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XRS Electronic Log Book System



The XRS Electronic Log Book System

Published: October 29, 2014

Well folks this is Gabriel De La Vega Jr. and what I’m about to say in the next few paragraphs is going to indirectly effect every person in the USA along with our National Domestic Product that is exported and imported with the United States involved in the logistics of the transportation from point A to point B…

What I’m about to explain in as much detail as possible is not on the positive side as much as it is on the negative side.

So I will start with the positive side first, the most positive thing about the XRS Electronic Log Book System is it does require the driver to maintain his stamina as a driver that gets enough sleep, that’s the only positive.

 As the driver is forced to shut down on the side of the road or sometimes a few miles from his doorstep for a 34 hour reset with a loaded truck that needs to be guarded from the police towing the vehicle or else thieves having a feast at a lonely truck sitting by itself in a dead end alley of downtown Los Angeles, CA 

In the few months that I have incorporated this system into my life as a requirement by my ex employer that I recently as of today resigned from has been nothing but pure evil…

This electronic device that uses a cell phone pings itself off of Wi - Fi locations such as Mc Donald’s and Wal-Mart simultaneously utilizing the cellular phone towers on the road to pin point your exact location at all times.

I’ve had a former dispatcher at the old ex employers job call me up and ask me why I was on duty while I was pumping fuel into the truck, simply because I was getting paid by the hour and not moving the truck, this boss wanted me to go off duty at least one time while fueling the truck with no pay for that on duty time.

This particular boss working at my last job that I resigned from was trying to be creative with the system and send me to a place to pick up while running low on hours, then require me to stay at the shippers yard for a 34 hour reset with no showers, food and a limited restroom. I really don’t blame this particular boss; he was simply pinching pennies and trying to make a livable profit.

To be modest and say the least negative about the system after owning a CDL for 14 years; I must say this thing is evil, it is an application that is downloaded to a cell phone, then uses the trucks computer to feed it information…

This type of programming code messes up a commercial drivers personal family life and personal goals by that driver being held hostage in a truck for 34 hours in a unreasonable location that is not a truck stop or else not being able to get that driver home unless everything works out perfect in a un-perfect evil world that is currently rejecting God and promoting only pure evil in our political system.

Now being a person who has completed and passed numerous computer science courses since 1996 I clearly understand how one programmer can change the world with one program created by him self with out a team and some cheap code. Most software programs are created by a team of programmers and a boss who tells them what to program. But this XRS system clearly demonstrates an effort to meet the needs of truck drivers, but at the same time it’s almost human like it uses artificial intelligence software somewhere in the backend of the extended connection to an internet server which is a super computer that thinks a million times faster than a human brain.

This thing has a nasty mean school teacher personality that does not verbally shut up; yes she talks to you, then it is designed simply to shut down the truck any where it pleases.

Now to make this system even harder on the truck drivers of America many of the company’s that are now using the system will require the drivers to team up during the stretch of their employment; this is where I just refused teaming up and started looking for work else where as a truck driver.

What’s happening is: in order for many of these companies to turn a profit that lines their pockets with cash they have to keep that truck moving at all times, and with the XRS system along with incorporating team driving, teams are one way to make sure the truck completes it’s expected job of making a substantial profit.

With all this information laid out in front of you about Electronic Log Books and how evil they are to the economy, somewhere along the road and underneath the lines of ethical business, I truly believe this system was developed for one particular dispatcher who really wants to know where and when a driver stops the truck to urinate (Piss).

Considering there is somewhere in the neighborhood of 1 American truck driver for every 90 Americans along with 1 police officer for every 685 Americans, finding a balance of complying with the law and allowing us drivers enough time to find a truck stop with facilities along with timely home time should be a priority with a electronic log book system. The pay for the driver also needs to double for all the bull crap a driver now has to put up with when it comes to an electronic log system mixed with an aggressive rowdy totalitarian dispatcher who only thinks you are his personal slave behind the wheel of his semi truck.

This crisis of a faulty electronic log book system is equivalent to Ebola in the sense that it will impact either positively or negatively every business inside and out side of America that trades with the USA, currently in my opinion the balance has not been found yet and a negative impact will be felt by America, like it or not it’s reality. Everything you buy on the internet or on the store shelves arrives by a truck.

Being a company driver I sense some thing is very wrong with the current system, but the electronic log books affect the owner operators a different way, talking to one of our company experts on the XRS system, this person claims that a company owner operator has 2 hours to drive his truck home after he goes off duty to reset.  I have not used this system as an owner operator only as an employee driver who does not have 2 hours to drive home with the company truck, but only 0 hours or else I’m in violation of a federal law with severe repercussions.

I recently spoke with an owner operator while he was fixing his truck with a wrench under the hood of the old egg beater of a truck and claims he was listening to Big Dog Trucking on the radio and they claim this electronic log book law has not been passed yet and may never get passed.  It’s an attachment to some kind of highway bill.

So in other words if a company now incorporates this system to be prepared for the new law that is coming down the pipe; thinking outside the box they may be incorporating the system for other reasons which are to simply keep track of the drivers movements and to take advantage of all the other high tech gauges that monitor every movement of their driver,simultaneously loosing income by not driving the truck the old fashion way. 

This is where the two roads meet, the old way of driving a truck and the new electronic way of destroying the American Economy because freight does not get delivered on time or delivered period by the drivers all quitting their jobs at the same time like a tsunami wave hitting the shores of America!

In conclusion, I think driver safety and plenty of sleep is extremely important, but to jeopardize the American economy by forcing drivers to quit their job due to increased electronic law enforcement and crappy 2014 paychecks, along with forced team driving may reduce the 3.5 million truck drivers in America serving a population of 316 million and climbing exponentially to a lower number of on duty truck drivers, while the American population continues to increase the demand for toilet paper, food and everything else in between those immediate request provided by the American truck drivers.

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