distribution company.


If this type high tech GPS nightmarish rip off scam continues in every faucet of labor the whole labor force of America will be controlled by this new type of organized crime where the mafia type corporations are using the raw materials out of the ground and the raw manual labor off the face of the earth to totally demoralize civilization and the contribution of natural born human raw manual labor has to the existence of human life on earth!


In other words we will get right back to the prophecy’s of the bible unfolding right in front of our eyes where somewhere in the book of revelations it claims to get paid for your labor you will need some kind of number…


Is the number some kind of GPS number which gives you longitude and latitude to get paid?


Regardless of the situation 20 years ago I delivered phone books without a GPS unit and without a global financial recession in place and everything worked out fine!


Today in the year 2012 we have an enormous amount of resources to financially rip off poor innocent working people whose only product for them to sell is their labor!


Once America and the world fails to meet the minimal requirements for our labor force which is pay with the dollars not words and rhetoric!

High tech Fag companies like Dex the telephone distribution company who will change their business tactics from evil to good and someday soon will pay their labor force who lives on planet earth and works for a living …


Once these giant corporations converts to honest pay for a honest day's work the giant demon possessed executives who run these monster organized criminalized business machines will simply be pleasing God the creator of all life and the creator of all correct laws for human existence!


We as humans will be blessed with rain water for our crops to grow and provide food for everyone on earth and fuel for Christian churches to be born to provide Jesus education versus internet education to all the young people looking to take over the role of being the provider of food and farming with moral and Godly ethical values to insure the survival of humans on earth.


Justice and food for the every day manual laborer should be the priority for every rich employer who has laborer’s to pay for their manual labor...


Pay these innocent humans with real families and the entire God fearing men on planet earth who are telling the truth about delivering 758 sets of phone books to 758 doors located with in the Las Vegas, Nevada Valley in the brutal heat of the desert that can reach temperatures up to 125 degrees Fahrenheit!


Once again I’m reminding you the world this crap is real and if you do not change your fag homosexual business techniques which is now corrupting the financial markets of the world, God will destroy the evil that is getting out of control and global warming and all the natural disasters will only increase.


As Moses in the history of the bible has warned you idiots who watch the idiot box most of your life which is called the television set let the reality set in…


If you do not follow the 10 commandments of God and 2 men continue to get married and sin continues to increase you will all physically feel the wrath of God!


You Fags in the military and governments of the world keep on pushing God with your evil and enormous amount of sin and watch human life on planet earth continue to die before your eyes because you will not recognize that Jesus is the son of God and sin and faggatized, homosexual evil will only continue to kill mankind on earth, 1 day at a time, and 1 disaster at a time.


Today's Update on this issue is August 1, 2012
Thanks to the extreme help of the Better Business Bureau , and the Federal Labor Commission who controls labor across the United States, Dex the telephone company finally paid me for the 4th route.
Thank's for your Cooperation!





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